The shocking international conspiracy to assassinate Robert Mugabe

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by PresidentShaw, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. PresidentShaw Member

    No moonbat shit, kind of shocking after all these years, I still think Mugabe is a cunt but this is the flipside of the coin.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    This brings to mind what JFK said: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. "

    Each side had assassination plots going from time to time, it seems.

    Some years after this, Tsvangirai entered into a power-sharing agreement with Mugabe. That would have been chummy.
  3. I find it not shocking at all that there's a conspiracy to assassinate Mugabe - as he is indeed a cunt - nor that it is international in nature given that he's a head of state.

    I don't have an hour right now; can you (or someone who watched it) summarize a few of the things that are so shocking, and where they are approximately in the film?
  4. Anonymous Member

    5:17 Goat-fucking.

    10:42 Toast dropped on floor. Eaten anyway.

    Something about an opposition leader assassinating a head of state is in there, but I kind of glossed over it.
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  5. The Internet Member

    I fucking lold.

    Just FYI OP, I associate the word "shocking" with sidebar clickbait. I hate sidebar clickbait and refuse to click nearly always. For you I made an exception. But maybe just this once.

    Assassinating leaders of other countries we're not at war with seems a really bad idea.
  6. The Internet Member

    Okay I'm part way through this and can mention one key bit:

    18:00 minutes there's an interview with Tsvangirai, leader of the MDC opposition party, who states he's committed to legal means of obtaining power. Then a hidden camera clip shows Tsvangirai in a meeting in Quebec with political consultants discussing a coup d'etat. The narrator says the meeting was "four months ago" and all this is happening in 2002.

    Sidenote for you documentary film people: Please use dates rather than relative time references. I am busy and it annoys me to have to think through what "four months ago" might mean.

    The secret meeting was prior to the 2002 election. It's a bad look for MDC to be there. Being there means they expect to lose and they're butthurt about that and putting out a personal army request to western intelligence.
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  7. The Internet Member

    44:00 Tsvangirai reveals that MDC is receiving money from a British PR firm in London, BSMG, which later merged with Weber Shandwick Worldwide. Some invoices show these amounts from BSMG:

    97,400 to Dickens & Madson in Canada (PR firm hosting meeting with Tsvangirai)
    50,000 from BSMG chairman Wolf Weeks to Dickens & Madison.
    A balance of $400,000 would have been paid after the assassination of Mugabe.

    Anyone wanting to make a large donation to the MDC would be directed to the BSMG. These dox were released by Dickens & Madson, who might be Mugabe's best friend.

    Moral of story: a political process can be really slow and retarded and corrupt but is still probably better than civil war and millions of dead people.

    Other point: Is BSMG/Weber Shandwick a front for British intelligence?
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  8. Kimbayah Member

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