THE NEWS FROM IRAN widespread arrests of protestors

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by scaryanonymous, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. *I didn't check to see if this information made it here...this is the message the FB group"Students for a Free Iran" sent out this evening. Information comes from Iran, obviously I can only tell source, not veracity.*

    The widespread arrest of young protesters and opponents of the regime in Tehran and most other cities which began on Saturday has gained new dimensions. Thousands have so far been arrested.
    About 900 of the detainees have been transferred to Tehrans notorious Evin Prison. Some 350 have been put in solitary confinement in Evin and the others are being held in Ward 240 of the prison. A number of the detained have been taken to safe-houses of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS).
    Those arrested in Isfahan have been transferred to wards A-I of the citys central prison, which are run by the MOIS, and the detainees in Mashhad have been transferred to Vakil-Abad Prison.
    Anti-riot forces attacked protests by hundreds of relatives of those arrested who were demonstrating outside the regimes Justice Department office in Tehran.
    In recent days, dozens of protestors have been killed and hundreds injured.
  2. after they fill the prisons

    they will shit their pants

    so say the scrolls
  3. leroux Member

    Killing protesters... where is the world going :confused:
  4. Nothing in there about killing protesters.

    Even if there were, though, there'd be precedent enough in our own country for it to not at all be shocking.
  5. Why our european newspapers says nothing, and put the page "iran" after Clinton's wife that falls down and breaks an arm?? I WANT TO KNOW WHATS HAPPENING! Not hear about Berlusconi's girls. What is more important in information? The true news or the gossip??
    In the constitution there is the right to be informed in what's happening. We want this right!! Always near you all, people.
  6. One great thing about this site is: it's an IDEAL place to post and redirect updated information and media. Some of the world's most savvy "file sharers" wander through here. If I wanted to get my story "out"...I can't think of a group of people I'd rather give it to.
  7. Belsleezo Member
  8. Runa Member

    Probably some of them will be killed while in prison in order to get the message across to the remaining bunch. A operation part of the psychological warfare. The govt. isn't even lenient with peaceful militants, must imagine what would happen to the students if they became more radicalized. They're are using the 'remove weed from the root' approach.

    The question is how will the students respond?
  9. the truth

    the truth is they are killing us,they are using arabian soldiers!we don't even know their language,we are iranian!we want our coutry back!they are attacking us!who knows if i'll be dead or not in this situation?! we want to be green we want to be free!
  10. It's bullying, plain and simple. Order through projected strength. They'll continue to do it as long as it's effective. That's why we're asking the Iranian people to be more brave than anyone should have to be.
  11. an iranien exiled

    I'm an iranien living in fance but i'm with you evry day and i just want to retrn in my country and finding my liberty.
  12. Runa Member

    So we can actually confirm this? Any other Iranian in the forum...?
  13. RE: Iranian news

    I hope that this situation will end soon, and I believe that Iranians can kick out the tyranny from their country, as my mother country, South Korea did before.

    cheer up, Iranians!!
    many people from all over the world are cheering you :)

    ps. sorry for my bad English....
  14. Its being reported here in the Uk, Sky news are following what is being said on twitter too.
  15. I really hope you get your wish, its so inspiring to see so many standing up for freedom, good luck with your fight.
  16. Don't believe these rumors. This anonymous Iran is a propaganda tool for CIA.

  17. so are you one of that nazi forum that vowed to attack this place or are you an iranian government employee?
  18. Artaban Member

    Go to hell son of mullah!

    bullshit, youtube is filtered here in Iran! what I believe sucker?! it's obvious in all aspects of our life here, we are all in a big prison, son of the mullah! :mad:

    youtube, imageshack (and ALL image hosting sites!), gmail, YM, facebook, twitter, friendfeed, ... almost whole of net is filtered for us dumb man! and some thing intresting is that most of them are filtered just for years now! not from early election as if I can call it "election"!

    so go to HELL!

    to be honest! I REALLY prefer a foreign force (CIA or any shit!) than bastard mullahs;

    let ppl know all around the world: here in Iran, isn't ANY life under Islamic racist mullahs dictatorship, people really scare from them, no one can breath, it's a reality, unfortunately, a painful reality;

    [sorry for my EN]
  19. Artaban Member

    mullahs weakness = ppl awareness! (illusion of conspiracy is guile!)

    we call it here, "illusion of conspiracy"; it's the way mullahs ruled on Iran in past 30 years;

    most ppl just will not believe them anymore just stupid or poor educated ppl will believe (like young basijies and their diggers);

