The Hairpin: My Scientology Story

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    She also did an excellent job of explaining the short comings of Study Tech, the problems of living with Cognitive Dissonance and showed a lot of grace with the way she handled brainwashing.

    And I wish more kids who grew up in the shadow of Scientology had the success she did with breaking thru the Disconnection barrier with her Dad to some extent. Three years and she didn't give up, then despite the awkward relationship afterwards she still has compassion for him. Amazing.
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    Final installment in the Stella Forstner series ends on an impressive note imo - despite some of the wishy washy moments in previous installments.

    She gives recent events linkage credit to Katie Holmes, Southpark, WWP, Wright and TonyO. Plus hits the classics from Time Magazine & LA times. Although I wish she would of hit The Truth Rundown vids from Childs & Tobin on Rinder & Rathbun mentions, but she made up for that in giving the Debbie Cook affair a proper summary.

    My scientology story - Scientology and Me, Part Six: Postscript
    By Stella Forstner, Dec 10 2012
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    It's great to see her coming out now with her real name :) Congratulations Kira!

    NEW INDEPENDENT DECLARATION: A warm welcome to artist Kira Brett..

    Oct 15th is my day of freedom.


    It is time for me
    to speak out.


    by artist

    Kira Brett

    kera-brett.jpg?w=460.jpg kerabrett.jpg
    Kira Brett, USA: The courage to walk the path of truth and integrity...

    Oct 15th, 2010
    Dear Chief MAA Flag,
    I want the ‘church’ to know I am no longer a member,
    I will not support a group that violates civil rights
    in many areas, anymore.
    I am not going to be one of the ones that sneak off quietly.
    I feel exactly the same my mom does.
    It’s not scientology anymore,
    but some gulag of nazi behavior.
    It’s disgusting how people are held on to,
    and manipulated like Daniel Montalvo.
    I have witnessed this for many years,
    the manipulation, the gulag does to families.
    That includes what they do to peoples divorces,
    protecting the ones that are percieved as the ‘up-stat”.
    This has happened to many women and kids,
    for many years.
    Forced abortions.
    The lies on TV that there is no forced disconnection, etc..
    If your a real MAA, then you would get a church court together
    on David Miscavage for changing the tech too.
    Isn’t that a high crime too?
    And what he did to Lisa McFerson,
    he wasn’t even qualified to touch her L’s folders.
    He’s only a class 4.
    I want you to know that I accepted no slander or false data,
    I researched myself, and I have eyes in my head
    and can see for myself what I witnessed
    for MY WHOLE LIFE, in the ‘church’.
    Even the public people manipulate each other.
    Just so you know, my mother didn’t lie about my real SP bio-father.
    If the ’church’ condones this type of person,
    wanting him on staff, attacking the one who brought the truth to light,
    (my mom), as is what happened, not even letting my mom
    protect herself and me in court, without threat and duress,
    and manipulating the lawyers to the detriment of our survival,
    then they have similar crimes.
    Kira Brett
    The Independent Field is reuniting families

    the Church of $, has torn apart.

    Regaining the values of family and life, after living the Church of $.

    kiraselfwater-1.jpg?w=460.jpg kiraselfwater1.jpg

    Kira says: I am an art student in fine arts, photography, graphic arts, and digital video. I attended study tech schools and graduated Magna Cum Laude
    in regular high school, winning a scholarship.
    I am also an avid student of history and love to photograph old places and especially architecture. I won 1st place for my paper, “Georgia O’Keefe, and Women in the Arts”, out of the entire county in our state.
    Mom says:

    She is a quiet and reserved person, but when she speaks out, it
    stops people cold in their tracks because she always had this marvelous
    individual and exterior viewpoint of things.
    She is not like the typical
    college student doing drugs and partying, she applies herself in her studies
    and her professors and school teachers always wondered why she was so
    Kira says:

    It was my mom that kept me on the right path. And taught me real
    tech even before I could read. I remember one time, she stood me in front of
    a mirror, and pointed at my reflection and said, that is NOT Kira, that’s
    Kira’s body.
    To this day, I remember this lesson. She is good at bringing
    the tech down to a kids understanding. She protected me against the school
    psychs against incredible counter intention.
    Mom says:

