The Smoking Gun: Trump, The Least Charitable Billionaire

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    Roy Moore's lawyer says MSNBC host's 'background' would help him understand why Moore would date teenage women | Business Insider

    Roy Moore's Lawyer Just Said Some Batshit Crazy Things While Defending Him On MSNBC | BuzzFeed

    Watch Roy Moore's Lawyer Give A Train Wreck Interview On MSNBC | HuffPost

    Roy Moore’s Lawyer Is Just As Nutty As Roy Moore | New York Magazine

    Roy Moore Only Has Seven Hours Left to Prove His Innocence to Sean Hannity | Slate

    Roy Moore’s attorney offers bizarre defense of Roy Moore | The Washington Post

    Roy Moore's lawyer just went on MSNBC. It went very, very badly. | The Week
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    Fox News Twist: Sean Hannity Was Lying About His 24-Hour Roy Moore Deadline | Slate


    Sean Hannity spent more than one hour building up to his announcement on whether or not he believed Roy Moore's defense against more than a handful of allegations of sexual misconduct towards then-teenagers.

    The Fox News host ultimatey did not call on Moore to withdraw from the Alabama Senate race, but did not declare one way or the other whether or not he believed Moore's defense. And so, he did not call for Moore to leave the race. Before announcing his decision, Hannity read in its entirety an open letter Moore had written to Hannity denying the sexual misconduct charges.

    If you give a fuck:
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    The Alabama Robocall You Have To Hear To Believe | MSNBC

    The mysterious robocall claiming to be from a Washington Post reporter is a fake - but it’s part of an effort to discredit the allegations against Roy Moore.
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    The IRS Is Building a Safe to Hold Trump’s Tax Returns

    Departed tax chief John Koskinen explains why even he can't see Trump’s taxes — and why we should ‘beware the collapse of the IRS.’

    By Michael Grunwald, POLITICO, November 15, 2017


    Before John Koskinen became the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service in 2013, he was a successful corporate turnaround artist, a specialist in fixing large and distressed organizations. That’s why President Barack Obama asked him to cut short his second retirement to fix the embattled IRS, which was reeling from allegations that it inappropriately scrutinized conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. That’s why he spent four tumultuous years trying to bolster the agency’s reputation, even as Republicans repeatedly shredded him at hearings and even threatened to impeach him.

    This week, the 78-year-old Koskinen began his third retirement. And he says the IRS is still a distressed organization. “When Eisenhower left office, his message was: Beware the military-industrial complex,” Koskinen said. “My message is: Beware the collapse of the IRS.”

    But its problems, Koskinen said, have nothing to do with politics; a recent inspector general report found no evidence of political bias in the agency’s decisions. Koskinen believes its real problems stem from underfunding and understaffing, which have imperiled its ability to nail tax evaders and collect the tax revenues that fund the government.

    In an hourlong conversation with POLITICO Magazine’s Michael Grunwald, Koskinen also discussed Democratic concerns that President Donald Trump and his appointees could breach the independence of the IRS, using the agency to harass or persecute his enemies. Koskinen doesn’t share those concerns — not because of his faith in Trump, but because of his faith in the IRS staff and the strict rules governing the integrity of its audits and investigations.

    Koskinen basically believes the IRS and its professional culture are virtually impregnable to political agendas. He hasn’t spoken to Trump or anyone in the White House in 2017, even though he’s known the president since they negotiated the sale of the Commodore Hotel in New York City in 1975. He’s never looked up Trump’s tax returns — legally, he can’t, and neither can any other IRS employee who isn’t working on them — and says the agency not only keeps them in a locked cabinet in a locked room, but is replacing the cabinet with a safe.

    Koskinen also detailed some of the pros and cons of the various Republican tax reform plans, as well as his disappointment that the IRS wasn’t invited to help craft them. The former president of the U.S. Soccer Foundation also waxed philosophical about the men’s team’s shocking failure to qualify for the World Cup. But his biggest disappointment is still the ongoing cuts to IRS funding and staff, which he warns could end up creating a massive explosion of the deficit and a crippling crisis of confidence.

