The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

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  1. TomVorm Member

    The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    To better inform readers of just how scummy Scientology Attorney Kendrick Moxon's "legal associates" are, for the next few days threads will be posted which will contain exhibits from court cases related to his PI Eugene M. Ingram. These are public documents, so "privacy" considerations do not apply.

    The intent is expose the "crimes" tied to Moxon (as a "price" tied to his questionable legal tactics including the prosecution of AGP), but NOT to incite any response beyond discussion or other activity allowable within the law. (My thanks to the individuals who acquired and forwarded these to me).

    The first few are from Los Angeles County Superior Court Criminal Case A365409. This followed a grand jury indictment of Eugene Ingram and others, for charges of betraying the LAPD by informing some drug dealers of an impending raid, and for also running a house of prostitution on La Maida Street in North Hollywood in 1980.

    Information about this case, was reported in the Los Angeles Time of January 27, 1981, and that story read:

    Title: "L.A. Police Sergeant Charged With Vice, Aiding Drug Dealers"
    By BILL FARR Times Staff Writer

    A Los Angeles police sergeant was indicted by the county grand jury Monday
    on charges that he protected drug dealers and helped run a house of

    Sgt. Eugene M. Ingram, 34, is scheduled to surrender here today before
    Superior Court Judge Julius Leetham for arraignment on five felony counts
    listed on the indictment.

    Ingram, a 13-year Police Department veteran assigned to the Hollywood
    division before being suspended last Oct. 31, is facing three conspiracy
    counts plus pimping and pandering charges.

    Co-Defendant Named
    Robert Ward, 32, of Los Angeles is listed as co-defendant on the four counts
    that relate to the alleged prostitution activity.
    Gilbert Garcetti, head of the district attorney's Special Investigations
    Division, stressed that the case had been brought to his office by the
    Police Department after is launched a full-scale internal affairs inquiry
    last April into Ingram's conduct.
    The first count in the indictment charges Ingram with conspiracy to obstruct
    justice for his supposed role in warning drug dealers that they were about
    to be raided.
    Rocco (Rocky) Fasone and his wife, Donna, the main targets of the narcotics
    investigation, were granted immunity from prosecution and were among the
    22 witnesses called by Deputy Dist. Atty. Jay Lipman during the three-day
    hearing that led to Monday's indictment.

    Warning Alleged
    According to the indictment's list of overt acts, Ingram warned Mrs. Fasone
    on Nov. 7, 1979, that a drug investigation was in progress and when she
    called him later that same day at a restaurant in Hollywood, "he told her a
    bust was going down" and advised her "to clean the house out."
    She reportedly told the grand jury she contacted an associate who removed
    all narcotics from the Hollywood house that police subsequently raided.
    Another witness before the grand jury, LAPD narcotics investigator Joseph
    Amore, testified about Ingram calling him Nov. 26, 1979, to discuss the
    status of the investigation into the Fosone's drug activities.
    Amore, unaware of Ingram's relationship to the Fasones, discussed the
    investigation with him, according to prosecutor Lipman.
    " One of the most serious things we alleges is that Ingram identified to the
    Fasones the informant who was relaying information to Amore about them,"
    Lipman said.

    The second conspiracy count charges both Ingram and Ward with joining
    efforts to "keep a house of ill fame."
    The final conspiracy count is essentially duplicative, accusing them of
    operating "a disorderly house."
    Both men were also charged with pimping and pandering for allegedly setting
    up to alleged prostitutes, Rosalva Norena Hernandez and Anna Maria Reyes,
    in business at 11130 La Maida St. in North Hollywood.
    The two women, who testified before the grand Jury, reportedly told
    investigators they were undocumented aliens and that Ingram and Ward
    threatened to have them deported if they did not cooperate in the
    prostitution operation.

    According to Lipman, the two women working for Ingram and Ward catered
    to clients of Oriental origin. "They (the women) told us this choice was made
    because Oriental men pay without argument, are polite, and don't beat them,
    and are very clean and undiseased," the prosecutor said.

