The revolutionary guard's website is really upsetting people of Iran

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    This is the website of the revolutionary guard which today Wednesday, June 19, 2009 threatened bloggers, journalists, and ordinary people not to publish any content concerning the ongoing uprising of the people of Iran who just want their votes to be honored. They are also directly responsible for the massacre that occurred at the end of Monday's pro-Mousavi peaceful protest. You can take a look at the website to see what kind of tyranny and oppression these bastards are imposing on people:

    I and the majority of Iranian appreciate any effort to take this website out service in protest to those who oppressing the people of Iran.

    May peace and freedom be with Iran
  2. no

    The problem with DDoSing the website is that Iran's internet infrastructure's weak -- if we take out that website's pipes, we might very well end up smashing all of them, and then Iranians won't be able to access the network. We can't DDoS anything, because this isn't like the US, where we can destroy access to, say, Scientology's sites without affecting Google -- Iranians trying to contact the outside world will become collateral damage, and that's unacceptable.
  3. Other methods than DDoSing is more appreciated

    Okay, I didn't exactly talked about DDoSing the website. Other creative or sophisticated methods were intended. So, Please focus your efforts in that direction if you care.

    Best to you and all freedom fighters,
  4. Explicitly threatening people

    Hey Guys,

    They are explicitly threatening people and this means nothing than if they could reach you they will definitely silence your voice by any method as harsh as killing. They've put things about twitter and facebook on their front page and have threatened all bloggers not to publish anything concerning recent brutalities and massacres that occurred during peaceful rallies of people of Iran.

    I'm not encouraging anybody to lunch a DOS attack on their website but I'm asking for other initiatives and creative methods to bring their site down. Please help us in that regard.

    Thank you all,
  5. You could do it more directly though, if you know the webserver software and any unpublished vulnerabilities in it; that would be a simple DoS exploit, not relying on brute force, but which may still be effective.
  6. I think many of you may be missing the point of what can be done with that website. Right now it is already pretty bad in terms of its... repressive nature.

    But think a moment, why take a site down when you can "enhance it", I am not saying deface it, I am saying that it needs to be made even more oppressive and extreme than it was before.

    Imagine photos being posted in a section called "Infidels we have killed", with a running tally.
    If the currents rules seem harsh, then they should be made harsher.
    If the current activity seems oppressive, then it should be changed to apocalyptic proportions.

    The more that they make Hitler look like a care-bear, after the alterations, the better.

    Then start posting the link to the enhanced version to the various new organizations. Use DNS poisoning to ensure they get the enhanced version always, that way even if it is repaired the damage is very long lasting.

    You need to make sure that even the leader of Iran would flinch when seeing it.
  7. DNS Cache Poisoning of Revolutionary Guard Website

    Hi People,

    I really emphathize with the plight of your freedom and the oppression that you are currently going through.

    May I recommend that you try to do some DNS cache poisoning of the REvolutionary Guard's ISP's DNS servers? That way, anyone trying to go to thier website, can be redirected to a website of your choosing.

    You can only hope that they are using not-regularly-patched BIND dns servers or poorly configured (like allowing zone tranfers to external dns servers) DNS servers.

    Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents out there.

    Good luck!
  8. I would advise against any readers from taking illegal action that may end up with them in court.
  9. Member

    Actually, here's a crazy idea: Let that site be.

    Leaving it up and running may actually cause them more damage then it would be to take it down.

    Like Op said - that site is making people angry. How about it? :D
  10. The problem is that if your found out, your credibility would be blown to hell. Regular defacing would backfire less than putting words in their mouth.
  11. Which court ? - They're already accused

    I sometimes wonder about the posts people make in this forum. Guys look, the revolutionary guards are those who are involved in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and elsewhere in the middle east. They are already accused in the world community with an infinite number of terrorist acts. And now that they are killing ordinary and unarmed people in the streets of Iran, some warn us of illegal action against them? Please take your time and see theirs latest massacre near freedom square:

    1- [ame][/ame]
    2- [ame][/ame]

    So, please don't distract people by saying that bringing their site down is illegal. If they are legitimate, then what are the poor people of Iran who are being killed and oppressed on a daily basis?
  12. Artaban Member

    mullahs have hi-tech in their dirty hands!

    it's not them mullahs! but I think Russia government is back of them in tech fields specially IT!
    maybe I'm wrong, but they showed, strangely, and while not enough iranian ppl and technicians like to help them, they used hi-tech against their enemies scary successfully!

    we see it just some months ago when suddenly they arrested alot of famous bloggers even whos outside of Iran who came back!

    and I think Russia have lots of good hackers! I'm sure they'll help if any they can to protesters, but it's about custom relationships between these tow governments and their approach to world politics.
    btw, maybe it's all wrong and paranoid! dunno! :rolleyes:
  13. I doubt Russia would want all this on their border. Individual Russian experts could be employed by them though. Certainly there are or have been plenty underpaid Russian university workers and graduates.
  14. Please don't be distracted - Bring the site down but NOT with DDoSing

    Hi All,

    I'm wondering why you're getting easily distracted. It's really obvious what they're doing to the people especially with those YouTube clips posted. We can bring it down and put a message like:


    Please help us in that cause and do not distract people here.

    Best to all
  15. citizenslave Member

    I'm with you...if we happen to hack their site and they are offended, I would love to see those "people" in court.
  16. Notice # 4: Warning cyber rioters

    In their latest announcement they've threatened what they call "Cyber Rioters" against publishing any content on the internet about the recent genocide they perpetrated on unarmed people in the freedom square. This is ultimate dictatorship.