    The conversation has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

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    What a douchebag!

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  9. More fake news!
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    Pentagon tweets for Trump's resignation. Mistake?
    ..."sexual misconduct, tweeted: “The solution is simple… Roy Moore: Step down from the race. Al Franken: Resign from congress. It concluded with "Donald Trump: Resign from the presidency. GOP: Stop making sexual assault a partisan issue. It’s a crime as is your hypocrisy.”
    "The Pentagon’s official Twitter account then re-posted the broadside before quickly deleting it."

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    Aides give up on trying to control Trump’s tweets | POLITICO

    Trump’s post on Franken allegations was the latest example of the president's habit of using his Twitter account to draw fire, rather than deflecting it.


    After keeping silent for more than a week about mounting sexual misconduct allegations against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, the president weighed in on the sexual harassment claim against Democratic Sen. Al Franken — a pair of tweets that drove a late-night news cycle but were greeted internally at the White House with a shrug and a yawn.

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  15. Attached Files:

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    Hillary Clinton on Trump’s Election: “There Are Lots of Questions About Its Legitimacy”

    In an exclusive interview with Mother Jones, Clinton says Russian interference and GOP voter suppression efforts may have cost her the presidency.

    Clinton: Trump is still Putin’s puppet

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in an interview published Friday that she stands by her claim during the 2016 election that President Trump would be "Putin's puppet" if he won.

    Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump 9 hours ago
    Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst (and biggest) loser of all time. She just can’t stop, which is so good for the Republican Party. Hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years!

    Trump calls Hillary Clinton the 'worst' loser ever, after she says he's 'disgraced' the office

    The president's remarks followed two interviews on Friday, in which the former Democratic nominee differentiated between sexual assault accusations against GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and Democratic Sen. Al Franken. Clinton questioned why Trump was never hurt by past allegations from women that he behaved improperly, and tried to cast doubt on the legitimacy of Trump's win by invoking Russia's suspected meddling in the 2016 general election.

    Hillary Clinton: Trump 'is obsessed' with me | POLITICO

    “Apparently, you know, my former opponent is obsessed with my speaking out,” Clinton said in an appearance alongside her husband, former President Bill Clinton, at a forum in Little Rock, Arkansas, commemorating the 25th anniversary of his election. “Apparently there was another, somebody told me, tweet today. Honestly, between tweeting and golfing, how does he get anything done? I don’t understand it. Maybe that’s the whole point.”
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    Russian oligarch docks yacht in Palm Beach ahead of Trump visit | TheHill


    A prominent Russian oligarch with ties to President Vladimir Putin has docked his 500-foot yacht in the Port of Palm Beach just days before President Trump makes his way to Mar-a-Lago.

    Roman Abramovich docked his yacht, which is estimated to be worth between $400 and $500 million, at the port on Friday afternoon, and is expected to stay until Dec. 5, according to The Palm Beach Post.

    Abramovich's arrival comes days before Trump is set to arrive at his Florida resort, dubbed the Winter White House, for the Thanksgiving holiday. There have not been reports or signs that the two are meeting.

    Abramovich owns London’s Chelsea Football Club and is the largest shareholder of Russia's second largest steel company. He is reportedly close with the Russian president.

    First daughter Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have met with Abramovich and his wife before.

    Bloomberg reported that the Kushners disclosed his past meetings with Abramovich on his security clearance paperwork. The two have met multiple times at social events, and Ivanka Trump has been friends with Abramovich's wife for a decade.

    A source told the publication that Kushner and Abramovich have never met individually with each other, or alone with their wives.

    The news comes as multiple congressional panels and Special Counsel Robert Mueller continue to probe alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian election meddling.

