The precinct including the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles voted for Trump over Biden

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  1. The precinct including the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles voted for Trump over Biden.

    Trump: 391
    Biden: 337

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    In 2016, Trump won the precinct by just three votes, 347 to 344. Trump increased his margin of victory this year. See:

    Los Angeles Times: Trump won this little chunk of Los Angeles, where half of voters are linked to Scientology

  2. Aardwolf Member

    That's not surprising, given that both Scientology and Trump only care about money and ruining people's lives.
  3. Los Angeles Magazine : Which L.A. Neighborhoods Voted for Trump?

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    Another triangle of red in the East Hollywood-Silver Lake area is the small precinct where the Church of Scientology’s headquarters complex is located. That same precinct was one of just seven that tipped for Trump four years ago; this time his margin in the precinct widened from a lead of three votes in 2016 to 54 votes in 2020.

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    The phrase "tipped for Trump four years ago" links to:

  4. Los Angeleno: Who Lives in L.A.’s Red Pockets? Rich People and Scientologists

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    The other red pocket is over in East Hollywood, in precinct 9000784A, where Trump scored 391 votes to Biden’s 337. In this area, you have Barnsdall Art Park, much of Kaiser Permanente and the Church of Scientology.

    In early 2017, the L.A. Times reported on the same red patch, where Trump had garnered 347 votes to Clinton’s 344 in the 2016 election. So, only three votes over, but that same area had gone blue by 81 votes in the 2012 election.

    While a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology told the Times that they did not and cannot engage in election activities because “such decisions are not a matter of faith,” the Times found that about half of the precinct’s approximately 1,100 voters listed Scientology properties as their address, while 170 listed Scientology organizations as their primary phone number.

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  5. From Sam Dean, a tech reporter for the Los Angeles Times:

    "The scientology center precinct is the ONLY precinct that went for Trump in central LA

    (and only three others went for Trump in the entire city of Los Angeles—all in the hills above Tujunga)"


    From Jon Schleuss, who is currently the President of News Guild-CWA. He was previously a data/graphics reporter for the LA Times and co-authored the 2016 LA Times story about Trump winning the precinct.

    "*dusts off the digital news pages* "Just seven of the city's 1,700 precincts went for Donald Trump" in 2016. Twas an interesting outlier."


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