The Grinstead Win Thread

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by A-non-non-anon, May 31, 2008.

  1. narCONon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    still no contact frm Sku about the epic stalker video! =[ hopfully soon tho!
  2. Anonnumition Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Actually there has been- on the thread about his arrest threat.
    Cba to link.
    No scent of stalker video as of yet though.
  3. uber_anon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    im surprised she did anything at all, knowing she would probably be on camera, with police round, and it being the main protest against scientology.

    its another one up for us, in the video listen to anonymous diffuse the situation after too! epic win all round, of course the assault shouldnt be accepted like that, and well done for taking it on the chin whoever you were. It was for the greater good.
  4. PTS Type H Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Someone asked for an OT to come out and try to handle us, and lady in the car was none other than Elana Grossi, OT8, L11, IAS Patron.

    As an Israeli, she served in the army in her younger days, as a ranking officer I believe. She has known me since I was a baby. She used to remind me, that as a hyperactive 5 year old, I had broken many of her daughters toys. She runs a guest house in East Grinstead, and when I was studying full time at St Hill, I rented a room from her.

    Basic transcript of the event (from memory):

    <Car drives up and stops, she is in the passenger seat>
    <James walk up to the car>
    Elana: Are you a nutter?
    James: No.
    James: I believe that RTC are squirrelling the tech. Read this report, it will explain everything.
    <James hands her a printed copy of Gene Zimmers 230 page report>
    Elana: These people are Nazis.
    Anon1: Have you ever even seen a Nazi?
    James: Actually, she was an officer in the Isralli army.
    Elana: What is your name.
    James: James McGuigan.
    Elana: You where a pervert in my house.
    James: Read the report.
    <Elana forcefully throws the report back out the window and it hits an Anon>
    Anon2: That lady hit me, I want to press charges.
    <Police officer walks over, but does nothing>
    <Car drives away>

    Elana Grossi Scientology Hope Page
    Elana Grossi - Scientology Service Completions

    Most interesting aspect of the experience was to notice that rather than ask me to explain myself, or even try to understand what I was trying to tell her. She assumed that my actions had no sane logic behind them, that I must have become a nutter nazi pervert and had simply turned to the dark side and am now beyond redemption.

    It should be noted at this point, that she lists her favourite LRH quote as: "The only richness there is is understanding."
  5. drillerkiller Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Yesterday was so good =D. The reactions we got were so much more extreme from each end of the spectrum =D. The conversation with the OTIV was interesting too even if she did give really vague answers and seemed to be not completley 100% honest. Although when I confronted her about a few L Ron quotes I only realised there was so much more I could have said to her *after* the conversation >=[ . I was surprised though how civil the conversation was too...
  6. Anonnumition Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    It was a bit flared at the beginning... but you came in like 15 mins into it- seriously, we were talking to her for ages...
    And yeah, same, thought of loads of stuff I should've/ could've said and didn't.
    I really resented how she kept ignoring my questions about the FZ though.
    The donations thing was a lul though.
  7. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I think you misunderstood.

    David Gaiman was the guy chatting to Anons in the vid, not the minion in the hedgerow.

    As I understand it, DG's too much of a bigwig to get demoted like that - If he fell from grace, he'd be on a one-way trip to SP Hall
  8. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    hey guys, thought I would update y'all, I have uploaded (an eternity at 10.1MP each) my photos here:

    East WINstead - a set on Flickr

    Also, see my sig.

    In other news, due to the recent attention to my twitter account, I have spent a little time updating the design and playing around with an existing anon logo to my own diabolical ends sea here:
  9. Sku Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Hi Guys

    I have been to two london protests, and two brighton protests, but East Grinstead was more epic than all of them put together. I was nearly arrested, we trapsed around the countryside, and then I was followed for an hour afterwards. So an eventful day for me. I will post up all my pictures and video later this week, when its not 00:23 and I have work the next morning.

    For now though, the most inportant video I got. The confrontation with the stalker! Full story and discussion should continue in this seperate thread to keep things tidy:

    Heres the video for lazy people though:
    YouTube - Scientology Fair Game Stalking in East Grinstead

    Also, check out what I had to say about the arrest incident in the other topic. My post is here:
  10. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Fuck Sku, that video brought some engrams right back up for me, I felt just as nervous as when it happened.
    Notice how I say "um" a lot. That happens with nerves. You should have seen my dissertation presentation. (actually no, it was shit: low evidence=low science)
    Also the bit cut off at the end I said "Okay, I'll tell you what, you go that way and we'll go that way, all right?"
    'That'll bloody tell him' I thought at the time.

    EDIT:MOAR stuff=

    Also, I have the contact details for that ITN guy, it would be rude to post them so I wont (aren't I nice?) I'm going to send him an email with thread links etc. if anyone doesn't want to be credited for pictures or posts or whatever PM me.
    I will ask for updates on the programme making too.

    You know what cakes are really good? Millionaire cupcakes.

    Oh hey also re. the paedo sign; chill out, harmless lulz were had, stop getting so butthurt.
  11. anonyme Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Excellent stuff Sku and others..great to see Bright(an)on represented!Next time I will have to try and make the journey into the Scilon heart of darkness too!
  12. the_cloak Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    LOL Throwing books. I guess they can't sell em right now. They might as well chuck em at people. They certainly aren't worth reading.
  13. Geno4826 Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    shit! The Clearwater protests will lag to a halt soon enough now that our supply of scenic postcards has been cut off! :sad:
  14. Londonymous Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Stay strong comrades, your brothers and sisters in East Winstead had to spend an entire two minutes of searching in order to find Mars Bars, no doubt.