    Kushner has been thrust back into the spotlight of the probe, with the Senate Judiciary Committee claiming that he did not hand over all of the relevant documents needed as part of the investigation.

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    Robert Mueller has a confirmed sealed indictment in place and it's probably against Donald Trump

    By Bill Palmer, Palmer Report


    In the nearly three weeks since Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort and campaign adviser Rick Gates were arrested for alleged crimes in relation to the Trump-Russia scandal, the public has been waiting for the next shoe to drop. Dozens of new sealed charges have appeared on the schedule in Robert Mueller’s favorite federal court in Washington DC, leaving everyone to guess who might get arrested next. What’s largely gone unreported is that Mueller already has a confirmed sealed indictment in place in relation to the Manafort and Gates arrests – and that indictment is probably against Trump himself.

    Manafort and Gates were charged and arrested based on an indictment which was listed as “Indictment (B)” on the official court documents, which you can view here. By definition, this means there is also an “Indictment (A)” in relation to the Manafort-Gates case. Based on protocol, that indictment is likely against a higher ranking target than Manafort or Gates. Manafort was the campaign chairman, and there is arguably no one higher up the chain than Donald Trump himself. Further, Indictment (A) is still sealed, suggesting that Mueller doesn’t want the real target to know yet that he’s been indicted. This also points to Trump.

    Robert Mueller’s most surefire path for making Donald Trump pay for his crimes is two-fold. The first prong involves busting Trump’s underlings and getting them to flip on him, so he can build a rock solid eyewitness case against Trump. The second prong involves indicting Trump for as many serious crimes as possible, so he can demonstrate to the public that Trump is guilty of a wide variety of crimes. It stands to reason that Mueller would collect indictments against Trump from each of his grand juries, and leave those indictments sealed until it’s time to go after Trump himself.

    To be clear, the “Indictment (A)” in question is not against George Papadopoulos, who had a different case number entirely. It’s almost certainly not against Michael Flynn, whose grand jury is being run out of a different federal court in Virginia. It’s theoretically possible that the indictment could be against another high ranking target such as Jeff Sessions or Jared Kushner, but in such case it would be difficult to explain why Mueller is still keeping it sealed. Again, Indictment (A) exists. It’s against someone of higher value than Paul Manafort, and it’s sealed for a reason. The only part we can’t yet confirm for certain is that it is indeed against Donald Trump – but it probably is.

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    New Rule: The Scrooge of Our Time | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) | Real Time with Bill Maher

    Through the magic of Christmas, Bill shows Donald Trump an alternate reality of what his life could be if he weren't such a Scrooge.

    THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS: A Randy Rainbow Song Parody | Randy Rainbow

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    'You are the garbage god now': Ivanka Trump is mercilessly mocked in hilarious memes after her brand suggests using a giant clam stuffed with driftwood, moss and pine cones as a nightmarish Thanksgiving decoration
    • The Ivanka Trump brand posted a photo of the ghastly Thanksgiving decoration on its Twitter account
    • It suggested putting driftwood, moss, pine cones and green and albino pumpkins into a giant clam shell
    • Twitter lit up, with many saying it looked like a load of garbage had been dumped onto the middle of the table
    • Others asked whether giant clam shells surrounded by $75 wine glasses would resonate with working people

    Ivanka Trump's website has some very weird ideas for your Thanksgiving

    If asked to describe Ivanka Trump in one word, we would not choose "relatable." ("Complicit" might be a better option.)

    And thus, it comes as no surprise that her website's recommendations for the ideal "Thanksgiving tablescape" were a little unorthodox, to say the least. Like, the absolute least.

    Is that ... a giant clam filled with moss?
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    Ivanka’s signature real estate deals were disasters linked to drug cartels and money laundering

    The president’s daughter has been at the center of a pair of the presidential projects tied most closely to grand corruption.

