the NOI and W.I.S.E

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, May 8, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    cult links
    Black Business Network
    Toure Muhammad (NOI Toure Muhammad)
    Black Business Network
    Delxino & Deborah Wilson de Briano
    Tag Team Marketing
    Delxino & Deborah Wilson de Briano

    Scientologists Delxino & Deborah Wilson de Briano w/NOI members
    the run Tag Team Marketing and the BBN with Toure Muhammad (NoI)

    Delxino Wilson De Briano - Scientology Service Completions
    Deborah Wilson De Briano - Scientology Service Completions

    Toure Muhammad LinkedIn (Tag Team,BBN)
    former communications director for congressman Bobby Rush

    Toure Muhammad Bean Soup Times (cult link)

    Toure has posted on Martyrs blog
    Martyr link

    Stop WISE
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  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. RightOn Member

    NOI showing up on Marty's blog.
    This can get really interesting
  4. Anonymous Member

    moonbat bolg

    the minister would be John Muhammad
    also seen here Tampa Bay Effective Management Center Grand Opening
    where John Muhammad and Louis Muhammad are part of the new staff
  5. grebe Member

    Rathbun is right about Miscavige not being much of an "uplifter."
  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. Anonymous Member

    it looks like he is just about to say SHIT
    and then I would have to agree with him
  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. Nothing to see on Martys blog. Just a couple o black folk bitching about whitey.
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  10. LocalSP Member

    None of this will end well.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I say let them do it. I haven't seen a business do better since it adopted Sci tech.
  12. wow... all joking aside. the NOI joining the cult looks like it is becomin serious.
  13. Triumph Member

    using the legacy of Martin Luther King,Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey

    to slip the retarded philosophies of a pathological liar and racist L Ron Hubbard in the back door.. (cultz link)

    pay tribute to WISE..and Hubbard fail ....that will keep the moneyz in the black communities

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  14. LocalSP Member

    I may be going out on a limb here and I have alluded to it before. Someone is going to be very seriously hurt because of this union between these two wacko groups. And I don't mean between the two groups.
  15. over9000OT Member

    Apropos of nothing... Whenever I see that all of their last names are Muhammad, I can't help but think about all the Red Lectroids from Planet 10's first name being John. If the NoI ever gets their shit together enough to show up at our org, I think I'm going to call them all John Muhammad. Or, maybe Muhammad Bigbooté.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    front group
    Effective Management Center in Tampa
    with NOI minister John Muhammad and FOI Captain Luis Muhammad EMC staff
  17. moarxenu Member

    I wonder if they are going to send that thug from the Nation of Islamentology who assaulted Sparrow down to Corpus Christi to put some Minister Farrakhan ethics into that squirrel Marty Rathbun.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    NOI Ethics. Is that Sharia Law, or Scientology Ethics, or a brand new mixture, the worst of both worlds?

    Like, the new NOI punishment for stealing is your gets hand chopped off after you write up your O/Ws. Oopsie, no more holding the cans with both hands.
  19. Anonymous Member

    they are not real Muslims (just don't tell them that) they don't follow Sharia Law...
    its a cult...mutt religion..its one part Islam,one part Christianity,one part of Moorish Sciences,mix in some Scientology,some Moonieisms,add some numerology,a couple dashed of Free Masonry,add a chunk of UFOology.some black separatism,mix in a little Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple.

    ..shake,stir, pour over the rocks and enjoy
  20. Triumph Member

  21. Triumph Member

    Tony Muhammad-Buy Black Movement /Scientology Connection
    video addy on facebook

    Buy Black Movement web page
    DBA:TAG TEAM Marketing International, Inc
    you tube
    Delxino Wilson De Briano - Scientology Service Completions
    Deborah Wilson De Briano - Scientology Service Completions ://
    Bean Soup Times (NOI marketing) Toure Muhammad with a similar marketing scheme like the BBM/Tag Team

    Tony Muhammad Is promoting/marketing Delixno Wilson De Briano BBM/Tag Team with a dozen videos on facebook
    Delixno Wilson De Briano Is also Promoting the connection with the NOI and to Tony Mo,,with a dozen videos on facebook
    Alfrauddie Johnson is also connected to this marketing ponzi-ish scheme

    Scientologist the DeBriano's ,Alfrauddie Johnson,Tony Muhammad,Toure Muhammad all profiting on CULT Recruitment TECH
    BBM uses the TECH,,,pushes WISE crap onto businesses,with training seminars... and pull people in....
  22. Triumph Member

  23. Triumph Member


    Tampa Tribune
    Scientology benefits when Miami dentist runs up patient bills
    ex Scientologist forum
    Luis A Colon owner

    Alfreddie Is in on the Hustle


    Alfreddie a speaker @BBM goin way back...

    and and Louie's is in on it.
    hes the Black C.O.B with the Deadly Tie

    Toure Muhammad with Minister Tony Muhammad google: Power of Words scam Alfreddie Johnson Tony Muhammad
  24. Triumph Member

    been all up in their grill since 2000
  25. Triumph Member

  26. Triumph Member

  27. Triumph Member

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