The Lost Boys

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Kha Khan, Jul 19, 2010.

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    Re: The Lost Boys

    Up to date? Staff
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    EDITED: this person below is listed for a Q- Radio class which will be at Art Share in Sept.
    what about Luis Sierra? the producer?
    Maybe be a different Luis, but listed on COS completions as OTII and CLEAR
    see post above
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    [NOPARSE] General Info [/NOPARSE]

    ??? More info from ex-resident required...

    Also perhaps someone local could wander in and ask?
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    I was using data from Art Share LA - can't find any Luis there.
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    "Art Share Los Angeles is a community arts incubator whose mission is to shape lives through art, education and community action. Operating out of a converted warehouse in the Arts District, Art Share offers free art classes with incredibly talented artists.

    With assistance from the Los Angeles Community Development Bank, Art Share acquired and renovated a 30,000 square foot warehouse centered in the burgeoning Downtown Artists’ District.

    The two story facility houses a 99 seat dance studio and theater, a Warehouse Art Gallery, a computer lab, art studio, classrooms and 30 residential lofts for low-income artists.

    These exciting additions have enabled Art Share to expand opportunities to the inner-city and continue to promote cultural excellence to under-served communities in Los Angeles. Art Share can be rented for art openings, film shoots, private functions, fundraisers, weddings and film screenings.
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    Re: The Lost Boys

  7. RightOn Member

    Re: The Lost Boys

    I was going by My Space page that lists Luis Sierra as Outreach Producer.

    ok wait EDITED: I also fixed the other posts:
    Luis Sierra is the Outreach Producer for Q-Radio classes listed on the Art Share My Space page that will be held in Sept at Art Share.
    So I don't know if this is the same Luis Sierra in the COS completions.

    Cocks and all, I am tired sorry. over and out
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    Re: The Lost Boys

    Board of Directors
    Board of Directors

    "Mental health professionals provide in-home counseling to families once a week to complement the on-site group sessions."

    Tax/Financial Info
    Art Share Los Angeles Inc in Los Angeles, California (CA)

    Based on 2008 figures, those 30 lofts would rent out at about $200/month!
    Don't see any sci connection. Lots of legit on board, staff with real college experience, and looks like a cool community all around program.

    Art Share Los Angeles boosts teens' creativity - Los Angeles Times

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    Re: The Lost Boys

  10. Smurf Member

    Re: The Lost Boys

    I was contacted by a former SO "Lost Boy" (who wishes to be anonymous because his parents are still in the SO) confirmed that some SO kids used to live at that location after the closure of the school in Santa Clarita before ArtShare purchased the warehouse. The property used to be owned by a Scientologist over 5 years ago. No SO kids have lived there since then.

    My source said that, following the closure of the Canyon school, most of the teens were willing to be absorbed into the SO. The ones that rebelled against this were housed downtown where there was a lot of partying and drug use going on. When the warehouse was sold to ArtShare, at least one SO kid hung around because he was an artist. The rest moved out & moved on with their lives.

    Karen Jentzch's info is flawed.. she could not have hired a "Lost Boy" who was living at this location "within the last year" because there was no ex-SO living at that location.
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    Re: The Lost Boys

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    Re: The Lost Boys

    So Karen is a little "off" I guess? Well ...a LOT off.
    I think the OP needs to be updated with this info.
    All this research and running around for "boys" I mean GUYS who are not even there anymore? shheesh!
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    Re: The Lost Boys

    And after Smurf's post too, it all makes sense now.
    So her story was way off.
    That would surely explain the commenters on Marty's site ignoring her post?
    Which makes me feel better all around. I could not understand why or how anyone could ignore her post over there, now I know why!
    oh well, at least it was nice to see how Anons banned together quickly to solve this mystery. :)
    Anons deliver!
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    Re: The Lost Boys

    First time I've ever been jealous of cultspawn :-/
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    Re: The Lost Boys

    Martyites are still mindfucked scilons who follow KSW -

    I think Martyites want the problem fixed, but without scilons getting into trouble with wog justice.
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    Re: The Lost Boys

    Smurf, good intel, well done!

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