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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by pooks, Jan 25, 2013.

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    like the new avatar :)
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    Tony Ortega just shared this on Facebook:

    Mike Rinder on video! We've retrieved our lost interviews with Rinder that we conducted last year but lost to a wayward YouTube account. It's timely, because a new Wikipedia article on The Hole is getting a lot of attention. Also, a note about Scientology's biggest donor!

    Mike Rinder on “The Hole” and How He Escaped Scientology

    Last March, we visited former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder at his home in Florida. The result of our visit was a series of videos that we posted at the Village Voice website in April. However, since leaving the Voice our YouTube account was shut down. Thankfully, with help from a loyal reader, we managed to retrieve those videos and have posted them to YouTube once again. So we’ve decided to republish the entire story along with the videos.

    And our timing is good, because Chris Owen just published a lengthy and detailed Wikipedia entry about “The Hole,” Scientology’s concentration camp for top executives, and that’s the subject of many of these video segments. We’re glad to get this interview with Rinder back on the ‘net.

    More at
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  4. Really informative Wiki.

    Thanks Pooks
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    These were posted 4 months ago on YT.

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    I don't know how to edit wikipedia reference list. But the reference list has a link to Tony O's interview with Rinder at the Voice. This article has the youtube videos disabled [or their disappeared]. So it would be good if somebody could add a reference on wikipedia to today's blog on, which has all the videos in question.
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    I saw people with signs saying " God hates figs" and "God hates bags". But obviously "God hates facts" is the best.
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    Who is Chris Owen and how do you know who edited the Wikipedia article? [Which was very well done indeed].
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    If I didn't know who Chris Owen was, I'd google his name along with Scientology.
    It's all you can eat!
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    OK, I guess it's fair, because it answers the first part of my question "who is Chris Owen". But I was still curios to know if it's possible to know who writes wikipedia entries. I mean I know that many people edit it, but this time Tony O and Pooks said with certainty "Chris Owen" wrote it. So I was curious to know how they knew that. Pooks answered my question by saying that Chris himself posted it on ESMB.
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    Scientology Tried To Have Wikipedia ‘THE HOLE’ Deleted - Canada cult |

    By David Love, April 8, 2013

    With over 105,000 page views in only three days, Scientology appears to be engaged in an Edit war to have 'The Hole' web page removed from Wikipedia.

    The facility known as the Hole is located on the Church of Scientology's Gold Base, built on the site of a resort called Gilman Hot Springs to the north of the Californian town of Hemet.

    Continued at
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  15. It is always great to see them messing with the internet. It blows up in their face every time.

    OT IX - learning from your mistakes. When Miscavige releases this level maybe they won't do it so much.
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    One of the most puzzling decisions made recently is that of human rights advocate Kerry Kennedy to accept an invitation by Scientologists to speak about human rights on May 1 at the invitation of Scientology actress Ann Archer, who founded Artists For Human Rights.

    Scientology abuses of human rights have been increasingly exposed in books and the media particularly in the new book by Jenna Miscavige Hill, the niece of Scientology leader David Miscavige, Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape.

    Kerry Kennedy is speaking today, Tuesday April 8, to students at Palo Alto High School located just south of San Francisco in the heart of Silicon Valley. The interview will occur during an "Advisory" which takes place around lunch time.

    According to an article titled "Kerry Kennedy to address social justice, violence in phone interview" at the online student newspaper The PalyVoice by Phoebe So, Kerry Kennedy will address the students via a telephone interview arranged by social studies teacher David Rapaport, Ed.D.

    In October 2012 Rapaport interviewed former news anchor Dan Rather by telephone during a lunch hour meeting for students and teachers.

    Kerry Kennedy is being used and manipulated by Scientology actress Ann Archer.

    Once Palo Alto High School students have heard her, they will be inclined to consider Ann Archer's Church of Scientology as a legitimate organization when in fact it is a major abuser of human rights.

    The Church of Scientology targets students in its recruitment efforts and uses human rights as a come-on through the Scientology front group Youth For Human Rights International under the leadership of longtime Scientologist Mary Shuttleworth

    Kerry Kennedy has three choices:

    1. She can speak on May 1 at Ann Archer's event as if there is nothing wrong.
    2. She can seize the opportunity in accord with her mantra "Speak Truth To Power" to call Ann Archer and her fellow celebrity Scientologists to accountability for human rights violations in the Church of Scientology.
    3. She can cancel her appearance.

    Failure to speak out or cancel will make Kerry Kennedy in effect a fellow traveler of Scientology, damaging her reputation and betraying the legacy of her father Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in whose honor she founded the Ro0bert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights.