    By Casey Michel, ThinkProgress


    Before her father became president, Ivanka Trump tied herself more closely to two of her father’s international projects than any others.

    One, in Panama, was the current president’s first international foray — a building, according to the developer, that Donald Trump wanted to be Ivanka’s “baby.” The other, in Azerbaijan, was a project Ivanka herself claimed she “oversaw” — one for which, according to an Azeri lawyer involved with the project, the president’s daughter “personally approved everything.”

    Neither project succeeded, at least from the Trumps’ point of view. The board of directors of Panama’s Trump Ocean Club eventually fired Trump’s management company, citing budget over-runs and improper bonuses. Meanwhile, the development of Trump Tower Baku was so poorly managed — thanks to shoddy construction and missing payments — that The New Yorker dubbed the building “Trump’s worst deal.” Both remain marked blots on the president’s supposed business chops — and on the record of his daughter, who remains a special adviser to the president.

    But a pair of recent, in-depth investigations reveal the bungled buildings point to far more concerning missteps than mistimed bonuses or poor designs. The president and his daughter appear to have been, at best, unwitting accomplices to money laundering and grand corruption on a significant scale.

    The project in Azerbaijan has been tied to allegations of money laundering from the Azeri dictatorship and those close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard; the project in Panama has been tied to allegations of money laundering from South American drug cartels. In both instances, the Trumps apparently ignored clear signs of the corruption and money laundering drenching Ivanka’s pet projects.

    “Trump’s business approach,” wrote anti-corruption group Global Witness in a recent report, “has been to lease his name and for him and his family to drum up sales in some of the world’s dirty money hotspots, in some instances aided — knowingly or unwittingly — by networks of money launderers. The result is that Trump’s current wealth has depended in part on securing significant infusions of untraceable foreign funds.”

    While neither the president nor his daughter appear willing to comment on their dealings in Panama or Azerbaijan, a series of reports over the past few months have helped highlight how Trump and his daughter missed even the most basic red flags when it came to these buildings.

    Continued at
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    Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump 39 minutes ago
    Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail, LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo, is unaccepting of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail!

    Travon Free‏ @Travon 35 minutes ago
    "How come black people never behave like I want them to?!"

    John Iadarola‏ @johniadarola 35 minutes ago
    Jesus you're a petty, immature son of a bitch.

    Vijay Gupta‏ @Veej_1 37 minutes ago
    It is your duty to help them. Your whining about gratitude is irrelevant to the process. A real president doesn’t care about that.

    Palmer Report‏ @PalmerReport 38 minutes ago
    You racist asshole.

    Chris Miracle‏ @miracle_5514 27 minutes ago
    Were you not hugged as a child or something?

    Lipstick&Sports‏ @svsfsu29 22 minutes ago
    I can think of a Million things he should be worried about and this still wouldn’t make the list. We are Doomed as a Nation!!

    Sanam Ketabi‏ @sanamashley 5 minutes ago
    There's one thing to be upset that they didn't kiss your ass but to wish for these kids to go back to jail because their dad didn't praise you is just cruel. Does a firefighter put you back in the burning house if you didn't say thanks? No. Because it's their job regardless of the outcome.

    Andy Vallans‏ @AndyVallans64 30 seconds ago
    Small man
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    The real reason Robert Mueller hasn't yet arrested Michael Flynn

    By Bill Palmer, Palmer Report


    It’s been three weeks since Special Counsel Robert Mueller arrested Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort and campaign adviser Rick Gates, creating the expectation that more arrests would come in rapid fashion. It’s been two weeks since the headlines declared that Mueller was about to arrest Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and his son Michael Flynn Jr – yet it still hasn’t happened. So what gives? The answer appears to be rather specific, and it’s good news for Mueller’s side.

