The situation now (10am ET)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by notCOBmiscavige, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. The best I could piece together.

    1. Foreign media banned. No reports allowed to be taken of any opposition rally. REPORTING IS NOW THE SOLE DOMAIN OF THE IRANIAN PEOPLE
    2. The "main agents" causing discord have been detained. Leading supporters of Mousavi arrested.
    3. "poeple in streets are talking about a fail attempt by IRG to arrest Admiral Shamkhani (Khatami's def minister)" @Change_for_Iran
    4. Harsh crackdown on students. here
  2. They are also reporting the murder of the election official who leaked the real results of the election

    RT @ifikra RT @Sandmonkey Reports of the death of the election official who leaked the real results #iranelection
  3. RT Yahoo! Messenger and GTalk are filtered in Iran. We are loosing all connection to world. #IranElection

    Army movement in Tehran is not confirmed yet.
  4. RT: Confirmed: cellphones are blocked in Iran, yet again. #IranElection
  5. Minnou Member

    Am still waiting on two people in Tehran to try and reach me.

    Twitter seems to indicate a lull in information. This is either really good... or really really really bad.
  6. ARC Member

    A communications disruption could mean that something is happening. Some twitterers are saying the army is moving into Tehran.
  7. Minnou Member

    If this is true, then we all must pray that they've made the right decision.

    At this point, the army is all that the Persians have.

    They could very well help the revolution.
  8. Arsolycus Member

    I think if the military gets involved in this, I think you see martial law of some kind being imposed on the country and the situation being allowed to get legally sorted out.
  9. mils

    It's been martial law for a long while. Cell phones, twitters, and facebooks are proven tools of survival there. Paranoia has been a way of life for any Tehranian who participates in any form of public culture or discourse.

    The question is: who's stooges are the military? Who did the persian army vote for? And will they be able to restore proper order upon the apparently-deceptive regime?

    Remember how the Supreme Soviet fell? The military decided to listen to reasonable folk instead of the Cult of Stalin.

    Another thing you may hear is: didn't G.W. Bush rig our 2000 US election? Butterfly balloting and other irregularities in Florida/elsewhere?
    It was a _really_ close race, and we had a system in place to deal with the situation rationally and peacefully.
    How close was the Iranian election? From what I gather, exit polls were showing a landslide in favor of the opposition.

    Also keep in mind *WE ARE NEXT DOOR* if this gets way out of hand!!!~
  10. ARC Member

    The idea that the 2000 election in the USA was rigged is popular with the pro-fascists and the nutters, which is why that is what an Ahmedinejad-supporter was bawwing about to the BBC - so let's show them that that was a peacefully resolved dispute about a close election, which was followed by a stronger win in 2004, and which does not compare to the situation in Iran, and that we are united in support of the Iranian people.

    As for US forces, those can't be readily moved from Iraq or Afghanistan into Iran. First of all they have a job to do where they are, secondly there aren't that many of them there, and third the Iranian people don't want outside interference. What US forces could do is to attack Hezbollah in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, maybe forcing the foreign Hezbollah to return there from Iran.
  11. I Ran Hubbard Member

    You obviously are clueless to any reputable study of the post-election counting of ballots in Florida. If they had counted all the ballots, Bush lost. It's a fact. The issue was the "provisional" type ballots they had in florida back then (prior to modern provisionals, I think contested) they were banned from counting them.

    The issue came down to courts stalling the recounts and Harris getting involved, and due to Safe Harbor there wasn't time to allow recounts and then court challenges in order to satisfy Constitutional requirements under Safe Harbor.

    Anyways, this situation is identical.
    Supreme Court selected a winner as much as the Supreme Ruler selects their winner.
  12. Blue Goo Member

    unconfirmed stuff from twitters in Iran -

    a massive rally in azadi square in teheran was silent and peaceful until armed forces opened fire into the crowd. up to 1,5 million people estimated in the place. busloads of arrested people seen on the way to a high security prison.

  13. I am picturing here Achmedinejad as David Koresh!

  14. nah

    Its not even close to identical my man. We crafted a system in a constitution generations ago, and stuck to it. We went to court to challenge it, to find some justice. The system ran its course and prevented chaos from rearing its head on American soil.

    gov.iran has spread eagle her legs of deception.
  15. from Change_For_Iran twitter: Basij attacked Dr Alami's house, he's a reformist member of parliment.

    I had to wiki that: Basij is the 'paramilitary' arm of the Ayatollah, supposedly founded upon the Mobilization of the Oppressed.
  16. I Ran Hubbard Member

    First of all it is up to the States to choose their electors, the system involves counting votes fairly instead of puppets like Harris just announcing winners. They system didn't run it's course, the Supreme Court arbitrarily stepped in and PICKED a winner. It's the worst SCOTUS ruling, go ahead and read it, see if it makes any sense other then choosing who they wanted.

