The Lizard Squad

Discussion in 'Projects' started by white_wolf, Dec 9, 2014.


What do you think of lizard squad?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2014.
They are harmless 1 vote(s) 25.0%
They have to be dealt with, to set an example for others. 2 vote(s) 50.0%
no immediate action required. 1 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. GrimGenocide Member

    We live in a fucked up country I'll give ya that,We need to do something big soon,something that'll influence future generations.I just don't know what lol
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  2. Shadowsingray Member

    I game. I do, but I'm not a little brat that just got an xbone or a ps4 from mommy and daddy. Most of the people I play with on these networks are hard working people that this is their main way to relax.

    You don't want to think they are a threat and poo poo on the gamers? We all sit here behind a computer screen. I worked damn hard for everything I own. What little I do own.

    Yeah, I agree we shouldn't take taunts to heart. But, that's what pigs do every fucking day. Each freedom that is taken is from a power hungry idiot. That's what they are. If you think they are inside jobs then that would be even more of a reason to go after them.

    Bills taking away our rights are slipping away daily because no one stands up and does anything. People die, animals die and freedoms die every day.

    What I think personally is they are taking away rights. If they are not inside. Then we should at least out them to the proper athorities. If they ARE inside then we should out that to the public as part of them trying to end the internet with the bills they are trying to pass. Either way. Something needs to be done!
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  3. Bluediamond Member

    So are we going to the mattresses with these guys or what i have seen two videos from us telling these noobtubes to call it quits on TOR. But i don't see any call to arms on the forums? Message me with details would appreciate it thanks.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Who the fuck is this "we" ? Who the fuck is this "us" ?

    If you are planning illegal shit on this forum, stop it! Now! Or, pay the consequences.
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  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi bluediamond
    You're in the wrong place. This is the part of Anonymous that protests peacefully and legally. It's not as much fun as you want.
    WWP is formed by the part of Anonymous that protested the cult of Scientology. Google it, it was a major effort and people put their lives on the line. Now the protests are peaceful ( on our side anyway). The hackers in Anonymous aren't here.
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  6. Ogsonofgroo Member

  7. Bluediamond Member

    Take a chill pill there night owl caffeine can be a hell of a elixir, i am not trying to start anything i was simply asking a question. No need to get your panties in a bunch.
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  8. Kilia Member

    The maintenance on those cars must be enormous!
    Definitely not drag racing. lol
  9. Anonymous Member

    Fuck you and the call to arms you rode in on.
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  10. Bluediamond Member

    Thank you for your reply i appreciate the correction, i am quit aware of the WWP and the all the Peaceful protests. I can i assure you i been around for a while just not in the anonymous community. As far as i know there are only two Anonymous forums and the other one looks like a child wrote it.
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  11. Bluediamond Member

    huh, Thank you?
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  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. Bluediamond Member

    Lol, please keep going i love trolls.
  14. redstoned21 Member

    You my friend, can keep calm, and thats awesome. Perhaps we can talk, PM me if you want to.
  15. redstoned21 Member

    Agreed, but what really pisses the hell out of me is what these 15 year olds think they might be. They have NO power, just HOIC or some other shit tool, to bring down some networks for NO FUCKING REASON. They need to be dealt with, peacefully, or violently, IDGAF, as long as the message goes through to them, saying, "You have no fucking power."
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  16. WWP does not condone, support, or endorse violence as a means to further our goals.

    Lurk moar.
  17. meep meep Member

    You know we are talking about a game here rite? Not war?
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  18. if you're going to start a war red and blue look on twitter. I'm sure some anons in the UK could use some help. But you shouldn't be here. twitter is your friend use it. :)
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  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. Highwind Member

    The lizard squad ruined christmas for alot of peeps on a global scale. Reading the forums I find that alot of anons of the hackers side have commented and came out of the woodwork on WWP. While I do not encourage illegal activity I encourage anons of the hackers side reading to help take lizard squad out. I am astonished that wwp does not support the acts of the well known hackers side of anonymous. I have yet to find a forum on wwp stating we do not support anons. What the hackers side of anonymous is doing is not only a form of protest, its been for a greater good to my knowledge.
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  21. Two of the lizards have been doxed.
    I would think arrests are not far off.
  22. redstoned21 Member

    Wait wait wait wait, having information about someone, or knowing about someone isn't illegal, let alone not enough to get you arrested. But, if they publicly distributed the information, or did other shit with it, that would probably be illegal, someone explain this more to me.
  23. redstoned21 Member

    You need to calm your tits man, grow some balls, go to bed, and whatever you're high on, its not good for you.
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  24. Seriously... I can't understand WHAT IS ANONYMOUS DOING NOW. A division promised a few days ago that they'll fight against L.S. attacks, and now they're doing THE SAME STUPID SHIT! How can it be? I know there's a lot of injustice in videogame's industry and Sony/Microsoft/other company deserves to be punished, but please... The customers are really angry. And not only with bussiness. THEY'RE TIRED OF HACKERS TOO! They were supposed to be a kind of "avengers", people who use their knowledge for defending our rights. Highwind said L.S. is ruining Christmas, but it's not the only one...
  25. Highwind Member

    Are you refering to the youtube vid tha l.s. posted falsifying anonymous? Did I miss some new news?[/quote]
  26. Highwind Member

    I suggest you watch
  27. Anonymous Member

    What should be done to the lizard squad culprits behind this even though it's mildly unsanitary see image below.
  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    U.K. police allegedly arrest Lizard Squad hacker | Daily Dot

    A member of the hacker group that claimed responsibility for the Christmas Day shutdown of Sony and Microsoft’s gaming networks has been arrested.

    Vinnie Omari, a 22-year-old member of the group Lizard Squad, was arrested on Monday after British law enforcement agents from the South East Regional Organized Crime Unit raided his home. Omari confirmed the raid with the Daily Dot, and provided a photo of the search warrant he received.

    “They took everything,” Omari told the Daily Dot in an email. “Xbox one, phones, laptops, computer USBs, etc.”

    A press release from the Thames Valley Police confirms that a 22-year-old man was arrested Monday "on suspicion of fraud by false representation and Computer Misuse Act offense."

    Continued here:

    British police have reportedly arrested a Lizard Squad member | The Washington Post

    In a statement, Lizard Squad confirmed to the Post that Omari is out on bail, while "Ryan" remains in jail in Finland.
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  29. You need to learn some respect.
  30. redstoned21 Member

    You need to get a life lol, I love it when people try and act mature.
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  31. Highwind Member

    Dont let the cult get to you redstoned. you should ignore the nonsense that these trolls post ;)
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  32. meep meep Member

    Redstoned night owl has been here for years protesting the Cult. Disagree if you want but disrespect will get you shat upon by many. Even if he stared it.( and he does yes he does) Maybe post content instead of attacks.
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  33. redstoned21 Member

    I'll take the advice :D
    Sorry if I may have bothered you :(
    But I'll try and post more contest, thanks for the advice though :)
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  34. incog712 Member

  35. redstoned21 Member

    May seem like a nub question, but dafuq is the Cult?
  36. Highwind Member

    By cult I assume everyone is talking about the cult of scientology. they are constantly trolling and lurking within the forum. Be aware and remain anonymous. If you read through the forums u will find what happens when the cult and nsa find out your identity. The cult has even poisoned someones cat!
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  37. redstoned21 Member

    Lol, okay.
    This Night Owl fellow seems to be part of it.
    Thanks for the info btw
  38. or maybe he just knows a trap when he sees one..
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  39. redstoned21 Member

    What! No! I'm not a government prick!

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