The L.A. Complex: The Ideal Life - Canadian drama (TV), Major character joins Sci

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by failboat, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. failboat Member

    You can watch it here if you have Hulu Plus, Season2 Ep9 (if you don't, just wait a few days, and it will become available like all of the other episodes):,p11,d0

    I've done a little bit of research. According to its Wikipedia, the show's 2nd season (currently airing, and of which this episode is the most recent) was ordered on March 22, 2012, and production began shortly thereafter. The filming of this Scientology storyline almost certainly coincides with Katie Holmes' divorce.

    The show is basically a soap, but airs on a weekly basis. The quotes above imply that Scientology will be a story arc for a while. I'll update this thread with Hulu links to any more Scientology-related episodes that air in the future
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  2. Missfit Member

    I was watching this last night for a half second and the sister of the one guy was talking about how he should stop taking psych meds for his ears perked up and I knew where that was going.

    .....And now I've outed myself as an LA Complex watcher....gonna go bury my head in the sand.
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  3. failboat Member

  4. Quentinanon Member

    I saw that program. I believe cofs was called "Church of Scienetics", rather than dianetics.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    wasn't the org in LA called the Complex?
  6. Quentinanon Member

    OSA should not be surprised. We Canadians are just SPs and aberrated WOGs:

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  7. Anonymous Member

    Caught snippets of the shoe tonight, in betweenz the football game commercials. The dude getting involved with scianetics is Conner, an actor (too tall to be a TC). He walks into the org: there is what looks like an LRH bust. They say they are the fastest growing religion. Dude signs up for courses ($5000 to $10000) and tells his friend. The friend bursts out laughing, tells him it's a cult and to google it before he moves on. Etc. The show is a teen-geared soap. I caught it on MuchMusic, which is highly watched in Canada by today's yutes. >9000 score for targeting the teens in a way they might listen to.
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. CarterUSP Member

    This pleases me. Awaiting scilon butthurt complaints.
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  10. Missfit Member

    Good episode tonight. Conner looks shit up on the interwebz and confronts them about being a cult. When he goes in to speak with his minder at the cult he meets a famous director or producer or something who he admires and the guy gives him his number and tells him how scienetics worked wonders for him. Conner seemed uber impressed and like he wanted to continue. Next week is the season finale and they showed him being arrested, for what I don't know. I'll report back Monday.
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  11. Quentinanon Member

    My guess? A Reed Slatkin type character got him involved in his Ponzi scheme and the Feds raided.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I had hoped they called it Scilonetics.
  13. failboat Member

  14. Missfit Member

    I personally think it ties in to the story line of the waitress stealing credit card number but I hope I'm wrong and it's what you think.
  15. Quentinanon Member

    "Never fear to hurt another in a just cause."
  16. Anonymous Member

    Xenu must have arranged the timing: L.A. Complex has a storyline about the scilon influence in Hollywood at the same time as the media is covering the scilon influence in Hollywood.
  17. Missfit Member

    Those Canadians are crafty bitches.
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  18. DeathHamster Member

    Unless you're in Canada. "Sorry, this content is not available in your location"
  19. failboat Member

    Try the Hulu link in OP; episodes 10 & 11 should become available in a few days, assuming that you can get Episode 9 right now.
  20. failboat Member

    OK, so I hadn't had a chance to sit down and watch episode 10 till today, and I am transcribing the questions from Connor's personality test (as read by him in the episode, in order) for comparison. It's about 15 minutes into the episode. All of the questions are ripped right from the OCA:

    "Do you scroll through airport schedules, archives, or encyclopedias just for fun?"
    "Do you experience periodic twitches of your muscles when there's no physical reason for it?"
    "Do you feel you eat too quickly?"
    "Do you pick at scabs or chew on pen caps?"
    "Do you frequently contemplate your own inferiority?"
    "Do you find it difficult to let go of stress?"
    "Does life ever feel made up or false to you?"
    "Do you take appropriate measure to avoid accidents?"
    "Do peers often seem to think higher of your talents or skills than you do?"
    "Would you ever employ corporal punishment on a school-aged child, if it refused to listen to you?"
    "Do others often get the best of you?"
    "Do you ever get 'lost' thinking about death, illness, agony or depair?"
    "Do others ever refer to your actions as unpredictable?"
    "Do you ever find yourself wondering if anyone actually cares about you?"
    I think I nailed all of them.

    I'm about halfway thru the episode. I'll post more stuff if I find anything interesting.

    He gets a consult after his test, where a lovely lady also mentions the IQ part of the test, and tells him that Scienetics can improve his intelligence. He says he's not really concerned about his intelligence.