    It's the way govt always rescue himself from crisis's, not first time, it's the cause they always search for and have enemies, it's the cause why they always use slogan of hating other ones and countries, it's why if you noticed Khameneiee (the most powerful mullah here) always battle crying "Down with USA"! it's why they try to make their enemies more and more (israel, uk, iraq, usa, france, german) and no friends (just Russia tho),
    Because they existence is depending of their enemies! other than this they have no excuse to say against racist acts they do; they wanna say that they are Always at "War situation" against rest of the world! such stupid ideology really!

    plz distribute this way that they use to guile ppl, it's their weakness: ppl awareness; they rule just on lack of awareness; I believe of this :(
  20. (found in another forum)
  21. Wow, that sounds really familiar. I spent the last eight years living like that in the USA.
  22. Are you serious? Are you really this fucking delusional? This forum is set up by WWP and TPB, what does that has to do with CIA? Get back to your own forums you sad nazi.
  23. Artaban Member

    btw I think you can "live" atleast; here in Iran it's not like living, honestly;
  24. Nice try Scientologist or Nazi. (or both) Anonymous is not a tool of the CIA
  25. LMAO The CIA wishes they could be as effective as Anonymous!
  26. USA is the worst, a country governed by bankers, controlling and manipulating until they have the total control of your minds!
  27. They bankers made you say that, I suppose.
  28. ninjabandit Member

    I support you struggle

    God keep you and your family well.. Fighr for Freedom!!!
  29. Well, it is now with stupid Obama but the bankers are among the best parts of the country. The last eight years were great compared to the past few months. We went from a real leader to a drooling dumbass all because of those in need of droolcups themselves. It will be great again in early 2013 but we might be envying Iran before then if this revolution is successful.
  30. Have you read WWP? The last thing anyone can claim to control is our minds!
  31. Shah of Iran about US media:


  32. You're either:
    a. A Scientologist
    b. Nazi skinhead
    c. Just plain ignorant.
  33. The American press has been just as bad. CNN was finally shamed into covering the events (see Twitter Users Shame CNN []), but the Associated Press isn't even reporting on it aside from a few scant updates about "oh hey there was a protest." I encourage people to send some messages to @APNews and ask why they aren't covering the events in Iran. They're just aiding the censorship by refusing to report.
  34. I hope and pray that all this dying and pain they people in Iran are going through at the moment, results in their freedom. Do not give up!
    My prayers from the USA go to all the people fighting for their rights in Iran.
  35. I vote all of the above. A scientologist nazi skinhead who's just plain ignorant. :p
  36. Why just CNN, Yahoo news and other places like that also aren't really reporting. I see the biggest story for Yahoo is something about NASCAR.... and something about overeating and crap.

    We Americans want to push democracy down people's throats, but we sure don't like to report on it when other countries get it squelched. Then again... China is our biggest ally, and look what they did.
  37. China's our biggest ally? The US has much closer ties with countries like Britain and Australia than it does China.

    I do agree that it's shameful that the American media (and apparently the global media in general) appears to be largely aiding in the censorship by not reporting on the events in Iran. Again, I urge everyone to contact the media and demand that this news gets the coverage it deserves. I know of @APNews on Twitter and I'm sure there's a contact for Yahoo somewhere (though right now, has a story about Iran as their main article). We've already pressured CNN into covering it, why not the rest of the news outlets?
  38. Artaban Member

    probably coz they doubt if it succeed the revolution! now mullahs have alot power and can amends of their acts if they remain;
    Iran mullahs use a Trojan of Democracy against real Democracy; it makes it even harder fighting for freedom;
    they are watchin (news agencies) and while participate if they think it's safe to investing on!
    btw in other hand, it's A LOT of pressure on BBC-Persian who are covering this event, mullahs in Iran all are fighting against them, and I see it in national-TV! world have to support free (or semi-free!) medias that covering this event;
  39. I agree, for some reason the media is being too cautious here. As an American, I don't have any real conception of what it's like living in Iran or the Middle East in general, so I don't feel that I have the right to tell Iranians what to do with their political system. Should the Iranians decide that they like their system as it is now, but simply want a different president in charge, that's their prerogative. However, I do think that Iranians should have the right to assemble and protest without being beaten down by the Basij and Hezbollah. Please pressure the media to cover Iran!!
  40. Nothing is ever going to change in Iran, as long as the muslim clergy have the whip hand. The iatollah arseholes need to be strung up for all the world to see what happens to people who love to oppress, and victimize their own people. These reverse santa clauses need to be eliminated, yesterday!

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