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Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by nofilterisgreat, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Dear Iranian People,
    Because of what Iranian government did to us, and because of the huge filtering applied by Telecommunication company, and because it was the only thing I could do with my profession, I wrote an anti filtering software.

    The filtering software they using, no only filters keywords, it filters some protocols as well. For instance, I could not download some mpeg4 movies or connect to yahoo messenger. They even closes SSL protocol. So, most of several anti-filtering software stop working.

    I started writing a very simple application which acts as SOCKS PROXY on user computers, apply a very simple coding and send coded data to server. The server responsible for decode data and dispatch request and send the response coded. This is working now.

    I just want to ask you people to take a look and let me know your opinion:
    No Filter is GREAT! - Freedome to Read, Write and Think!

    Just please let me have your comments.

    -- nofilterigreat website
  2. It seems to work fine so far ... but I was surprised to find out that the site itself was not filtered. How come?? Any site like that would be filtered immediately.

    Just as a thought ... what if this site was made by the government to collect IP addresses of people? Other than that your software is the only one which I know works in Iran - well done and thank you for your efforts ... I just hope my earlier theory is wrong about you.
  3. Alright lets see a whizguru test this and find the wormhole

  4. I haven't tested this software yet but the whole idea is great! i checked you site! thanks dude!
    Iran nowadays is hard for a computer man! :-"
  5. I know that this anonymous / whyweprotest project depends on chaos and good will (though I'll just insert that it disgusts me that the group also engages in lame luring of older men for sex chats with members posing as teen girls to create an arrestable situation)

    but I think nofilterisgreat/Sanonymous' offer of his/their (who knows? nofilterisgreat and sanonymous could be the same person, none of us know who we are here), the offer of anti filter software just has too little information to be trustworthy.
    If he has created a program to crack the iranian government's firewalls, then he's created something truly amazing which should be sufficiently robust to last for a few weeks at least before government hackers or just amateurs can program to defend against it.

    His website includes the source code (supposedly, I didn't compile it to use, it just has a link with the windows binary and a link with a source code package). But I'm not that good at programming so I can't tell if this is a government trick to collect IPs just by looking at the source code.

    I don't have the guts to try it , but he says that his software allows you to connect to iran. Well, so what? We're not trying to gain access just for its own sake. We're trying to shut down websites that we think are monstrously fascistic and oppressive. He doesn't explain how or if you can use his software for that purpose.

    Moreover: what the hell kind of a name for an illegal piece of software made by a supporter of the iranian reform/resistance side would be called "nofilterisgreat" to rhyme with allahu akbar (god is great) being shouted from the rooftops in iran's cities? Why would anyone on the mousavi side want to draw such obvious attention to themselves instead of giving it a more generic name and distributing it more widely? Especially if it's such a great program. anonymous/whyweprotest is not the center of this cyber resistance and it shouldn't be the only place such supposedly great software would be distributed.

    I wouldn't use it. I would recommend for any programmers to take a better look at the source code and see what it does. But this seems to be a program that provides no benefit to our purpose of taking down bad sites and by its mysterious nature poses a huge risk of being a government trick to, who knows, maybe just send your ip address back to their server so that they can permanently block it or even try to play a denialofservice attack on you and thus fight back against this whole effort.

    Huge risk, no reward. I won't try it.

    And if some of you anonymous/whyweprotest hackers weren't so screwed up as to waste your time playing sexophobe internet guardian of teenage girls (that IS or WAS another of your projects wasn't it?) you might be thinking quickly enough to realize that this could be a horrible trick by an iranian government programmer.
  6. what the hell are you talking about?
    I just appreciate a work by someone and you're blaming us for doing so?
    BTW he put the source out there to gain the trust of people who are using it! and he has posted the reason why he did so and answered lots of the things you're in doubt of!

    and you probably won't need to use the software, it's a software for people inside iran to connect to a server via SOCKS proxy to use UN-Filtered internet!
    this software isn't for attacking sites! and don't ever use it for that cause it will take too much bandwidth of the server!

    and also if you have free internet and you are TRYing to shutdown the Iran's gov sites, we people in Iran need to get the news from the internet and government has blocked all of the sites that would have real news! even iranian sites that would write news not the bullshit there is on the gov sites!

    what i'm trying to say is that if you have unfiltered internet dont worry about this software at all! enjoy the free internet and pray for us, May be internet be free for us too!
  7. Now when you try to run the software it comes up with "Could not listen on interface/port" and won't open any site.

    Has anyone else got this problem?
  8. Yepp. Happens 2 me2.
  9. Now that problem is sorted but sites open extremely slow (not workable really) - could be a bandwidth shortage.
  10. Where does it get the socks proxies from?? Is it user input or just scans the web for them?
  11. I'm the writer talking :)
    Hey guys,
    I'm just surprised by seeing these replies to my message. I just forgot that I ever posted a message to this website. I'm happy to have feedback of you people here and I appreciate that.

    First of all, I am not from government and I participated in almost all rallied in streets from 23th Khordad (just hours after ellection) till today. I respect the blood of people died for their freedom and my freedom as well. I am a computer network programmer and I thought maybe I could write a program as well as our other activities like street rally, allah akbar in roof and information passing.

    Second, nobody could trust an anti filtering software. Each software you install, may have a backdoor, sniffer, key logger, info-gather and ... . What I could do was to share source code of client. I am going to publish server source code as well. Now, I have more than 1000 users ( :: گزارش‌های آماری سايت) and I need another servers. So, I need some help and budget to install another server.

    Third, Sanonymous is not my friend and is not me. But, I am completely surprised that he talked that way. Hey man, thank you. However, I need you to say problems of my application and my website. I did this project for died people and I swear to GOD that I did not abuse any information passed from client or server. I am busy man who need to work more than 60 hours per week and I have not extra time to abuse information.

    Additionally, an unregistered user, told lots of probabilities about me. Hey buddy, I'm not the bad guy. Before the election, I talked with all people about why they should vote, and what's good for our country. In the day of election we just shocked. I cried for one hour. I didn't know what to do. You could not even imagine what we are going through in Iran. I have an H1-B VISA for United States, and all points for immigrating to Canada or UK. But, it's my country. What can I do? We are fighting with our blood. You even questioned me about the domain name ( It's a free domian :) it has some options and I selected "", and because I selected "nofilter", it has a meaning. It's not filtered, because I am in Iran, and I did tried lots of names, and I just found this name that doesn't filtered. That's it.

    You people, could email me at nofilterisgreat at If you have a server outside of Iran, please tell me. I will give you source of server and you could compile it on your server. You could help Iranian people to rescue this information dictatorship and GOD will bless you.
  12. reza

    hi, how are you?
    all web sites iranian is filter.
    help me please.
  13. Long time since a feedback was posted - well, the software has stopped working for a long time - wonder what's been happening? Hope the writer is safe or may be he's left the country and living in USA or Canada?

    Talk to us please if you're still about?

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