THE NEWS FROM IRAN widespread arrests of protestors

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by scaryanonymous, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Artaban Member

    not true, I thought;
    people can't do and have not enough power to change some certain things! and govt heavily control what they are doing! here is ALL things limited at minimums available! you can't wear anything or eat what you like even! so how you can suposed to speak or protest against them!
    current event is an exception really! it whould reform to a real revolution if be leaded by a smart person who's goal is to revolve things!
    I hope mirhossein do change something atleast, just like the main problem, the basis law of Iran religious govt

    there is a list of things who have to change befor we can expect somthing out of this:

    1. changes of basis law of govt
    2. free media permission (really important!)
    3. hard laws about preventing to attacking students in campus

    these are MORE important than changing ahmadinejad or something! IMO
    sorry for my poor EN, I can't say all of what I mean to say by the way! :(
  2. Artaban Member

  3. What an Ahole- Not all Americans are as stupid as this moron. I felt that I had to say something to him.
    Fuck Bush, Waterboarding and illegal wars you asshole.. You are just another racist slob, getting all your ideas from idiots like Rush Limbaugh. Bush is a fucking Nazi,that is why he bought 127,000 acres in Paraguay. "A great leader" -you are a retard.

    Much love to the people of Iran, never mind the useless haters.
  4. Storm the Bastille

    The more people they put inside the prison, the harder it is to guard it.
    The more people outside, the more they need to defend it.

    A very large Demonstration outside the prison, will lead to a release of the
    prisoners inside

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