    Did it really prevent chaos? Katrina, Iraq, the economy. Go fuck off if you think they prevented chaos by not following the will of the people and who they voted for.
  17. Yes because Bush could stop hurricanes and prevent the Democrat-controlled congress from making that whole morage stuff. Iraq was a bad idea though, I agree with that.

    You can agree that the two situtations are completely different though, right? And if you do I suggest you keep quiet about it in Iran related discussions, because the Ahmadinejad-camp are actively pushing your view on that.
  18. Americans spoke, and the system spoke back. We are a federal republic. The US saluted its new leader, and now we are saluting another, Barrack Obama. Of course it was rather painful under the Gee Dub, but maybe we weren't ready for an Al Gore anyway?

    Persians held hope that their vote would be heard, and they have been more than ready for a peaceful transition of power.

    The religious leader of Iran, the Ayatollah, has allegedly began to call on his militia men to take up arms against the innocent Persian citizens.

    The Ayatollah has certainly made a terrifically erroneous decision this evening. May peace be upon Persia!

  19. ha- just heard on CNN the Ayatolluh Khomeini is the subject of removal by senior muslim clerics.

    And... twitter is down. Dammit.
    Oh wait, its cool.
    I can chill.
  20. Your a retard. Comparing a very close election in 2000 which may or may not have been won by Bush but was very very close is completly diffrent then a rigged election. Then after the rigged election America did not use force to put down any protest. Please do not compare them it is not only insulting to people in Iran it makes you look like a soar loser.

    Iran we stand by you, and wish for you to have freedom. What your going through is uncomparable to anything here. Keep the fight freedom will triumph. We will keep pressure on our elected officals to do more.
  21. Twitter is back up if anyone doesn't know already.
  22. spread the word to people in iran that they can use meebo as a web based tool to get to their instant messaging.. yim, aim, gtalk, anything can be accessed via
  23. news please

    i don't care to read about US issues here and odd elections, can we keep it to Iran issues and updates please
  24. salam.

    hi everybody
    my name is Meysam and i am from English is awful.sorry.
    i am here to say that what you are thinking about iran is not correct.about a regime that is killing people and a country without freedom.
    of course my country has so many problem but we are making it better and better.
    you may believe me or not but in this country we are happy.
    about what happened in these days in some part of tehran and some other cities again you are thinking wrong.because you believe what you see in bbc and ....
    you should know 85 percent of people taking part in election that shows people love their countries and government.
    but because mr.mousavi that he couldn't win and he cant accept that he said election is unhealthy.
    i voted to him but i was when they count votes in my city . ahmadinejad wins in my city.
    and i know he has 24000000 supporters in iran.
    in my country 15 million are in village and 17 million in small cities and 11 million in big cities like tehran that can vote.
    about 80 percent of villagers and about 70 percent of small cities voted to ahmadinejad .
    in large cities like tehran ahmadinejad has less votes but iran is not only tehran .at last he won this election and he is our president.
  25. You are obviously very dilusional: Quote 'you may believe me or not but in this country we are happy.'
    Are you telling me the millions of people out on the street are happy. Are you saying the friends and families of the people who were brutally beaten and murdered by the BASIJ in the last few days are going to be happy tomorrow?
    It's time to stop spreading your brainwashed bullshit. Open your eyes and see what's happening around you. Idiot.
  26. <3 Sara Member

    Uneducated....Dumb......Stupid......Idiot......many words come to mind.
  27. " y words come to mind."

    Before I say this I will let you all know I'm from Canada.

    Do you know for a fact that what he is saying is false? I highly doubt that you do I'd imagine very few actually do. So instead of saying he is stupid come up with facts that prove him otherwise. The other poster pointed out that many aren't happy. I have to agree with him or else why the hell are many (don't know how many for sure) protesting

    But until you have tangible facts don't say your own stupid comments
  28. you are idiot for thinking that you know everything about iran.
    what do you know about basij .ha?
    do you know in that days some people with guns wants to capture basij building.if it was in your country what was police action. do you know they killed a mother and his baby near basij with guns that they rubbed from that building and some guns that they bring with themselves. ( in persian of course)
    think better man
    i said we have so many problems in this country but what you are seeing is not complete face of our country.
  29. I've got 5 bucks you're a fucking basijih stooge yourself.

    Go back to breaking windows, thug.
  30. Wow. The dark veil of Ahmedinijad has been lifted. A passionate front has been mounted. But the voices sound eerily brainwashed. No Persian I have met here in the US would even /pretend/ to support the illegal regime. NONE.

    Ahmedinijad may have been the puppet of something darker. Did he not know his electoral engineering would spark Persian-on-Persian bloodshed??????
    Is it not the glimmer of Evil in his corrupt eyes?

    I know the Basija fought in the name of the Ayatollah Khomeni in the past against some foreign invading force. They used their human bodies to push back against it.

