The Ingram Criminal File #4

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    The Ingram Criminal File #4

    Eugene Ingram of Ingram Investigations, is a PI hired by Attorney Kendrick Moxon, who has reportedly harassed many critics of the Church of Scientology. This is part of a daily series of disclosures, drawn from public records, that will continue (as a response to Moxon's prosecution of "AGP").

    Today, in an effort to understand the scummy behavior Ingram apparently finds acceptable, we examine the activities of his former colleague at the Los Angeles Police Department: Darryl Mounger. They served together in the scandal-plagued LAPD Hollywood Division in the 1970's, and Ingram was later threatened with a charge of insubordination when he wouldn't reveal to upper brass what he knew about Mounger's activities in 1980.

    Mounger met a young crime witness Shari Molina, pursued her, "married" her in a fake ceremony in Mexico, and when Shari's mother complained to the LAPD, 34 year old Mounger took 15 year old Shari to Utah and married her legally. (This also provided a "marital privilege," so that Shari could not testify about their relationship during a LAPD internal inquiry). This became the basis of a civil complaint (Los Angeles Superior Court #C326726) by both Mounger and Ingram in June 1980, which was filed against their boss LAPD Police Chief Darryl Gates.

    Mounger was later drummed out of the LAPD in the mid-1980's, went to law school, and became an attorney for other LAPD cops caught in bad situations. Mounger represented Stacey Koon in the first Rodney King trial (the verdict led to the LA riots of 1992), then represented Mark Fuhrman in the "O.J." trial (against a charge of perjury) and other cops in the Rampart Division trials. Yet, to this day, no news source has ever covered the apparent statutory rape committed while Mounger was in uniform.
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    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #4

    This is a copy of the original complaint called in to the LAPD.

    We recommend clicking on the arrow to the lower left of the thumbnail, to read the entire form.
    It's rather amazing in its description of the events.

    (The complainant's "Bella Vista" location refers to the name of a housing tract in an unincorporated section of Los Angeles County just Northwest of the city of Montebello, not the city with the same name in Northern California near Redding).
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    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #4

    Marriage License application from the State of Utah.

    This is PROOF that Darryl E. Mounger, aka Darryl Evan Mounger, aka Darryl Mounger, is an authority-abusing pervert! And combined with the telephone number list seized from him in 1980 (in the thread #3), it is PROOF that Eugene Ingram of Ingram Investigations, when he worked with the LAPD, was associated with an authority-abusing pervert!
  4. TomVorm Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #4

    A side-view of Mounger, from a trial of the 1990's.


    We wonder: Do Mounger's current or former law partners (of Mounger Gonda Seki), know the type of person he really is? (Mounger still has a practice in Los Angeles County, possibly at 4455 Van Nuys in Sherman Oaks, or in Burbank).

    Question for Ingram and Moxon (and OSA): Should we continue posting threads of this sort?
    (There's more material ready to go). How about a response here?
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    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #4


    this gets spread EVERY

  6. Anon23517 Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #4

    Tom, thank you for this. This is all fucking amazing.
  7. Anon1720 Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #4

    I think all this information would make great YT videos.
  8. Re: The Ingram Criminal File #4

    Question: How did Mounger acquire the beautiful home he owns in Sherman Oaks? Did he buy it for WAAAY below fair market value from the estate of a deceased client? :eek:
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    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #4

  10. Anonymoux Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #4

    waiting for next chapter please
  11. kitfisto Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #4

    They used to have a wiki page on this piece of shit . theres a good bit about him in one of the online books thats on operation clambake . This fucker epitomizes fair game .
  12. Daywatch Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #4


    WE do...
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    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #4

    not even close
  14. Sbc

    I know this is over 10 yrs old but anyone have any additional information on Mounger?

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