    Transcript Secret
    The grand jury transcript will remain secret for at least another 10 days,
    but The Times obtained other court documents which provide details of
    Ingram's alleged role in the prostitution operation.
    A scenario of Ingram's supposed involvement is contained in an affidavit
    submitted by Sgt. Mattson of the Police Department's internal affairs
    division to support obtaining search warrants in the cast.
    According to Mattson's affidavit, Ingram approached San Fernando Valley
    real estate broker Peter York to lease the La Maida street residence last
    January, using the false name of Robert Miller and claiming to be an actor
    who had just moved here from Florida.
    Sources close to the investigation said Ingram's only experience was a bit
    part in former Los Angeles policeman's movie, "The Onion Field."
    Mattson's affidavit said Ingram, posing as Miller, also used a phony Social
    Security number and listed his 1972 Pantera auto with a Florida license
    number, which when checked came back as actually belonging to a huge
    truck-trailer in Miami.
    Mattson also pointed out in the affidavit that Ingram listed Rocky Fasone as
    his brother-in-law when, in fact, he was only an acquaintance.

    Two Arrested
    On Jan. 29, 1980, Hernandez and another woman were arrested at the La Maida
    street address. Officers making the arrests gave the following description of the house.
    "There was virtually no furniture in the residence. It just contained a bed
    in the bedroom with a large jar of Vaseline next to the bed. There were
    condoms on the nightstand and only a small amount of female clothing in the closet."
    Subsequently, Hernandez told investigators that she worked for Ward at both the
    La Maida street location and at another residence at 10240 Camarillo St., North, Hollywood.

    During the interrogation, she also told detectives she knew Ingram and had
    had oral sex with him at the Camarillo Street address in December, 1979.
    Neither Ingram nor Ward could be reached for comment on the indictment.
    However, Robert Loew, Ingram's attorney, earlier had insisted that his
    client was being "harassed" by the Police Department because of his zealous
    defense of fellow officers before the police Board of Rights hearing.
  2. TomVorm Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    Ingram soon lost his job with the LAPD. But through some fancy lawyering (from Bradley Brunon, of the firm of Abelson & Brunon), Ingram beat the rap in court in Spring 1982.

    But, although he was acquitted in court, does that mean he really wasn't guilty?

    Photos presented here, allow the readers to make up their own minds.

    The first is of the rented house where the alleged prostitution occurred.
    The second, is an invoice for furniture purchased by Ingram at Levitz.
    The third, is a police photo of the interior of that house.
    The fourth, shows the alleged "hookers" themselves.
  3. TomVorm Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    (Working on the uploader)
  4. TomVorm Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    (Still trying)
  5. Anonymoux Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    You rock HARD, Tom.
    Let me ask this: Is Ingram still at work in the field?
    Is he in SoCal, if you know.

    (Damn I used to have a "Get Farr Out"
    bumper sticker on my car. The LA Press Club
    distributed them. Bill Farr was the guy who went
    to jail for protecting sources in the Manson trial)
    We miss Bill Farr.
  6. Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    I've learned to hate the pic-uploader here. It no longer works for me so I no longer post lulzy pics.
  7. TomVorm Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    Photo 1: Shows the rental house on La Maida St.
  8. Anonymoux Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    Brunon what a lying piece of shit. He was one of Phil Spector's attorneys.
    I've observed him boocoo times in court and in the hallways of justice.
    Fuck so that guy is Abelson's associate. That explains A LOT.
  9. TomVorm Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    Photo 2: Shows Ingram bought furniture at Levitz.

  10. TomVorm Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    Photo 3:

    Shows the lovely touch that then-LAPD Sergeant Eugene Ingram, had for interior decoration. To me, it screams "basics", but maybe the feng shui dictated the placement.
  11. TomVorm Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    Photo 4:

    Shows the "hookers" at the time of their arrest. Note the pleased expressions on their faces. (If you work for Ingram, this too can be your results!)

    That's all for today. Tomorrow, we'll show his co-defendants. Later, we'll show some photos of Ingram's hooker (sans clothing), and then we'll expose Ingram's then-34 year old partner (now, attorney) Darryl Mounger (including his 1980 Utah marriage license, to a 15 year old!)
  12. Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    The images you posted are thumbnail size. Any chance you could post full size images somewhere?
    Also, Gene Ingram was involved in the conspiracy to murder Cynthia Kisser, former Executive Director of CAN, and her daughter. Gary Scarff made a deposition on that.
  13. Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    Vaseline implies anal sex. The petroleum ingredients in vaseline also dissolve the latex in condoms. So, the combination serves no purpose.
    Gene Ingram is a scumbag, but not an intelligent scumbag.
  14. TomVorm Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    Yes, the thumbnails, are "thumbnail size."