    Now Basija has been turned against the Mother and Child it was created to defend by some mastermind you call Mr. Khamenei.
  31. I Ran Hubbard Member


    To both of you dox or GTFO.
    It is possible some Iranian is now in Canada and still believes all of this inspite of reading the media reports. And it is also possible not every is "basijih". (OSA OSA OSA)
  32. again me

    you lost your 5 buck.
    i am not basiji.i am university students .

    many of irainian that lives in other countries are supporters of god damned shah.

    false .
    first that i am not basij supporter.
    second if you can read farsi they wrote that they killed that mother in her home when she was behind her house doors.
  33. Can I just firstly say that I'm obviously Iranian, and I've lived in Iran for most of my life (currently in the UK).
    Firstly to the person from Canada:
    Listen, everyone know at this point that these protests are not protests against the results of the elections. These protests are a result of years of mismanagement and mistreatment of its own people by the IR. The elections were only a trigger.
    I personally don't give a shit about the elections any more, it's about the dozens of people who died at the hands of Basij brutality. These thugs must pay.
    To the idiot chickenhead:
    Quote 'do you know in that days some people with guns wants to capture basij building.'
    Can you tell me what Basij is? (I already know that they're brainwashed/evil thugs who's main purpose is to make life a living hell in iran. If you have anything to add to that, feel free)
    What gives these assholes the right to tell people what to do? What gives them the right tos to break into people's home and student residents and beat the crap out of them and destroy everything on their way?
    So again, Basij can go fuck themselves as far as I'm concerned (and I'm sure this is the same shared feeling amongst most Iranians). I won't sympathise with them because I know if anything happens to them, it's 1% of what theyve deserved for what they've done to the people in the past years.
    And lastly, I don't for one second believe you when you say the protestors are carrying guns and have shot a mother and a baby. If anyone's been shooting innocent people, it's the basij and government forces.

    I'm not suprised you're coming up with all this crap since you're quoting biased-trash-writing-IR website farsnews. I'm suprised it hasn't been hacked already ;)
  34. I Ran Hubbard Member

    who is "they"? Did they show convincing evidence of who killed this mother? Are you sure about any of it? Sounds like propaganda to me, from one side or the other.
  35. do you have evidence that basij killed them?

  36. I just want to say that it's unlikely you will be believed because of all the video and pictures coming out of Iran right now. Also, this site was set up by people currently protesting scientology. We are quite used to tactics that involve seemingly regular people coming on and saying stuff like "no, really, we are happy. everything the critics say is false."

    I'm not inclined to believe you because of all the youtube videos I've seen, the pictures, the brief reports that CNN actually does. Tell me this, if there is nothing wrong, if people there are not unhappy, then why has the foreign media been banned from reporting on the rallies? Why have countless foreign reporters been confined to their hotels? I saw a report from one CNN reporter who is one of the ones inside Iran who are restricted to their hotel room. The Iranian government has pissed off the internet and we are retaliating. Knowledge is power and the people are fighting for that power. There is no stopping it. Even the Berlin wall eventually fell because the people fought for the power of knowledge.
  37. It is obvious that the basiji are making a failed and EMBARRASING attempt at trying to spread rumors around the internet to put 'doubt' into peoples head.
    As you have seen, no one here will fall for your stupid coy, and it is insulting that you're even trying to convince people like us with such a lame attempt of making the people who are FIGHTING for our rights, freedoms, and justice, by putting all the blame of what YOU are doing on them.

    It's obvious you KNOW that killing people is bad, so you do it, blame it on the people AGAINST it, and say that YOU are the people representing islam and it's ways? Go to hell, you are NOTHING close to what islam is, or any religion for that matter, and the thought of you trying to convince us is disgusting in everyway as possible. I suggest you get the hell out of these forums before you embarass yourself and your colleagues any more.

  38. west media brain washed you about iran.
    if i say we in iran are happy you wont believe me.
    if i say they show pictures they want you wont believe me.
    if i say the election was correct you wont believe me.
    supporter of mr mousavi was 13000000.and many of them in big cities.ya if they came to street they are so huge crowd.but ahmadinejad has 24000000 supporter many of them from village and small cities.
    west media shows you what happened in iran but they show you only tehran.
    man that happens these days is only tehran
    that because mr mousavi has more supporters in tehran.
    why mr mousavi has more supporters in tehran ?
    because they are richer than other parts of iran.
    they are richer so they can acsses to internet easily.
    i am going to sleep because today i have university exam and the time is 5:42 am here.
    if i could i will come here again.
    so long
  39. Azadi Member

    Are you sure you dont have Basiji exams ? Or should I say 'killing innocent civilian' exam ?
  40. ZackZero Member

    Dox or GTFO. Seriously.

    We're more than eager to provide various sources for our figures and reports, but you've provided precisely NOTHING. Else, you're either a troll or a propagandist. Neither is tolerable here.

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