The IRS, the CARES Act, Scientology, and the organization Repair of the Black Family

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  1. The IRS, the CARES Act, the Church of Scientology, and Nation of Islam Sister Nayyirah Tivica Muhammad's organization Repair of the Black Family.

    The IRS explains that:


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    Here's how the CARES Act changes deducting charitable contributions made in 2020:

    Previously, charitable contributions could only be deducted if taxpayers itemized their deductions.

    However, taxpayers who don't itemize deductions may take a charitable deduction of up to $300 for cash contributions made in 2020 to qualifying organizations. For the purposes of this deduction, qualifying organizations are those that are religious, charitable, educational, scientific or literary in purpose. The law changed in this area due to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

    The CARES Act also temporarily suspends limits on charitable contributions and temporarily increases limits on contributions of food inventory. More information about these changes is available on

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    I am reliably informed that the Church of Scientology is contacting parishioners to urge them to make donations that take advantage of the CARES Act.

    Nation of Islam Sister Nayyirah Tivica Muhammad is also urging supporters of her organization, Repair of the Black Family, to make donations that take advantage of the CARES Act.


    I post about Sister Nayyirah because she is a Scientology Clear, Super Power Completion, Cause Resurgence Rundown Completion, Group Auditor, PTS/SP Course Graduate and Classed (i.e., E-Meter) Auditor-in-Training.
  2. Again, I am reliably informed that the Church of Scientology is contacting parishioners and asking them to make donations pursuant to the change in the law explained below.

    The IRS further explains:

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    Special tax deductions available this year for cash donations to charities; IRS works to raise awareness

    The CARES Act, enacted by Congress last spring, includes a special $300 deduction designed especially for people who choose to take the standard deduction, rather than itemizing.

    By Edward T. Killen
    CL-20-07, December 1, 2020


    This year, there’s an additional component at play with so many people, businesses and organizations struggling due to COVID-19. Many people may not realize it, but there’s a special tax deduction available for them through Dec. 31, 2020 for cash donations up to $300 to qualifying charities.

    As we enter the season of giving, I encourage people to take a few minutes to understand this new change. This could help taxpayers when they file their taxes in 2021 – and help many organizations across the country as they try to help people coping with the coronavirus. Many charities are struggling this year, and donations for many are down.

    The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, enacted by Congress last spring, includes several temporary tax changes helping charities. This includes a special $300 deduction designed especially for people who choose to take the standard deduction, rather than itemizing their deductions.

    What does this mean for the average taxpayer? Nearly nine in 10 taxpayers now take the standard deduction and could potentially qualify for this new tax deduction. Our most recent figures from 2018 show more than 134 million taxpayers claimed the standard deduction, representing more than 87% of all filers.

    So if someone makes a cash donation to a qualifying charity before the end of 2020, they can get a deduction of up to $300. This will be easy to report when they fill out their Form 1040 in 2021, especially if they file electronically.

    The deduction lowers both adjusted gross income and taxable income – translating into tax savings for those making donations to qualifying tax-exempt organizations.

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  3. Kiplinger further explains the second tax change made by the CARES Act that may benefit Scientology, among other religions and charities:

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    Another tax benefit to the CARES Act

    With the CARES Acts, for those who itemize deductions for 2020, you can deduct charitable contributions of up to 100% of your AGI (adjusted gross income). That’s up from the 60% that was allowed under TCJA. This means that for 2020 if your AGI is $250,000, you can deduct $250,000 in charitable contributions.

    While the ultimate goal of the universal deduction is to help smaller organizations, this extension for deductions could be an additional incentive for wealthy donors to continue giving this year.

    The CARES Act has also increased the amounts of annual charitable deductions for corporations from 10% of taxable income to 25%. Any donations that are greater than 25% can be deducted within the following five years.

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