The merits of a long term consumer protecton operation

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tinfoilhatter, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. tinfoilhatter Member

    the occupy movement has its ups and downs. In my opinion, it has some very valid arguments, such as that banks should not be too big to fail, and that the income distribution is dangerously one sided. Some of their methods for bringing about the changes however, i feel are doomed to be ineffective.

    The reason why these methods are doomed, is because they do not target the REAL problem, which is lack of consumer power.

    Companies are learning(maybe) the hard way again the power of consumer confidence. Wall mart is having the worst performance in years because its customers either can no longer afford to shop there, or no longer want to shop there. Wall mart has a huge, expensive infrastructure, that requires a lot of money to maintain. They can not survive a medium term decline in business.

    this is why we should focus on consumers. The fact that wall mart, an organization with a supply chain bigger then the US post office, and more efficient then military logistics is failing due to loss of customers is telling. It reveals the weaknesses of large companies, that they NEED customers in order to survive, and the bigger the customers, the MORE that they need. It is not they who control our destiny, but WE who control theirs.

    If this is so obvious, then why do shitty banks, with shitty service still survive? I believe part of the problem, is consumers no longer are aware of their rights and options. Which is why we need a long term consumer protection op. one that:

    keeps a data base of state consumer protection laws
    keeps a data base of violations of those laws
    informs consumers of their rights and options.

    An operation like this would have to be long term, but if done correctly, would be devastating. This is certainly something we should think over.
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  2. arPnonymous Member

    It is true... but then again shouldnt when.. banks fail... the bailout be payed to the people (which in turn pay bills and walmart) instead of directly at the bank... the decline in purchasing power is directly related with the income inequality...

    Furthermore even if your statement is true you seem... like many to forget 1 thing...

    We can not... mathematically... continue acting like we can " consume" our ass out of the problems... we cant we wont...
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  3. arPnonymous Member

    Will look into EU consumer laws though but as far as I know consumers are well protected here; we as of yet dont have walmart-esk shops.. and I dno If i care if walmart goes broke...
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  4. A.O.T.F Member

    The words ...

    A letter from Banksy.

    People are taking the piss out of you everyday. They butt into your life, take a cheap shot at you and then disappear. They leer at you from tall buildings and make you feel small.

    They make flippant comments from buses that imply you’re not sexy enough and that all the fun is happening somewhere else. They are on TV making your girlfriend feel inadequate. They have access to the most sophisticated technology the world has ever seen and they bully you with it.

    They are The Advertisers and they are laughing at you. You, however, are forbidden to touch them. Trademarks, intellectual property rights and copyright law mean advertisers can say what they like wherever they like with total impunity.

    Fuck That.

    Any advert in a public space that gives you no choice whether you see it or not is yours. It’s yours to take, re-arrange and re-use. You can do whatever you like with it. Asking for permission is like asking to keep a rock someone just threw at your head.

    You owe the companies nothing. Less than nothing, you especially don’t owe them any courtesy. They owe you. They have re-arranged the world to put themselves in front of you.
    They never asked for your permission, don’t even start asking for theirs.


    The Art ....

  5. Lord123 Member

    There are many benefits of conducting a long-term consumer protection operation. Some of these benefits include:1. Increased consumer awareness of their rights and the dangers of scams and fraud.2. More effective enforcement of consumer protection laws.3. Greater deterrence of potential scammers and fraudsters.4. More effective redress for victims of scams and fraud.5. Greater public confidence in the fairness of the marketplace.
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