The revolution will not be televised

Discussion in 'Iran' started by YellowAndBlue, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. YellowAndBlue Member

    But not to worry, we're taking it to the tubes

    Viva la Internet, Freedom's #1 tool :D
  2. Geraldanthro Member

    that is 50%

    The other half is much of Iran deosn't know about the huge
    protests, or about the slaughter, Iranian news isn't carring any of it.

    How do we get the NEWS into Iran?

  3. Cattypuss Member

    You might be interested to read this article: If anything people are resilent when it comes to living under oppressive regimes.

    EDITORIAL: Free 'press' threatens oppressive regimes
  4. Cattypuss Member

    In Iran, the catalyst for the popular uprising was a disputed presidential election. But it has become much more than that. The elected president and elected parliament do not rule the country; the unelected religious clerics do. The protests are a threat to their power -- if not immediately, then over the long term.

    History is on the move. People are gathering in public, despite pronouncements that doing so is against the law of the Islamic Republic and can be punishable by death. And people have been killed, 32 according to a leading human rights group. Others have been arrested.

    You won't read that in the Iranian media.

    But watch out, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which are ripe for openness. In North Korea, a much more isolated and poorer country, technology may take a while longer to have an impact. But somebody will figure out how to get flash drives and cell phones into that country, too. Zimbabwe, in southern Africa, also would benefit from a communications revolution.

    A free press is at the heart of a democracy, and we hope the technology breakthrough will allow an independent media to emerge in Iran. When you have a free press, you have a free society.

    With the media restrictions in Iran, Americans are getting a glimpse of what life without a free press and independent newspapers would be like. And it isn't pretty.

    Free 'press' threatens oppressive regimes - Opinion -

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