    Kerry Kennedy's appearance at Palo Alto High School is a teachable moment for the students and their advisor Mr. Rapaport, and one hopes. for Ms. Kennedy.

    People can use this opportunity to educate Mr. David Rapaport at the address supplied here:

    Comments are open at Phoebe So's article in The PalyVoice.

    Comments may also be left at The PalyVoice Facebook page:

    Comments can be made on Twitter at @ThePalyVoice .

    Perhaps Mr. Rapaport himself will be moved to Speak Truth To Power and schedule an interview with Jenna Miscavige Hill so that students learn about Scientology Human Rights abuses and protect themselves from becoming involved in Scientology.

    The Huffington Post has published an excellent article with a clip from a video interview with Jenna Miscavige Hill by reporter Ahmed Shihab Eldin. (The entire interview may be seen here.)

    The Why We Protest thread on Kerry Kennedy's appearance on May 1 at Ann Archer's home may be found here:
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    I have harpooned the various places and sent an email to Mr. Rapaport.
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    Not really. There was one lame attempt to use a speedy delete on the article which was sure to fail. (The only thing lamer would have been to try a PROD.) If someone was serious about trying to remove the article, they'd have to use an AfD (Article for Deletion) where editors would have to present compelling reasons to delete it. That hasn't happened yet, and I doubt it would succeed.
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    Scientology Wikipedia and Human Trafficking

    Published by MichaelBennitt on April 11, 2013

    Scientology operatives have tried and failed to have this Wikipedia entry removed.

    This article shines a spotlight on the human trafficking crimes that go on at the David Miscavige's compound, known to Scientologists as International Headquarters or Int Base. The article has had over 186,000 views in the last 90 days and has earned high ratings from the Wikipedia community:

    Scientology operatives demanding that "...the topic of human trafficking be discussed and that perhaps the classification may not be justified strongly enough to include Scientology's "Hole" in that classification..."

    You can investigate all of this for yourself at these following links:

    Scientology made worldwide headlines in 2009 by being banned from making Wikipedia edits after a long arbitration process with Wikipedia. You can learn more about that here:
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  22. Is it legal to protest at gold base? I only ask because im looking to go up there but i saw a video of mark bunker being arrested and it seem's sketchy. Funny how i just learned its basically within 30 miles of me
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    Happened to be thinking about this today.

    Re: "The Hole does not exist," claim -

    April 27, 2014 (bottom center and upper left) is the most recent image I can find to prove that The Hole is still there. Since that's over 18 months old, there's a good chance that someone can find a more recent image than this.

    Google has an App that will alert you if they update their imagery for an area - you can find it here

    (The last time I checked, Google Earth's images of Hemet were from 2013. I think I was interested because Leah Remini had put Shelley Miscavige's disappearance into the headlines. Her new book reminded me to check for an update on aerial/satellite photographs of The Hole)
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    There's an Ingress portal at the front gate. I wonder if anyone has ever claimed it?
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    The Missing Executives of Scientology | Mike Rinder


    A lot of scientologists remember Guillaume Lesevre, though the COB has done his best to ensure he is forgotten.

    Guillaume is the “Executive Director International” or ED Int. This is the position L. Ron Hubbard specifically created to “wear my hat” running scientology. In fact, Hubbard did an analysis of his inability to “turn over his hat” and wrote a policy about it which created this position.

    Guillaume has been the “ED Int” since the early 80’s. I had the job of filling this position on direct orders of Hubbard and scoured the globe for the best executive — Guillaume had successfully run and expanded scientology in Europe for years.

    He became one of the people I was closest to in my time in the Sea Org. He has two beautiful daughters who were at the Int children’s ranch with my children. He abandoned them many years ago. They were shipped off to Italy and grew up with their grandparents. Guillaume doesn’t even k now his two adorable grandchildren, and when one of daughters traveled to LA from Italy to meet him, he was chaperoned and forced to show her Miscavige event videos to “prove” how well things were going in scientology.

    Now Guillaume has been abandoned. He was one of the early denizens of The Hole — he and I were perpetually in trouble and we were continuously on Miscavige’s shit-list. We were two of the first people assigned to The Hole before it even had a name.

    But even while in The Hole, Miscavige would resurrect Guillaume to put on a tuxedo and appear at International events. For many years he was brought out to present the annual “birthday game awards” on March 13 as Miscavige considered it was beneath him to present awards to Org and Mission ED’s. (He prefers to have the whales kiss his ring, not lowly staff). But a few years ago, even that limited public role ceased and Guillaume has not been seen in public since.

    Continued here, with open comments:
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