The people need a leader

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by Kad5, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Kad5 Member

    The people can protest all they want but in the end they will need a leader to back them up.

    Someone who is powerful and intelligent. Someone who cares for the people.
  2. No they don't. Leaderless resistance is a very feasible option. Centralized power in revolutionary situations leads to dictatorships.

    There will be de facto organizers in this, but only in small numbers. There are so many people, an organized effort can better be implemented with multiple groups working autonomously for a single goal.

    When the dust settles, they can choose a leader.

    In a real election.
  3. No gods, no masters!

    (no additional text)
  4. They do have leaders. Thousands of them.

    Each brother and sister leads the one next to them.

    That's all they need.
  5. Hm, can you give an example of a successful revolution without leaders?
  6. direction

    a leader is important to act as a unifying symbol and as a director, in this case the movement is unified by a sense of injustice. It is telling that the symbol of the resistance is a colour rather than a person or an image. Before the elections resistance had always been fragmented because there were too many symbols and too many potential leaders. However, I am worried about how this will end, the absence of a clear leader means that the final aim is unclear. I know the people are united in fighting the injustice of the election result, but beyond that.....what is it people want? Some people I speak to just want a new election, others want a completely new system of government. The main thing is that people do not die in vain.
  7. find a leader

    we need to find a new way to combat for freedom, any old system is only for suggestion
  8. Shinobi Member

    Fuck Ahmedinedzad fuck USA fuck Great fuckin Britain, fuck Russia, fuck shah, fuck extreme islamists. Free people of Iran.
  9. Tell us what you really think.
  10. The country is Iran and Iranians are its leaders. Nobody dies in vain.

    I need no new Khamenei or Ahmadinejad!
  11. Kad5 Member

    Well personally I love Iran. Im an Iranian-American but in some ways I care about Iran so much more. It has an amazing history and culture. And this is why rather than jsut a new election I hope these protests turn into a full blown revolution. But for a revolution to happen does it not need a leader of some kind?

    Naturally it is probably too early for a leader to show up. Maybe a future leader is participating in the protests and even as of right now that person is becoming more and more well known among the community little by little day by day.

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