    At 2 years old she asked me how does she get her books published,
    while slamming a magazine on the table, and said, “And what’s these
    commercials?” (she didnt understand why there were commercials in a ‘book’).
    I explained to her that’s how they pay writers like you, the toothpaste
    company has to pay the magazine for their ads.
    At 4 years old she decided she’s going to be a movie director,
    and continued writing her stories and
    poems and creating art.
    As a child she compiled short stories using drawings
    and cuts outs from magazines creating books.
    Later, setting up stories across the table, with piles of cut outs and art,
    the way a producer sets up
    a story board. She would improvise a verbal story right on the spot and stun
    the adults around her, thinking it would be something very short.
    NO! It was a long and detailed story, no one stopped her.
    We did that on purpose to our guests, cause I liked to show her off. icon_surprised.gif?m=1129645325g.gif )
    Kira says:

    I am currently reading Ayn Rand, and love the viewpoint
    of freedom and respect towards people.
    I am in college and a Libertarian and at
    this time dont want my full name on line.
    I grew up in scientology, and witnessed too much.
    Mom always told me that Ron’s tech and the church group
    are 2 different things, because of what kids see, how will they want any
    bridge? Mom didnt deny what we saw, but she was always pro tech.
    She would explain things to us.
    And how many times did Mom have to justify their behavior?
    I also witnessed my favorite teacher get crucified by the ‘church’ and my
    mom attacked by staff and public, for many years, trying to defend me and my
    sister against my bio-father the ‘church’ should have declared or expelled
    by their own policies.
    She was accused of embarrassing the church, if she told anyone the truth, when in fact it was my bio-father that was violent, abusive, an alcoholic, seriously out 2D, and at one point trying to steal us, with many witnesses of his actions.
    They already knew!
    And yet, considered the super star in the “church”.
    They operate above the laws and try to control your communication and what you read and who your allowed to talk to.
    I finally wrote the ‘church’ to resign after researching on my own, and
    about Daniel Montalvo. My mom resigned in writing last year.
    We kept quiet for a time because there is my sister, whom is still in and we didn’t want to lose her due to the disconnection invoked on members.
    I will no longer back a group that violates civil rights.

    Oct 15th is my day of freedom.

    It is time for me
    to speak out.

    Kira Brett
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    Don't think it is the same person.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Which particular statements conflict when comparing the text of both?
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    I could be wrong, but the picture on the top of the blog by the same name as the author of the story does not match the picture of the person you posted. I may need to go back an re read the story, but I got the impression that the person was not still drinking the kool aid. I don't know, could be off base and I just need to go take a little time to read again.
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    You mean this pic of Stella Forstner?

    I don't think we can compare them unless there's a baby pic of Kira Brett you've seen :p
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    NOT the same person.

    "Stella" was ostracized from the mother church at the age of 12 due to her mother leaving and becoming a deprogrammer with CAN. So she never really was a full blown Scientologist who would even need to resign. Thus her story only gets into the basic Dianetic pragmatic principles she was raised with as a small child.

    Her mother is not an Indie, she was fully out long, loooooong ago. And "Britt" is not a name even associated with CAN deprogrammers.

    Stella has a masters degree in sociology and she is a sociologist - not an art major.

    Stella quoted and mocked OT3, so she showed NO respect for the confidential levels that an Indie would as a principle of their faith.

    Kira's story came out in October of 2010 - Stella's story was published in 2012 under a pseudonym because her name is not publicly known and she wished to protect her identity in order to maintain the awkward relationship with her Dad who is still in but has not obeyed orders to completely disconnect from her. So if Kira = Stella, there would of been no need for a fake name.

    Stella was raised by her mother and reunited with her Dad after a brief separation by the time she got her grad studies done. So her family ties were intact, albeit somewhat estranged, long ago.
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    Ok, that is what I thought. Not the same person. Thanks, now I don't have to re read everything.

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