The Real Matrix of Life

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Dec 15, 2012.

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    Thank you for linking to your blog instead of posting it all here. Polite.
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  3. The change has to start from the way we perceive what is success from early stages of life. Quantising people’s success into numbers and grades is where it all starts. It seems strange that the importance of the School System itself has coincided with the start of the industrial age. It is not a coincidence but the school system actually was developed to become a mass producer of workers for the modern factories and vast offices required to efficiently run the humongous companies developing at the time.

    Come to think of it, since when have leaders and politicians been so worried about the education of children, why the concern? When fully educated, this concern suddenly disappears, no? Such a society has been created that it leaves very little options for a person to survive other than to fall in line. Either he has to work for the system, or starve and die.

    This is what bothers me so much. It all seems so artificial and designed towards sucking people into The system so that they ultimately serve the system. No other life form on Earth was actually so helpless and dependent on others for their survival other than Humans. To an outsider ti would really be apparent that till this day, despite all the talk of education and Democracy, we are still in a highly Feudal system, only much more technologically advanced.
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    We work for their machine.
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    EVERY other life form on earth depends on others, if you hadn't flunked school then blogged a bunch of shit then you would know this!

    Also, conspiracy that companies have been breeding workers since the industrial revolution........good luck with that moonbat crap.
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    Sadly community is not possible without the dependance on others.
    But I think it's ours to decide how big this dependance is, and in our modern society, in capitalism and the western world (actually I don't know enough about the other cultures) we decided a huge dependance is needed to keep the system working. Well, I don't like this idea as well, but could anyone imagine how a life without our society will be and would you want to exchange it? Probably not.
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    You want to get rid of productivity stats. And last week somebody wanted to get rid of money.

    Better idea: try to appreciate when stats are useful and when they aren't.

    You can't boil everything down to stats. But that doesn't mean that you should get rid of stats entirely.
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    I feel like...generally when folks are trying to gain an understanding of themselves and the world, they have a natural human tendency to look for someone outside of themselves to blame for their angst and ennui. And, with that lacking, how could one even hope to try to construct effective change?
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    edit.... And, with that self-awareness lacking, how could one even hope to try to construct effective change?
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    The amount of stupid in this post is baffling. This person clearly has ZERO perspective on history or human development. All I can say is

  11. Anonymous Member

    The "natural human tendency" seems to actually be a result of education and inculcation.
    What I'm referring to, specifically, is this idea that were are separate from the world.
    IMO, we are not.
    Cheesy as it may sound (inb4music videos), we are the world and it is us.

    Occam's razor works and it helps people :)
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    Vague meaningless manipulative rhetoric. This is why we can't have nice things.
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    Ok, you failed your exams, it was your fault, no one else's, get over it.
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    By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.Confucius
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    do you people realise your forum is infested with intl moron who is basically one demi-urge lowlife fuckwit here to use multiple false identities to perpetuate the same lies?

    every thread i read here has seemingly different accounts all knocking back some post or idea, using the kind of rhetoric that is the fucking problem in the first place.

    see what satan is. the real matrix isn't just a failure education system structure. it is spiritual oppression of far more than that. yet here we have shallow comebacks to some post trying to highlight issues with how you are boxed and tagged early on. really, you are that unevolved you don't even see the problems on the really low levels!? i think that you do.
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    Where's my "WTF" button, Sue!?
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    posting tarded pics by way of reply that seem to come from the standard fountain of knowledge of our age, really? is that all you are, that shallow? you realise that level of consciousness = that same one like in the film, Idiocracy?

    who told you being stupid and shallow is something to be proud of? why did you believe them. are any tiny minds thinking of a response to me along the lines of asking if i am their bro and mad about something?
  18. OTeleventy Member

    You mad bro?
  19. 260114449.jpg
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    oh dear. why pretend you are fighting any bad systems when you fucking define them in all their complete lacking of glory. you don't fool anyone real. maybe later i'll get back to making some pics like i used to years ago, and reply you with them. prepare to be dissed. cause you just got served, then you will be sorely pwned by some real humor. not the fake plastic paste-on smiles required to pretend that shit you use was ever funny.
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    **O nooooo. I'm a-scared**

    What's for dinner?
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    not funny either. that's like watching comedy done to a template with fake laughs inserted in. also not true. and even if it was true, well they'd just be the number of people we are overpopulated by. save me your post-post- post-punk nihilism.
  24. Lol.
  25. Anonymous Member

    that's it no brain. you re-post the same waste of space as before and reinforce the lie it has talent involved. cause being antagonistic makes you clever and funny. and proves how much you don't care therefore are untouchable. how many blue pills did it take for you to reach that level of mind numb.
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    deal with what? that i live in a world infested by liars who think they are clever but they are not? i think i am doing that rather well. shades and a mib / matrix-agent / kabbalah suit makes you what? on the set of dr strangelove? at your own funeral? down a jack rabbit hole into your own mind?
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    how do you really tell yourself apart from the oracle tho? head to china and throw sticks and stones?
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    Isn't there a space waiting in the dome for this thread?
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    When talking about the blood sports in ancient Rome, a freemason will
    ''It is the citizens in the amphitheatre, cheering the sports on, who cause this mentality.''

    That is how the freemasons agree to control us all. By making us feel
    incapable of moral worth and the cause of own poverty in history.

    The freemason will not mention the Emperor who opened the amphitheatre
    in the first place and this same Emperor made laws 'for' child abuse,
    murder, blood sports.

    Oh yes, the masons are pure nasty dirt. Not only have they fudged
    our history, they blame us for it.

    No society can blame its citizens, when freemasons / monarchs /
    emperors are involved in the system itself.

    They are the ones who should be setting examples for us to follow.

    Please remember this.
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    ^^ must be drunk ^^
  31. Anonymous Member

    If not, should consider drinking heavily.
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