The real meaning of V

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gary Busey, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Needs more dome
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  5. Br'er Rabbit Member



    I was being lazy, but you know what...? Laziness doesn't get you caek !
  6. fallingspider Member

    there's a certain irony to gary busey posting crazy stuff.

    damn you mushrooms, now I want a portabello burger and those are expensive...

    Zak why does your avatar say judgement day comes on my son's birthday?
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  7. Br'er Rabbit Member

    I personally like the christmas carol one moar. But yea this is funny too
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  9. over9000OT Member

    ad homi-what? Did you just call me a fag?

    Word clear: ad hominem. I don't think it means what you think it means.

    Oh, I'm getting old and forgetful, I almost forgot to tell you to die in a raging fire! Won't happen again, I assure you.
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  10. Char. Limit Member

    This thread is funny.
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  11. Gary Busey Member

    Obviously you lack cognitive talents.

    Not smart enough for me to pursue this debate.
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  14. over9000OT Member

    Oh, I was trolling and you wanted to debate. Ever so sorry for the misunderstanding. Please come over and fuck my girlfriend while I watch.
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  15. Orson Member


    Your frustration is obvious but I think you do feel your cause is important and want to genuinely do something about it.

    My observations:

    Anons, in whatever form and from whatever 'cell' or 'element' within the great overall Anonymous, operate as strictly an OPT-IN collective. An anon presents an idea, concept, plan that he/she is ready to act on or is already acting upon. Other react to that plan, tear it apart, analyze it and decide and choose to get involved (OPT-IN) and start doing things and others, unpersuaded by the arguments for action, choose to not participate.

    There have been no less than a dozen NWO related threads in the past few months. Every week or so, along comes someone to "suggest" to us what anon should take on as an opponent, what action plan must be done, etc., regarding the NWO. None of these threads have been met with open arms; thus your unfriendly reception here.

    Why? Quite simply, you (and by you I mean those supporting this as a cause for action generally), don't have the dox. These wild-eyed claims have yet to be demonstrated convincingly here. While you may openly mock what this thread has become, I invite you to dig deeper into the site, both on the Anonymous V. Scientology side and the FoI/Wikileaks side (oh yeah, Iran). Here you will find dozens of other threads where ideas and concepts are being well-argued (and not so well argued, admittedly), where action is being planned and executed on many fronts, where collaborative work is producing tangible results, and where protests and events are organized globally.

    For your cause to gain that kind of support, you (again in general, don't take it personally) need to hold those involved in your movement to a higher standard for documenting their claims, you must be more skeptical, you must present this information cleanly and clearly to those you attempt to recruit, and you must have your own plan.

    Non-hierarchical organizations don't work by someone just suggesting an idea. They work when someone suggests an idea, backs it up with documents, and starts action on their own. Others will then join in and follow if they deem it worthy. But simply suggesting something needs to be done and not actually proving its right and doing it yourself first, that will get you nowhere.

    Hope this helps.

    (And yes, fags, I'm fully expecting you assholes to troll me for posting this). :)


    P.S. Gary, I thought you were awesome in Point Break.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    He's still a retard.

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  18. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but Orson's post is awesome, on the compassion scale.

    Most of us are so busy with digital and IRL raids, our compassion sometimes gets eclipsed and goes off the radar. When taking a break from raids, we want lulz, not more assignments.

    Orson gets 5 Internets from me for his post.
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  19. anonymous612 Member

    You should save that. It'll just have to be reposted the next time someone makes a PA request.
  20. anonakatie Member

    Where is the pic of Sparrow's ass? Dox!
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  22. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Is that a home movie of your family Herro?
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  23. Herro Member

    Yeah. I'm the one with the big wang.
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    Awesome post, Orson. ;-)
  26. Smurf Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    Dang smurf, that is so fine that it would almost make me a ghey man. that is if i were a man. LMAO
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  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    Guess what I'm holding?
  31. Anonymous Member

    A ham sandwich?
  32. Robocat Member

    Can a sammich do this?
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  36. je suis Member

    Orson, I yam empressed. Mutch patients showed.
  37. WhiteNight Member

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  38. Anonymous Member

    Well aren't you just the cutest little arsehole ever to grace this site?
    grandma-2ia04ig.jpg [IMG]

    p.s (With the exception of Herro)
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  39. WhiteNight Member

    [IMG] buildit.jpg

    Also; Orson displays yet another feat of great patience, eloquence and valuble truth. Oh, and a tl;dr post.
    Love you really Orson.
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