The Green Machine... Facts vs Fiction

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. it's like shooting up heroin: might be fun for a few hours, but might also get ya killed

    can someone tell me what's the point of insecure anti-censorship software?
  2. wait are you saying SSH is easy to decrypt?

    you said-
    "How the encryption is implemented it's easy as hell to decrypt and read the traffic"

    sorry just want to be clear on the tech detail since from what is earlier this thread says GM use SSH
  3. SanguineRose Member

    When there is no authentication for public keys it is :D.

    Route the traffic to a system between the person using GM and the GM server and you can read everything. See my previous posts about it.
  4. SSH no longer working in Iran after protests started.
  5. Tor


    Thay can all be monitored and traced if they really want to do that.
    TOR maybe abit harder but you can still put sniffers on the exit servers as there are not so many of them so dont over estimate TOR. That can be dangerous in itself.
  6. there's a difference tho -- between a blatant static pattern (one that never changes) and one that *at least* attempts to change & be dynamic

    also if you noticed based on what happened in iran filtering today, ssh was down (despite the port [lol]), tor was not. when the people of iran needed it, greenmachine failed the users completely.
  7. *moving ssh from port 22 to port 80 -- should have elaborated in last post
  8. SanguineRose Member

    TorStatus - Tor Network Status

    How many do you count? The chances of a bad tor exit node being run by the Iran government are fairly low. I don't see 'not so many of them' on this public directory list.
  9. i download copy of the program but still get the error. help?
  10. ensaneazad Member



    2 weeks ago, someone posted a link to, a news Site and Introduced Green machine and wrote that this Programm belongs to greem wave movement. I made some recherge and saw these articles. A guy named Mehdi Saharkhiz, a well known guy who works with Greem movement, had introduced this in his website, Onlymehdi
    I contacted him. he said: the guys in "Anonymus Iran" try to disparaging GM.
    This software was introduced even in Moussavi's Facebook. I tried to warn people but I'm afraid that's not enough.
    What should I do? Why Mr. saharkhiz says this?

    Please help me.:confused:
  11. ensaneazad Member

    We have found it out and alarmed the people. You will see articles in: about GM
  12. ensaneazad Member

    announced even in Moussavi's facebook
  13. SanguineRose Member

    We have been tweeting this discussion as much as possible. Of course more linking is always nice.

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