    She moves on to the second pitch, and tells him his personality test scores show his Stability, Happiness, and Communication levels to be far below optimal, and then she recommends the detoxification and basic communications courses - it's like a script.
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  21. failboat Member

    Hulu links to episode 10 and 11 (should now be available):,p15,d0,p15,d0
    In episode 11, Connor Googles Scientology Scienetics, and confronts his sister about Neezu, volcanoes, spaceships, and the alien infection.

    Most recent episodes, aired last night 9/24/2012

    Episode 12:
    Episode 13:
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  22. Missfit Member

    Didn't see either episode in it's entirety last night, but Conner is being forced to disconnect from his sister because she kissed him and seeing as how he was ripped from his family 20 years prior he doesn't want to lose her. He seems to be really annoyed and wanting to leave the cult until they tell him his sister is going to get help but SHE doesn;t want to speak to him. It seemed like she was being sent to an RPF type thing. I'll re-watch later so none of you have to nuke your minds into nacho cheese with teen crap dramas.
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  23. failboat Member

    Episode 13 (Don't Say Goodbye) and 12 (Xs and Os) were the last 2 episodes of Season 2. We'll have to hope the show is picked up for Season 3 if we want teh Scienetics lulziness to continue. As the season ended, we saw Charlotte being taken away to a "mountain corps retreat in Colorado," and Connor strongly discouraged from ever seeing her again by his Scienetics handlers, including a character whose name is "Ethics Controller" in the close captions/subtitles. There is a lot of adapted Scilon lingo in episode 13 - 'disengage' for 'disconnect,' 'repressive' for 'suppressive' or 'PTS,' and 'Keep the system working,' for 'KSW.'

    If neither Hulu nor the CW websites work for you, you can try here:

    Right now, I see links there for Season 2, episodes 12, 10, and 9 (should be the top 3 links); hopefully, episodes 11 and 13 will be posted eventually. (I don't have iTunes, so I haven't tested the links for you.)

    Titles of episodes featuring Scienetics:
    S2E9: Help wanted (barely)
    S2E10: Make it right
    S2E11: Now or never
    S2E12: Xs and Os
    S2E13: Don't say goodbye

    Edit: TY OldLadyLulz:
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  24. Quentinanon Member

    S2E10 "Make it right" reminds me of Hubbard's slogan "Make it go right."
    Damn, those Canadian writers and producers prove that "they're just a bunch of SPs and aberrated WOGs."
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  25. wolfbane Member

    Thanks for this list, I only managed to catch 3 episodes on the CW network here in the US. But there is a group of teenagers in my neighborhood that were big fans of the show that catch the school bus in front of my house. On two different occasions they seen me taking the trash out in the early am and took advantage of the opportunity to ask questions related to the show in the context of "is that shit fo' real?"

    I *almost* got thru the whole sordid explanation of disconnection before the bus driver showed up, and I haven't seen that episode yet. The kids were speechless and one of the smarter ones commented sagely re: there being so much more to it [Scientology] than Southpark aired. So I need to catch-up on the segments I missed and see how well I did on expanding on what was covered in the show.
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  26. Missfit Member

    Disseminating to the youngin's ....I like it!
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  27. Aurora Member

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  28. wolfbane Member

    Handing out trick-or-treat candy in your Guy Fawkes mask builds trust with the kiddies, and makes them feel comfy asking the PITA stupid questions their 'rents just ignore.
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  29. failboat Member

    EDIT: I should say. This development greatly increases the chances that the show will be picked up for a 3rd Season.
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  30. Missfit Member

    uh oh haha...I mean, MTV picking this up? That's huge. MTV is between the demographic between the disney channel and comedy central and the most impressionable. bravo MTV, you're beginning your redemption for the televised degradation of the human civilization a.k.a. The Jersey Shore.
  31. wolfbane Member

    MTV!!!! Fan-fucking-tastic news! Kiddos all over the world will get familiar with Scientology controversies over and above what Southpark taught them.

    This pleases me to no end.

  32. failboat Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Now playing on CTV2 channels across Canada, Saturdays at 8pm.
  34. failboat Member

  35. Missfit Member

    it was a terrible show, about canadians in la, shot in canada. It's the same thing as Degrassi, same people behind it, never did nearly as well in the states. Don't ask me why, I still watch degrassi religiously and I've been out of High School for almost 10 years now, maybe I'm just least that's what it said on the bus that took me to school everyday.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Both seasons of The L.A. Complex are now available on Netflix - New Arrivals/Releases, TV Shows. Only 35 user reviews so far, mostly positive. No mention of Scientology in any reviews, but I am pretty sure Netflix moderates reviews before allowing them to be posted publicly for viewing/rating by Netflix users.
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