    Just as it appeared Michael Flynn’s arrest was imminent, the media added an entirely new twist to the Flynn story. Flynn has long been accused of having participated in a conspiracy to kidnap a guy in Pennsylvania. In fact former CIA Director James Woolsey, who was a Trump campaign adviser at the time, claims to have witnessed the conversation. But then came the revelation last week that the government of Turkey allegedly offered Flynn a $15 million bribe in exchange for using his position in the Trump regime to make it happen (Flynn denies all of these charges).

    In the court of public opinion, participating in a kidnapping plot sounds like a serious crime no matter the motivation. But in legal terms, the addition of a bribery component changes the nature of the alleged crime entirely. It would have prompted Mueller to go back to the grand jury and seek additional more serious criminal charges.

    Although Robert Mueller has proven he’s willing to be aggressive in pursuing Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, he’s also intent on doing the job correctly. The public may be impatient to see another arrest – but Mueller is more interested in getting this right. Michael Flynn’s arrest will come, and now it will be for even more serious charges. That only increases the odds Flynn will flip on Donald Trump.

  25. Anyone flipping on Donald Trump irrespective of what they are charged with goes up in my estimation.
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    Trump's Oklahoma campaign manager, who once introduced an anti-immigrant law to "stop sex trafficking of children," admits to trafficking young boy for sex


    Oklahoma Republican state Sen. Ralph Shortey has resigned after pleading guilty to trafficking a teenaged boy for sex; when Shortey was serving as Trump's Oklahoma campaign manager, he introduced an anti-sanctuary cities bill, claiming that immigrants trafficked their children for sex.

    Shortey's plea bargain got the prosecutors to drop three child pornography charges against him.

    According to The Oklahoman, Shortey was found in a hotel room with a teenage boy on March 9. A subsequent investigation by local and federal officials revealed a series of text messages in which Shortey offered to pay the teen in exchange for “sexual stuff.”

    The victim later “confirmed that he and Shortey intended to have sexual contact and that they had agreed Shortey would pay him for the contact,” the paper reported, citing a court affidavit...

    “When you incentivize illegal immigration, you incentivize a lot of bad things,” Shortey told NBC affiliate 4-KFOR. “There’s a trail of death from Honduras to the United States of America, and the families are giving their children and others over to coyotes and to human traffickers.”

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    The publisher of blasts back at legal threats from Roy Moore

    By Erik Wemple, The Washington Post


    After The Post published an investigative article documenting Roy Moore’s pursuit of a 14-year-old girl in 1979, the Republican Senate candidate from Alabama pledged to sue the newspaper. “The Washington Post published another attack on my character and reputation because they are desperate to stop my political campaign. These attacks said I was with a minor child and are false and untrue — and for which they will be sued,” Moore said a week ago during a campaign stop in Huntsville, Ala.

    Turns out Moore was also concerned about a media outlet closer to home. Moore’s camp has twice threatened the Alabama Media Group, home to, according to a letter from a lawyer for the company. “You have accused of making ‘false reports and/or careless reporting’ about multiple subjects related to your clients,” reads the letter from John Thompson of Lightfoot Franklin White LLC. “Your letter demands that retract and recant its prior stories and that it ‘cease and desist’ from any further reporting about your clients,” reads the letter.

    “ hereby rejects your demand,” it continues.

    Michelle Holmes, vice president of content for Alabama Media Group (AMG), tells the Erik Wemple Blog that the company lacks specificity on just what stories have offended Roy Moore, Kayla Moore and their Foundation for Moral Law. “As the letter outlines, these demands appear to be a show more than they are a serious attempt to question what we believe to be fully legitimate, serious reporting,” says Holmes. The letter states, “You have not explained how anything that has reported is untrue, inaccurate or erroneous, nor do you provide any support for your position.”

    A Nov. 14 letter from Trenton Garmon of Garmon & Liddon LLC broadly cites “false reports” and mentions reporting about a “fifth woman” who alleged misconduct by Moore; Moore’s signing of a yearbook even though “experts” have confirmed the signature is “not consistent with his handwriting”; and the contention that Moore was “banned” from the Gadsden Mall.

