The Media and Iran

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by iraniam, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. iraniam Member
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  2. JohnDoe Moderator

    It's time the media woke up to their responsibility of reporting the news accurately, and to realise in the words of Obama (more or less!), that loose talk can create war - and cost lives.
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  3. adhocrat Member

    But as the article said, what we are seeing is propaganda, not news. To get opposing points of view in the US, we have to look outside our country. The US press never presents the different aspects of a situation, they only present the parts they want to be seen.

    So it is self censorship based on perceived self interest. Namely, if the paper and or reporter piss off the government people then the government people quit talking to said reporter, which means the reporter would actually have to work rather than regurgitate the pap fed them by those in power. IOW, the US press has become the regime's lap dog.

    It's a sick commentary on the US that our government is contemplating crimes against humanity and we are saying "Well, they deserve it."

    Wake up folks, the US government is a fascist imperial disaster.
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  4. Anonymous Member


    There is a very simple solution to your problem:

    You don't like the US Government? You don't like how it is run? You think the United States is an evil fascist imperial mess?

    Then GTFO and don't come back.

    I am sure countries like Afghanistan, N Korea, China, any country in AIDS Africa, or Iran will welcome your anti-American beliefs! Be sure to tell us how trying to switch them over to the Free Market System works out for you!
  5. adhocrat Member

    Wow, the US is contemplating crimes against Iran and you call me names?

    You are quite the asshole criminal, aren't you?
  6. JohnDoe Moderator

    (And not just in the US!)
  7. Anonymous Member

    You have interesting logic here. So someone questions their media, and your immediate response is that they should get out!!!

    It's BECAUSE we don't live in any of the countries that you named that we have the responsibility to question our media and check out the facts.
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  8. adhocrat Member

    Your name isn't Bull Connor is it?
  9. Anonymous Member

    u mad.

    Nobody is holding you here in the US. You can walk out the door anytime. Unlike other countries where you are stuck for life.

    Also LOLing at you for thinking I was calling you names. Saying you are Anti-American is a fact. Because you wish to undue over 300 years of work that Democracy has done and accuse it with wild accusations that it "murders" and is a "fascist imperial disaster".
  10. adhocrat Member

    You sound like the southern redneck racists of the 60s. They said "America, Love it or Leave It."
    How does it make you feel to know that you have so much in common with those racist jingoists?
    Now go away and let the adults talk.

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