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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by rand0mness, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. rand0mness Member

    ok, i just try to explain the problem which i may have found.
    or maybe there isn't a problem at all?

    it all starts with the _rate_ doesn't it?
    even politics: we have to rate the politcs, but we only have the possibility to rate with a single "x"
    a single _point_.
    sometimes we have the possibility to decide where to put this point. (this system is called "democracy")
    but we are only able to say "yes" with this single point. nothing more, nothing less.
    we only have the opportunity to say _yes_ in our rate system of "politics" - or we aren't able to say anything at all. because we doesn't have the option to do so, have we?
    and, srsly, you want to depend everything on this single _yes_?
    you do not have the option to rate the stuff, you wanna rate.
    you do not have the option, to say "i srsly tend to this party, _but_ i do not agree with some points".
    sometimes, you even do not have the options to decide "where or who do i give my 'yes". this is called: signature campaign. here you got only _two_ options: "yes" and refrain.

    so, basicly, our "rate" system is very very simple - exspecially if it comes to politics.
    and the rate system is kinda important.
    it is more or less the "only" true way, to get feedback, to know, what _you_ want.
    to improve oneself.
    to know, what _everybody_ rly wants?
    so, why is our rate system in general this simple?
    aren't there better ideas, to get feedback, than just an "x"?
    shouldn't we try to improve our rate system because we got the possibility to do so?
    shouldn't there be more possibilities?

    well, there are:
    time went on, and the "rate" system improved.
    in the internet, it started with some stars:
    you had the option, to rate something from 1 to 5 stars.
    you got "5" possibilities to rate + the possibility to not rate at all.
    then, the stars got "halfed", your possibilities were doubled.
    the next step would be a bar: where you only put your _one_ point on.

    (like this, like the stars kinda work today^^)

    but you would be still faced with the problem, that you actually can put only _one_ point, which represents your personal opinion.
    what, if you are not that sure about stuff?
    what if you tend between stuff, if you wanna say: "it's somewhere in between there"
    would the possibility, to "expand" your _single_ point give you the possibility to do it?
    would it help, if you can say "from there to there"?
    (well, for "easy" use i would say "mouse.position +- y, while mousebutton.left.down := +- "your-choice-bar-size", hope you understand me^^)

    but, what happens know, if u have a more ore less "clear" point within your "from there to there"?
    would be a point within your "selection" be helpfull?
    (just adding an _single_ point by clicking in your selection.)

    (some generall stuff:
    - sry 4 bad images, i did them in <5mins^^
    - i would like the bar to fade from black to white, with a kinda grey layer over it.
    - the selection should only "clear" this gray layer + nice border.
    - well, the point is a point...^^)
    - i do not like the "good-bad" rate options, i personally would call them "n1" and "fail" :p
    - - > but this should be optimized for any rate, there are no fix wordings, they have to fit the context of the rate.
    - if you wanna create an programatical solution, plz let it be _open_ and inform me^^
    - - > i wanna use that than... otherwise i have to create it myself. i wanna try anyway -> and if i try it, the solution would be "open" x_X i, myself, am just not that good in realizing some of my ideas, ya know?^^
    - - > would a web-solution based on html(5) only be possible?)

    ok, with this kinda system, our "1d"-like vote and rate could become a _more complex_ "3d"-like vote, if people want to. they still can just put a single point somewhere within the bar, don't they?
    but they got _much more_ easy to use(?), easy to understand(?), options to optimize their own, personal rate.
    they would get the possibility to actual put _3 points_ into their rate. the 2 border points, and the more or less clear point "i tend from there to that point, but i kinda think, it should be more or less around _this_ point").

    is this an idea, which could be seen as improvement?
    you got _way more_ options, than just saying "yes".
    i personally would categorize every single rate into a "general" rate and a flexible "sub-rate", customized for the rate. (like, in musics, you can rate the lyrics, the vocals, and the music indipendly)
    and i would start _every_ rate with the "general" rate + "sub-ratediscussion-link" to a forum thread xD

    ...or does it make the system _to_ complex to actually analyze the rate? so that we do not understand, what the majority want us to tell at all?(you see the problem in optimization here?^^)

    your opinions?
    is there a problem? is there a need to improve our rate?
    is my idea of any value?
    where do i fail, what is "n1" within this idea?

