The Opening of the LRH Life Exhibition

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  1. Here is an article from Impact #40 from 1992 on the grand opening of the "LRH Life Exhibition" on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Featured in the exhibiton are various aspects of Hubbard's life, including a large number of his groundbreaking literature works from the 1930s - as it can be seen on page 23.

    Life-Exhibition-1.jpg Life-Exhibition-2.jpg Life-Exhibition-3.jpg Life-Exhibition-4.jpg
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  2. Enturbulette Member

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  3. anon walker Moderator

    LOL...they close up like a startled clam when we show up.
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  4. What is with the space man spiff display and why does that mannequin appear to have a hole in it's head?
  5. Because this is a scan and the hole in the original document was the result of using a hole puncher, so I could put the document into a lever arch folder.
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  6. Ah ha, that explains the hole. What's the significance of the spaceman spiff display? Referencing Hubbard's crappy scifi writing?
  7. Characters from "Mission Earth".
  8. Anonymous Member

    Someone should translate "Mission Earth" to LOLCat Speak.

    Upon reflection, why not translate all of the cult scripture to LOLCat Speak?

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  9. Mother of god... it's worse than I thought
  10. Daverator Member

    So for the grand opening, they decided to set the building on fire?
  11. "A man phoned.... A man came in..., A sales director..., A staff member..., An Executive... oh and one non-scientologist" It really is utter drivel.

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