    Click on the small square (at the lower left of each photo), which will open a window for the larger photo size.

    Amaze your friends! Impress your neighbors! Follow these threads, and from here you can assemble your own collection (of all the Ingram photos).
  15. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    This is great info for me on the people I see in court!

    But don't bad mouth vaseline! You can jack off with it and that's safe! Personally I've found nothing tingles your naughty bits during self-stimulation as much as preparation H! Think about it!
  16. tazor Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    Scummy cult hires scummy people.
  17. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    Some photos I took of Ingram in 1998...

    He also had a warrant for his arrest in Hillsborough County Florida for impersonating a police officer. Apparently that was eventually dropped, but I doubt he'll go back to Florida. Last time I saw Ingram he had a wonderfully tailored suit on as he took my photo while I was DJ'ing. But that was about 9 or 10 years ago.
  18. Anonymoux Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    Brunon was the dirty tricks guy for Phil Spector. REALLY dirty tricks, managed these sleezy PIs--he was brought in by Bruce Cutler and Roger Rosen. Cutler is a famous mafioso law asshole; Gotti's attorney for a while. These attorneys are the scum scum scum of the earth. I could write a book. I need to check my notes to see who Brunon had hired for Spector. One was a chick--Tawny or something. It'll come to me. Ingraham---did he do ever do any work for Geragos? I'll think it through and put it together--this is NEW news. Moxon's contacts are with hard-core criminal attorneys. (NOTE: Geragos is not a hardcore criminal)
  19. Anonymoux Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    I think it was him or a close relative that followed me yesterday. Fuller head of hair, thick white hair, dark rimmed glasses, heavier face.
  20. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    He has a son named Jason who "infiltrated" one of our protests. I don't think Jason does any of that spook stuff anymore though.
  21. Anonymoux Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    He (Gene Ingram) doesn't appear to be licensed in Cali not that it would stop any of these guys.

    Does Jason happen to have long long brown hair? I thought it was strange to see this cat with really long hair chatting with a fem scion near the driveway while Moxon and his bitch chatted with the cops. The young man was like the opposite of scientology but appeared to come from their offices and out thru the driveway. This guy had been IN THEIR OFFICes.

    The more I think about it, the more sure I am it was Gene Ingram that followed us. We ditched and then got behind him and chased him WELL for about 3 blocks. Wow, that must have surprised him.

    So that means that Ingram is possibly the one who gets IDs from licenses since he (hypothetically) still has LAPD dept contacts that can run plates, circumventing the DMV.
  22. MsDweller Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    *deeply impressed with information*
  23. Anonymoux Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    kinda creepy, huh? interesting to see how these crims hook up though. i'm a trial-watcher and have a group of friends from over the years that are trial-watchers of high profile california crimes (and texas and dc)--i've seen scionlaws moving around a courtroom before many moons ago (not tro horseshit). brunon worked on OJ too and may have worked (or of counsel, wtf knows) for Bob Shapiro. another on the team (spector) was linda baden, dr michael baden's wife. please. dr baden got stripped as a naked fool on the stand shortly after they proved henry lee to be a total liar, destroying evidence.
  24. TomVorm Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    There's also some photos, from a criminal case Jason was involved with, in the batch that was forwarded.

    Since Jason was involved in harassing "critics," should that make him "fair game" for exposure on this board?
    (Please discuss and answer that question here).

    We'll get to those soon, including Jason handcuffed, a drunken mug shot, the gun he used, et cetera
    (which are all considered "public documents").

    Somewhere I read Jason lived in the Phoenix area. Other posters have said Eugene owns a couple of residences
    in La Crescenta, and someone also said he might have a brother in that area too. I can ask my source about
    other relatives, if it seems somehow relevant to the intent of the board here.
  25. Anonymoux Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File (Moxon's PI!)

    Please do. I'd like to know if that could have been Jason lurking yesterday when AGP and I were at CCHR, and his father was set to chase us around town taking pix like we were lindsay lohan and sam ronson. It was strange so I noticed it.

    LaCrescenta> pricey and they have a big school complex there I would LOVE to hit sometime. Renaissance + other school labels revealed in those 990 forms are on that site. Fishy operation, at least two schools at that site with weird demographic info and VERY nice grounds for v few students.