    As a target of authoritarian-style intimidation, AMG makes some sense for Moore & Co. In addition to, the company runs the state’s three largest newspapers — the Birmingham News, the Huntsville Times and Press-Register of Mobile — and is part of Advance Local, a network that stitches together sites across the country. “I think they recognize that the viewpoint of Alabamians is what matters most, and if they can silence us, they would love to do it. They’re not going to be able to do it,” says Holmes.

    Not content to merely play defense against the threats from Moore, the AMG letter notes that litigation from the Senate candidate would “also reveal other important information about your clients.” In that spirit, it gives notice to Moore & Co. that they are to preserve all “materials, documents, writings, recordings, statements, notes, letters, journals, diaries, calendars, emails, videos, computers, cell phones, electronic data, and other information” related to these matters. Which is to say: Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Moore.

    Continued at

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    Judge in California blocks Trump's order on sanctuary cities | Reuters


    U.S. District Judge William Orrick in San Francisco, who blocked the order provisionally in April, issued a permanent injunction in the suit brought by the city and county of San Francisco and Santa Clara County, which said the order was unconstitutional.

    “The Counties have demonstrated that the Executive Order has caused and will cause them constitutional injuries by violating the separation of powers doctrine and depriving them of their Tenth and Fifth Amendment rights,” he wrote.

    Trump issued the order in January, shortly after he was inaugurated, slashing funding to jurisdictions that refuse to comply with a statute that requires local governments to share information with U.S. immigration authorities.

    As part of that policy, the Justice Department has sought to punish cities and other local jurisdictions that have joined a growing “sanctuary” movement aimed at shielding illegal immigrants from stepped-up deportation efforts.

    Continued at

    US ends Temporary Protected Status for 55,000 Haitians

    by Cora Cervantes
    2 hours ago

    Haitian TPS recipients rallied outside of DHS offices in Washington, DC, in October to demand a TPS extension and path to permanent residency [Cora Cervantes/Al Jazeera]

    The Haitian community in the US is "shocked" and "speechless" after President Donald Trump's administration announced that it was ending its humanitarian protection for Haiti.
    The move, announced on Monday, gives nearly 60,000 Haitians, who hold Temporary Protected Status (TPS), 18 months to return to Haiti or find other ways to legalise their status in the US.

    "I have 18 months to get my life together ... to try to navigate my life as an undocumented immigrant," Lys Isma, a 22-year-old Haitian living in Miami, Florida told Al Jazeera.
    Isma is one of about 55,000 Haitians who has received TPS since Haiti was given the humanitarian protections after an earthquake in 2010 ravaged the country, killing 316,000 and displacing more than 1.5 million.
    "I have no memories of Haiti," said Isma, who first arrived in the US when she was nine months.
    "A lot of my life is going to be taken away," she said. "I am overwhelmed."
    Isma said her future in the US is now unclear after the Department of Homeland Security announced that it was terminating TPS for Haiti.
    The department said in a memo late on Monday that it was ending the humanitarian protection for the country after "a review of the conditions upon which the country's original designation were based and whether those extraordinary, but temporary conditions prevented Haiti from adequately handling the return of their nationals".
    The memo said that Acting Secretary Elaine Duke "determined that those extraordinary, but temporary conditions caused by the 2010 earthquake no longer exist".
    The department added the protections for Haitians will end in July 2019.
    'Not ready to received all these families'

