The recent youtube response videos

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by NA_Annon, Feb 15, 2008.


Should the Anonymous Responce Video be Pulled Until We Get More Information

Yes, take that down. Make it look better in the meantime 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No, a quick responce is best. Put it back up! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I dont care 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. NA_Annon Member

    The recent youtube response videos

    Hey folks

    So the video that I posted here has gotten some negative response from the community. If you didn't have a chance to see it, thats too bad, as I've changed it to private for the time being.

    Point is, we need to have a real discussion here about whether the two vids up need to be taken down.

    Lets hear it, anon.
  2. noitulover Member

    Well, since you asked, IMHO, it's not up to the standard of the first one

    I think there's something rotten at YouTube fur sur -- whether there's a sci plant that has control of the delete button, or whether u-tub has buckled to pressure from the cult, hard to say, and without a response from them, it does kinda seem like a rush to judgement
  3. Anon3Mouse Member

    As you yourself said, it was rushed, and Win cannot be rushed.

    I'm paranoid as all fuck, I keep my tinfoil hat on tight, but I really don't see YouTube being malicious in this particular instance. Do I think they're taking the safe road to what is quite likely a legal threat from the scilons after the protests? Yes. Do I think they mean to bow down to the fuckers? No. I think they're being smart enough to shut the toasters up while they see what options they have and the cost of those options. Anonymous tends to suck at patience, but this is something we need to have not just in this instance, but for the Project as a whole.
  4. Anonymous128 Member

    Not only was it rushed in content, but also in form.

    Adding completely unnecessry footage of protests that break the established visual form and putting friggin' Apocalyptica as a soundtrack is definitely fail.

    I sometimes even like Apocalyptica's work but it doesn't fit the eerie, haunting atmosphere the previous videos managed to create, because come on, a Metallica cover? Makes as look as a bunch of 14 y.o. metal faggots.
  5. anonymous029 Member

    Using some of the background music/sounds from the Fallout games could fit the videos quite nicely.
  6. tigger Member

    This helps us

    It sucks that they removed it, but for all we know Youtube admin is grudgingly complying with legal threats, and are fully aware that taking it down does more for our numbers than leaving it up would.

    Youtube isn't the enemy, they're just stuck in the middle.

    The vid was up long enough to serve its purpose -- now we're on to 3/15, and as long as that one's up, it's all good.

    Agree with others here... no action until response from Youtube. The general public will respect us more if we are able to hold our fire pending intelligence.
  7. ravenanon Member

    Make it look better, get real information, and then react.

    Lets not randomly just piss them off. Till me know more.
  8. anon87 Member

    the first vid does go against the youtube policy, in some country around the world somewhere it #might# even be illegal. Youtube hosted it untill AFTER the 10th was EPIC WIN. They then quietly took it down after everyone had seen it, one last flourish of WTF? a dozern mirrors get put up so everyone gets a chance to see it if they missed it (press) and then it can vanish into vaults of internet history on sites like google video, gawker, etc.

    Now is the time to focus on the future! We need to making vids about the 10th, about Scientology, about Hubbards birthday party!

    Remember youtube is one of us, it is of the internet! It is made by geeks for geeks, it is free and open and trys not to offend - they are not an enemy of mine. Co$ are evil, litigious, offensive crap made by a science fiction author and a crook to brainwash people trying to find something as simple as happiness - they are an enemy of mine.

    Please if we have to respond to youtube, say sorry for breaking their rules and gameing their page (although they love gaming because it boosts stats lol) we felt that this message was important and we certainly don't want to get youtube in trouble with any laws or anything its just that we feel this is a very important message and movement which has developed in part due to the great ability of user content driven sites like the tubes and digg to to not only report on news and events but to help create news and events. We feel that sites like youtube and digg are a vital part of the glorious future we foresee for the internet and the world in general....

    tl;dr - you tube is great, you tube is internet, don't fight youtube. They are a friend, a weapon and a shield for us! treat them well, thank them for being there - DO NOT LOOSE SIGHT OF THE TRUE OBJECTIVE

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