    [if it was him, he was supporting those harassing critics. he was there with ken moxon and very likely gene ingram. i call that open fair game. that fucker gene (99% sure) FOLLOWED ME. this guy ("jason" ? was 24-30 skinny long rockstar hair. gene looked like his pic only 20 years older, white thick hair. it was him. the generational thing fits.]
  26. TomVorm Member

    The Ingram Criminal File #8

    Eugene Ingram of Ingram Investigations, is a PI hired by Attorney Kendrick Moxon, who has reportedly harassed many critics of the Church of Scientology. This is part of a daily series of disclosures, drawn from public records, that will continue (as a response to Moxon's prosecution of "AGP").

    Today, in an effort to understand the scummy behavior Ingram apparently finds acceptable, we visit the uniquely destructive influence Eugene Ingram had on his immediately younger brother (and apparent business associate) "T" Ingram.

    Born about 14 months after Eugene, "T" Ingram (apparently nicknamed "Dink") followed in his older brother's footsteps.
    As with Eugene, "T" also married young (in 1969) and quickly divorced (in 1970, as Los Angeles County Case #D758774), then "T" later remarried in 1979 and for a while settled down. "T" started as a "Security Agent" for his father's employer (Los Angeles City Schools), then became an officer with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

    In 1986, "T" Ingram left the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and claimed disability on grounds of post traumatic stress disability. (A later statement by his nephew "J" Ingram in 1999 claims that his uncle quit law enforcement, after seeing the beheaded remains of a former girlfriend. We can only wonder about the unelaborated details of that story).

    Pages from a divorce filing also from that same year, 1986 (Los Angeles County #NED54979) indicate a more foreboding threat from "T" Ingram, with a page-long list of guns, guns, and more guns (over $4000 in value), in his possession.
  27. TomVorm Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #8

    A later 1991 application for a restraining order (Los Angeles County #BD039930) stated that threats were made by
    "T" Ingram on his later partner (and mother of his daughter out of wedlock). "T" was also named as a respondent in
    a child support filing in 1991 (Los Angeles County #BD052981)

    Possibly in response to this filing, "T" Ingram moved out of the Los Angeles area to "Ahwahnee" in Central California.
    Apparently not wanting to be found, "T" used his middle initial "S" as his first initial when he filed a deed in Madera County in 1992. "T" Ingram then built a house on the property and was married a third time in 1995.
  28. TomVorm Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #8

    "T"'s past caught up with him in 1997, when the Los Angeles County Family Support Division enjoined a suit for child support payments for a daughter born in 1987 (#BY0184776 or #B40184776). "T" at first questioned paternity, stating he "has also seen (her) mother socializing with other men" but ultimately gave in.

    This matter, led to his 1998 divorce from his third wife "V" Ingram, who stated she was not fully informed as to the existence of his children or the nature of his prior relationships. Just as other members of the Ingram family had sought to take advantage of a woman, "T" used the divorce filing (Madera County #64026) to ask for "monthly spousal support", based on how much more his wife earned than he.

    "V" left by 1999 for another state, and the house owned by "T" Ingram was foreclosed and sold in early 2001. (Later owners, complained about poor wiring, and difficulties repairing it without building plans).
  29. TomVorm Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #8

    Later on, in spite of his claimed disability "T" apparently worked for "Ingram Investigations" (which was listed in the
    white pages of the greater Oakhurst area phone book), and then later received a full disability pension from the Sheriff's Department ("LACERA" made payable to a mailing address in the 3900 block of Vista Court in La Crescenta, CA, the same town where his brother resides).

    To learn more about this topic, you can read also prior threads on this subject.

    (OSA/Eugene: When you want this to stop, let us know).
  30. gregg Member

    Re: The Ingram Criminal File #8

    Moxon showed up to my court date as well. Threads like this make me happy. Stick it to them.
  31. TomVorm Member

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  33. TomVorm Member

    Some of the links in the original files are no longer current, so refer back to this page for accurate links.
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  34. TomVorm Member

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  35. TomVorm Member

    Can we get these threads cross-posted also on ESMB and OCMB?
  36. TomVorm Member

  37. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Tom, are you stuck in an electronic incident?
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  38. TomVorm Member


    My latest payment from Big Pharma was an EFT drawn on a bank in Greece.
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  39. DeathHamster Member

    Category:Eugene Ingram

    Mike Rinder refers to him as Gene Ingram, so it'll be a day before his blog posts are tagged on that name.
  40. blownforgood Member

    Eugene Ingram regularly followed me when we lived in LA. Here he is when I was doing a show with some TV reporters.

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