  2. rand0mness Member

    btw: facebook fails here:
    it only got a "like" button, which rly suxx.
    why didn't facebook realize that they could catch so fucking much info with a better rate system?^^
  3. anonymous612 Member

    You are thinking WAY too hard about a "like" button.
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  4. rand0mness Member

    lols, yeah.
    maybe that is true.
    but i want a rate-system, where it is posible, to say more than just that.^^
    i want to _add_ possibilities x'D
    a rate never is a clear point, ya know?
    there always is stuff, maybe random stuff, you do like more or less within the thing/topic you are rating about.
    and these many little things do form a vague opinion, which isn't clear.
    but, like within everything, there also is stuff - random again - you personaly do care about more, you personally do value higher.
    for example a mobile phone:
    if you like, or do not like the mobile phone depends on many things.
    you've got your own rating system for this mobile phone in special, and mobile phones/phones in general.
    you may need to have a _robust_ mobile phone, because you are a bit awkward. so you will value this part of the mobile phone, you are going to buy, more.
    moreover, you may only need a phone with you, you do not talk or phone that much. It just needs to be basic?
    so you wanna have a cheap mobile phone... after all, it isn't anything special, right?
    other people may wanna have a smartphone, because they wanna use everything else(mp3 player, sms(chatting^^), games, navi and the internet(!): a little pc), - they may even do not phone with their smartphone... or do it rarely (like i do, lols^^ android <3)
    and this kinda stuff does hapen with _everything_ you build your own opion on. you make personal expierences and do rate these expierences based on other personal expierences.
    you always try to improve your personal rating system, to find stuff, you may like. to know, what you like.
    and sometimes there are things, which you just didn't expected and you have to rebuild your whole system.
    this happens _everytime_ we rate something in our mind.
    this is something, we build up ourselfs on. which is representing us. which is based on the question "who am i?".
    and, while trying to find out the question "who am i" we have to rate _everyone_ else and do have to find "parallels".
    we have to answer basic ethic questions for ourselfs, so that we can be able, to build up a rating system for these "parallels".
    build up a rating system for _other_ people, and a rating system for _ourself_.
    we have to answer maybe _hard_ questions, like "is it 'good' to harm a person at all?", "how should 'evil-doing' be punished?", "what _is_ evil?" or "am i "allowed" to be how i am, in my own personal rating system of reality, or should i be different?"

    a single point can't represent this. a single click doesn't represent the _complex_ problem behind this.

    and well, you have many many things you build your personal rating system(s) on.
    why isn't there the possibility to do a (self-)customized rate? even if it is just an improved user control?
  5. anonymous612 Member

    But...what does this have to do with freedom of information?
  6. rand0mness Member

    haha, nice question.
    isn't information the thing you seek, you wanna have, if you want something to be rated? :3
    and isn't information more "free" in a rate-system, where you can (self-)customize your rate?

    or do i see this wrong? :3

    it is not about "free" in the meaning of "for everyone".
    it is about adding possibilities the information can contain, so that the information itself has more freedom to develop.
  7. Zak McKracken Member

    I like your way of thinking.
  8. rand0mness Member

    i do, too.
    there are things, you shouldn't think about, are there?
  9. anonymous612 Member

    Seriously though, who gives a shit? It's a like button. In the grand scheme of things, IT REALLY DOESNT MATTER.
  10. Miranda Member

    Closing this thread as it's distracting and has no useful content. If you don't like the "Like" button, post your opinion (concisely) under Website Issues. Thanks.
  11. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Die maggot thread! Die!!!
  12. Miranda Member

    It is dead. Only we can play here now. If I had more energy I'd write a wall of deep thoughts text referencing my username.
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