    Srsly though, looks like fantastic fucking fun and if you ever arrange another one then I am there.
  15. k8jde6 Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    David Gaiman IS the father of Neil Gaiman if anyone was wondering. Cross posting &quot;no anons&quot; sign.

  16. SLOJOE Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Sore butt is Sore
    Get used to it DM there will be plenty of that where your going!!
  17. Anonylemmi Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    East Winstead is my new adopted hometown. I hope to meet you guise someday.
  18. drillerkiller Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I died a lil bit when I found that out :(
  19. Bonnie Woods Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Hi Anons,
    Long walk was LOOOOOOOOOONG!
    Think I will get Richard a stop watch and new running shoes for Father's Day.
    But the trek gave me a chance to have some great conversations. James explained the significance of "300" so now I understand your profession. No wonder you are all so brave!
    Your conduct on the High Street was exemplary as always. In my opinion, the decision to take down the sign showed the better part of valour in that situation.
    Your respect for the request of the owner of the land adjoining St. Hill was,I am sure,very much appreciated.
    Having watched the vids about the 'stalking" I wish that we would have walked all the way to your car with you. I can only say that throughout the years when I was being followed and photographed it always made me feel so uneasy but you really dealt with it so well.
    There were a lot of wonderful moments but I don't want to go on so long that it will be tl/dr.(Is that how you say it?) We just want to thank you all for A Grand Day Out!
    See you in June.
  20. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Well done guise. Epic win is epic. Am so proud I want to cry a little.

    I'll be there in spades next time. Damn family commitments.
  21. An0nand0n Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Epic win was epic, there's a vid from me on the way. If someone with a contact number for the journo dude could PM me, I have the footage he was looking for but don't have his number.
  22. k8jde6 Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

  23. asagai Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Here's a picture of some Scios building the castle extension in the 70's.


    The ones working and in overalls would be RPFers and the two in coats would be executives inspecting the RPF's work.

    &quot;Herbie Parkhouse would come up to the building site and pick up nails, even bent ones, then hand them over noisily complaining about waste.&quot;

    Behind, at the left of the picture is the start of the auditing block that we stood next to on Saturday when we were looking across to Reception. The hole is around about where we saw the EPF guy peeking at us from around the corner before scurrying into the basement.
  24. An0nand0n Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Thanks, it's sorted.
  25. vegnej Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Hey i thought Gaiman was head of the Church in Russia, whats he doing swaning around East Grinstead. The work must of dried up although he still has his vitamin business to run for the purification rundown LOL
  26. AnonPerk Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    You're not the only one :sad: No wonder Neil Gaiman buggered off to the US.
  27. SweatyJon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Coming from you Bonnie that means a lot.

    What the video doesn't show is him agreeing to "take a walk" and us bluffing about which direction we needed to go in, us heading away and then him showing up again about 2 minutes later.

    Sku do you have the photo you took of him running towards us filming with his camera? I have ideas.
  28. Sku Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I was not the one with a picture, only the video. The video does kind of show him running towards us though!
  29. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Iz it can be shoop teim nao, plz?
  30. SweatyJon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Oh nuts. Have the narCONon and hat girl whose name I don't know put their pictures up yet?
  31. narCONon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    yes. yes we hav. Their in mah post game report (i didn't has a camera, so there's jst one set, AnonyAnony's)
  32. AnonyBee Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I'm sending a thank you card to the lovely supportive man from the sweet shop and also the Oxfam manager, those two were ridiculously nice to us.

    Bonnie knew the man in the sweetie shop and said he refused to put up the anti-anonymous sign in his window, and openly invited us into his shop. He also said the Scinos had affected his income.

    He also sold amazing sweeties. ^_^
  33. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I think i can say with some certainty bonnie that nothing you (or any other OG for that matter) say will be TL;DR

    Epic protest is epic.
    looking forward to the next OG/Anon Grin-raid, because then i shall not be poor! and can afford the journey there! hurrah!

    Hope to see you guise for sea arrrghh
  34. Orderous Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Several of us did say that we didn't even realize that the kind of store he had existed anymore
  35. AnonyBee Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread


    I said that too. I wish there were more though!
  36. uber_anon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    ahh mr wickendens shop is awesome, ive been in there many a time.
  37. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Yeah Bonnie, seriously you guys are cool and dont fret about leaving us when you did, I'm pretty sure we managed to neutralise that guy with a good dose of Vitamin internet.

    Seriously though, while we were legging it after we turned that sneaky corner I was actually thinking 'this is just like a freaking computer game, what would Solid Snake do? Don't have a box handy... what would Link do?'
    Computer games may have saved my life... or at least Anonymity.

    Right, pictures:

    Scilons monitoring us as the Early Assimilation Centre

    Closer on the guy

    Closer on the gal (wouldn't < 8 pints)

    Mr PI(e) "walkin' on past

    Keep walking there champ

    Oh what's this? Suddenly very interested in the guys in masks and heading back at them? Better film with the phone right?

    OT powerz prevented me from obtaining a shake-free close up shot

    Who even keeps a pen inside the top of their T-shirt?
  38. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I want to do this next time. I WANT TO BE SOLID SNAKE!!!!


    So, are people up for another one??

    Say - in a month or two? It'd be nice if there were some big event we could enturbulate. Anyone got any ideas?
  39. AnonyBee Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I'm totally up for it and I know a few people who would be. I think we should do this every 3-4 months. Too often and it'll get old quick.
  40. Chamberlain Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Yup come here again for sure and keep it in the public's eye and rub it in the scieno's faces.

    Would be nice to actully be expected :)

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