    Curse on you bastards
  17. Artaban Member

    No distract! but honestly I think what are doing fars news right now is more good for protest than anything else! just like Ahmadinejad who is more good for Israel than anyone else! :D

    btw, if anyone have a good idea to play with those mullah sites just like one mentioned in #7, it would be nice to see!
    But to all my patriots in Iran, extremely avoid Violence! it's what mullahs want! and it's how they know it works! so lets play a way that confuse em! here is enough violence from them for us to show who are them killer mullahs really.
    it's hard to see every day ppl are dying :(
  18. To Quote John Adams : "This is a revolution, dammit! We're going to have to offend SOMEBODY."
  19. Do a cover of this in Farsi, then use it in a Jib-Jab-style animation LOL...

  20. That comment was more for any foolish non-Iranians reading the forum. Iranians already knee deep in this mess can make their own choices based on their beliefs.
  21. Nokia Siemens Disconnects People

    Last year Nokia Siemens Network Monitoring Systems sold and set up a monitoring system to curb communication among the opposition and to gather material for prosecution. And now we see it in action.

    Selling this type of technology to oppressive regimes is not exactly in line with the ethical code Nokia Siemens presents on its web site, or maybe this is Nokias idea about making a positive impact on the society.

    From the business point of view, timing of this deal was perfect for Nokia since present situation in Iran provides an ideal environment for testing and marketing this kind of product. If it manages to limit communication among the opposition and efficiently restrict information reaching outside world, it will be easier to market to other fascist regimes.

    For time being it is failing, and the regime invested their money in a pile of shit thanks to the dedicated individuals and organizations providing ways around it. Next time you are buying a mobile phone remember that Nokia helps to disconnect people for good.
  22. Prestwick Member

    I had a chat with a flatmate who worked with British Telecom, Cable & Wireless and so on on UK national telecoms infrastructure and he said that DDOS attacks on sites hosted within Iran can disrupt the experience for ordinary users but then again might not.

    It all depends on the standard of Iran's infrastructure, how centralised it is and how much government traffic is carried over the same pipes as usual network traffic.

    Short answer: "No idea, mate."
  23. I am an Iranian, Just would like to thank every single of you who prevent us being alone
  24. Yeah, you might be extradited to Iran for charges of being counter-revolutionary and an enemy of the state -- and executed!

    ... good thing most countries don't have extradition agreements with Iran.
  25. notice how the english link on the website doesnt work. those fucking bastards.
  26. I lunched a DDoS attack

    It seems that nobody is going to hurt this site. Since it's mid-night in Iran I've lunched a DDoS attack on their site. If you like join me or suggest something else which we can do to take it down or deface it for cause of Iranian people.
  27. Warning: Revolutionary Guard Site

    Warning: Someone posted the Revolutionary Guard Site in the following post....and according to my security program, it's a bad site, not to be trusted. Don't click on that link!


    Default The revolutionary guard's website is really upsetting people of Iran
    Hi All,

    This is the website of the revolutionary guard which today Wednesday, June 19, 2009 threatened bloggers, journalists, and ordinary people not to publish any content concerning the ongoing uprising of the people of Iran who just want their votes to be honored. They are also directly responsible for the massacre that occurred at the end of Monday's pro-Mousavi peaceful protest. You can take a look at the website to see what kind of tyranny and oppression these bastards are imposing on people:
  28. Haha, stop trolling. That site is a valid target as long as its not attacked by shitty spam DDoS that would hurt our purposes more than help them.
  29. Fuckers are taunting us! I fucking wish I was in iran, I would probably get arrested for shooting the fucking cowards who are killing civilians.
  30. blackwinged Member

  31. I think Anonymous Iran is a propaganda tool for CIA. Watch this and be aware of it!

  32. Compare the above video with this one:

    How Does CIA Overthrow a Government Iran Election 2009 Compared with CIA Iran Coup 1953

  33. Government agents are infiltrating

    This thread was not created for you to warn against your illusions. You are very suspicious. I doubt that some revolutionary guardians have infiltrated into this site. People of Iran are under extreme oppression by these murderers and you actually wanted to distract people from that. Instead of talking about CIA why you don't talk about those criminals who have deprived Iranians from their legal right? Why they stood against the will of the majority? Then, if they had listened to people's voice, would all this mess had happened?
    It seems that Anonyumous has started to hurt you and we'll continue to hurt you more and you can think of it as CIA, KGB or MI6 or whatever you want. These bastards have always clamped down people's opposition with such accusations. Foreign instigation is not a ground for this opposition, try opening your eye to the reality on the ground or otherwise it will be so late to do so.
  34. Don't forget these bastards from your prayers

    All, just to let you know that the number of fatalities in Iran has reached the number of 32 according to BBC. Supreme leader, Ayatolla Khamenei, sham President, Ahmadinejad, and the Revolutionary Guard as their martial arm are causing this brutality to people of Iran.

    Please don't forget them from your cyber prayers
  35. Shah of Iran about US media:

  36. Punishing Revolutionary Guardians


    After today's speech of cruel dictator, Khamenei, it has become necessary to bring the site of his army on the web down. I tried to run the Slowloris on their site but it seems that they're running on IIS webserver which made it ineffective. Does anybody have any other suggestion?
  37. skollie-IRAN Member

    Isn't there some crazy conspiracy site that you can go hang out at? Calling Anon Iran a propaganda tool shows your ignorance. How many times a day are you going to stop by and post that same crap?
  38. Anons

    If you knew anything about Anonymous and their past work you'd cower back into the hole you crawled out of.


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