The Marty Derail Megathread

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by BlackRob, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Well said. Not only Marty fabricates fake dox but he destroys real ones.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Happy birthday Marthey. How does it feel to be the number one asshole on the intertubes?
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    o’rly is marty's birthday today? send him a delicious turdcaek.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Happy Birthday fucktard. Eat shit and choke, then DIAF. kthksbai
  9. Anonymous Member

    Gais be nice to Marty, he loves Anonymous
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Be nice to Marty?? Hell NO!. Any ideas for a raid?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Marty is the most dishonest ex-scilon out there i know of. Screw him!
  13. Ersatz Global Moderator

  14. Anonymous Member

    The only thing Marty is good for is hosing down John Allender

    and for that I say happy birthday
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  16. Smurf Member

    Chris Thompson posted on Marty's blog...

    Fuckin A. Ask for money. At least you’ve remembered this much from your training. hahaha
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    Am I surprised? Nope. I know for a fact Marty is looking for a quick buck. inb4dox
  19. Anonymous Member

    Here are some dox, Marty-style:

    From: Marty Rathbun
    To: IRS 1/1/12


    This is bullshit.! I am sure it was Miscavige that reported me to the IRS. It is not true I have undeclared income ... well, just a little bit. When all those old ladies come to see me at the Shack and I "shack" them, they do not PAY, they "DONATE" -- see my website for DONATION button if you want to contribute.

    So, I know you IRS people have been infiltrated as my friends on Facebook told me. I also know Anonymous don't run this because I am Da Man (notice I have an inter-racial marriage).

    So there, do not confuse UNREPORTED INCOME with DONATIONS BY OLD LADIES.

    By the way, you have until sundown this next Tuesday to get outta town or I will getcha!

    Marty Rathbun
    Indecent Scientologist (tm)
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  20. Anonymous Member

    So cute and all, but unless he has tax exempt status he still has to declare the income.

    Could there be a little dose of karma coming Marty's way for the CoS tax deal????
  21. Anonymous Member

    here are some real dox .........
  22. Anonymous Member

    I LOL'ed IRL
  23. Anonymous Member

    failed ...
    based on the work of the folks at Why We Protest and Karen #1 in just a few hours a different picture emerges.
    In studying the phenomena that came to be labelled Anonymous I came across a very well researched and measured piece of jounalism that I believe most accurately described how a group of predominently young Chanology hacktivists found the perfect trolling target in the uber-paranoid “church” of Scientology.
    That 4,000 people of every different stripe – Independent Scientologists, ex-Scientologists, anti-Scientologists, Anonymous activists, Methodists, Mormans, Catholics, Episcopalians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, you name it
    The decent activists in Anonymous who pitched right in and helped to push this along — they deserve acknowledgment.
  24. DeathHamster Member

    I don't see why Marty shouldn't get the same tax exemption as corporate CoS, and I'd love to see that all played out in court. Hopefully ending with the Establishment Clause squashing everyone like Godzilla.

    /passes popcorn to the Sklars...
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  25. We know he has income but you are still lacking Dox that it is undeclared.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Rathbun is a liar & a coward. Typical $cientologist then.
  27. Anonymous Member

    can't be trusted
  28. Anonymous Member

    It is important to keep abreast the fuck ups of this ahole, so we never FORGET how he really is
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  29. Anonymous Member

    "Marty is a dick because he is a dick"
  30. Anonymous Member

    Marty = ASSHOLE
  31. Anonymous Member

    only reason marty "attacks" DM is to try and get more clients so he can afford a better truck for his colored wife (nothing against her race) or go fishing more often. it is all about the cashola.
  32. Xenu Is Lord Member

    While true, you are starting to fag this thread up.
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  33. Malory Member

    If you've nothing against her skin colour then don't bring it up in the first place.
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  34. Smurf Member

    Cry me a river. <yawn>
  35. Anonymous Member

    KittyKatSpanker is.. when he's not kissing Marty's ass.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Marty Rathbun is On-Source.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Translation: Marty is the top. Mike Rinder is the bottom.

  38. xenubarb Member

    Nobody says "colored" but old stale crackers.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Sue me in England :)
  40. LOL Sue me in The Netherlands and you get Freedom of Speech being superieur over the Church of Scientology
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