    Despite the department's assessment, supporters of the Haitian community in the US say Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, is not ready to take back 55,000 immigrants as the country continues to face political and security uncertainty.
    Lys Isma says she is 'overwhelmed' by the Trump administration's decision to terminate the TPS programme for Haitians [Cora Cervantes/Al Jazeera]
    A UN report from earlier this year found that 2.5 million Haitians were still in need of humanitarian aid. The unstable recovery was exacerbated by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, according to the UN. The report also notes that there has been a resurgence of sicknesses like diarrhoea and cholera.
    The health and infrastructure challenges were echoed by the US Department of State in September of 2017, when it issued a travel warning for Haiti.
    "The Department of State warns US citizens to carefully consider the risks of travelling to Haiti due to its current security environment and lack of adequate medical facilities and response," the state department said in the warning, which remains in effect.
    Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, has recently been rocked by anti-government protests.
    Ketlie Chrispin, a representative for Haitian Americans United for Change (HANC), a New York-based group advocating for Haitian TPS recipients, said she was shocked by the news.
    "Haiti is not ready to receive all of these families," Chrispin told Al Jazeera as she spent Monday evening fielding calls for community members worried about their next steps.
    "I am speechless," she said, adding that the decision "is separating families".
    A study by the Center for Migration Studies found that TPS holders from Haiti, Honduras and El Salvador together have more than 273,000 US-born children.
    "This administration says families mean everything to them," Chrispin said.
    "But when they say that, they are not thinking about our families. Not all families mean everything to them."
    'Haiti is not an option'

    Chrispin and other members of HANC told Al Jazeera that they will dedicate the next few weeks to explore what other place will open their door.
    "We have no concrete place to go. Haiti is not an option. Moving to Canada is on the table for many families," Chrispin said.
    In addition to developing an 18-month transition plan before the termination of status on July 22, 2019, Haitian TPS holders are required to pay nearly $600 and re-apply for a Work Authorization Documents in order to legally work in the United States for the remaining period.
    This will be the second time this year that Haitian TPS recipients must apply for work authorisation.
    In May after pressure from Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, and community groups, Haiti was granted six additional months for review before termination.
    A press release from the Department of Homeland Security said at that time, then Secretary of State John Kelly stated "he believed there were indications that Haiti - if its recovery from the 2010 earthquake continued at pace - may not warrant further TPS extension past January 2018".
    Monday's move follows the Trump administration's decision earlier this month to end TPS for nearly 2,500 Nicaraguans.
    The administration also announced that it was deferring its decision on whether to renew the protected status for Hondurans, temporarily extending the programme for another six months and leaving more than 57,000 people in limbo.
    Back in Miami, Florida, Lys Isma reflected on the changes that her community is now facing.
    "I want my community to stay strong, she said.
    "One of the great things about my community is our resilience," she added.

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    The Anti-Roy Moore Headlines You Haven't Seen | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    With most of Alabama's major newspaper denouncing Roy Moore with front-page op-eds, you may have missed the less-circulated periodicals.

    Senator Elizabeth Warren Explains Who Benefits From The Tax Bill | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren has read the fine print and can explain why, like 52% of Americans who 'strongly oppose' Trump's tax cuts, she's against it.

    Senator Elizabeth Warren Reacts To Sexual Harassment On Capitol Hill | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren calls for more accountability not just in Washington, but everyone in America.
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  31. In Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has resigned in the face of impeachment, leaving behind a country ectatic at the idea of a better future for its people.
    Mugabe's rule has lasted 37 years.
    Don't let Trump do the same to our country as this man did to his.
    Trump's style has shown similarities that run in parallel with that of Robert Mugabe so far. If Mugabe can be removed after so long it shouldn't be a problem getting rid of trump.
  32. IMHO trump won’t be indicted, they will indict everyone around him- Donald jr, Jarod Kirchner, maybe Sessions ( for lying). Government lawyers are always concerned with the stability of the country. The items of impeachment naught not work. Nixon was impeached because there were tapes proving Nixon conspired with the cover up for watergate. Absent hard proof that he conspired he won’t be impeached. If anyone can prove the ‘pee tapes’ he’ll be impeached. Usually presidents resign when impeached but not Clinton because it was a sham. Nixon went tho. Trump won’t because he will relish the months of discord and self aggrandizement while he fights impeachment

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