The rise of the chaotic actor

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, May 18, 2011.

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    I honestly thought this was a celebrity thread about Charlie Sheen. Whatever it is, it's better than that.
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    I thought this was fascinating. I think what his chart is lacking is movement. I've tried to keep a low profile here because I am innately suspicious of mobs, that "none of us are as cruel as all of us" element to humanity. Over time I've become more and more interested in the way the hive self regulates and creates not consensus on any given thought, but a kind of hub belief system, with strong opinions held by a core of people and those willing to tolerate those opinions forming outer circles. The hubs shift constantly with each new idea and the movement is complicated by the fact that it is impossible to know whether 5 people are talking or whether one person is talking with 5 socks, or if among the socks there are two sincere players and three trolls. A three by three grid isn't going to cut it.

    tl;dr Fascinating article, made me think.
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    Chaotic Neutral, baby. Chaotic Neutral.

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