The Smoking Gun: Trump, The Least Charitable Billionaire

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  1. If the court dismissed the challenge to end DACA how the fuck can it be gone?
  2. Conway Hatch Act Violation 2fer
  3. Why is her hair so horrible? Why doesn’t she cut it really short? It’s awful and I for one can’t listen to her. I only watch the hair.

  4. Everything about her appearance screams over the hill hooker.

    Certainly there was meddling': Trump says Russia monkey-wrenched US election but 'had no impact' on the result – as he warns he'll 'counteract' any interference this November
    President said in a joint press conference with Sweden's prime minister that Russians interfered with the 2016 election but didn't accomplish anything
    He also said other nations may have meddled as well
    Trump claimed the U.S. is in the midst of 'a very, very deep study' on countering Russia's election monkey-wrenching and will do so 'strongly'
    Remarks came just hours after Director of National intelligence Dan Coats suggested Trump may soon level new election-related sanctions on Russians

    Special counsel's office issued 13 indictments a few weeks ago

    President Donald Trump said Tuesday at the White House that Russians did interfere in America's last presidential election – and other countries probably did too – but cautioned that the United States will counteract any attempt at meddling in the November 2018 midterms.

    'The Russians had no impact on our votes whatsoever, but certainly there was meddling and probably there was meddling from other countries and maybe other individuals,' Trump said at a joint news conference with Swedish Prime Minister Stephan Löfven.

    'We're doing a very, very deep study. And we're coming out with some, I think, very strong suggestions on the '18 election,' he said, adding that 'we'll counteract whatever they do. We'll counteract it very strongly.'

    President Donald Trump said Tuesday during a joint press conference with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven that while Russia meddled in the 2016 U.S. election, it didn't have any impact on the result

    The president didn't expand on how he plans to respond to Moscow's next round of monkey-wrenching.

    But he did say that states should make sure their automated voting systems have paper backups in November.

    It's 'old fashioned, but it's always good,' Trump said.

    Löfven highlighted his own country's intelligence services' renewed focus on ensuring the integrity of Sweden's electoral system and countering foreign

    More of the same but at link but the question remains did they meddle or didn't they?


    Trump administration WILL allow African elephant hunting trophies to be imported - despite president calling practice which his sons love a 'horror show'
    Federal agency overseen by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke issued a letter dated March 1 announcing importation will now be approved on a 'case-by-case basis'
    Decision to end Obama-era ban had first been put in place in November but personally overturned by Trump
    In November Trump had tweeted that it as a 'horror show' and that he did not believe it helped elephant conservation as advocates claim

    Trump's grown-up sons Eric and Don Jr have both hunted big game in Africa and Don Jr was seen posing with an elephant's tail in Zimbabwe in 2011

  7. Like father like son.
  8. Trump is trying to get rid of Kelly all the while swearing he is supporting Kelly. He has Scaramucci attacking Kelly on TV news
    [ quote ]The President has emboldened Anthony Scaramucci, the boisterous former communications director who was fired after just 10 days, to continue attacking White House chief of staff John Kelly during his cable news appearances, a source familiar with the situation told CNN.[/quote]

    Trump the chaos president. He really thinks the government is the Trump Reality Show.
  9. Trump spiritual advisor asks for her followers’ January salary and threatens them with God.

    “Right now I want you to click on that button, and I want you to honor God with his first fruits offering,” she said in a video shared to her website, in which she encourages her followers to donate to her ministries to get blessings from God.”
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  11. White House: Never Mind the North Korea Meeting, Trump Was Just Babbling
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    So I saw this yesterday and I thought I'd grab the screen and share it with y'all in honor of our pornstar-loving President. (Click to expand)


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    Stormy Daniels Offers to Return Payment to End Deal for Her Silence | The New York Times


    The pornographic film actress who says she had an affair with President Trump offered on Monday to return $130,000 she received from Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer in 2016 for agreeing not to discuss the alleged relationship.

    In exchange, the actress, Stephanie Clifford, seeks an end to her deal to keep quiet about what she says was an affair with Mr. Trump that started in 2006 and lasted for several months.

    In the letter, which was sent to Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, early Monday, Ms. Clifford’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, wrote that Ms. Clifford would wire the money into an account of Mr. Trump’s choosing by Friday.

    Mr. Avenatti set a deadline of noon Tuesday for Mr. Cohen to answer the offer from Ms. Clifford, known professionally as Stormy Daniels.

    Under the terms of the deal detailed in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times, the contract ensuring Ms. Clifford’s silence would be “deemed null and void” once she returned the sum called for in her original contract.

    Under Mr. Avenatti’s offer, Ms. Clifford would then be allowed to “(a) speak openly and freely about her prior relationship with the president and the attempts to silence her and (b) use and publish any text messages, photos and/or videos relating to the president that she may have in her possession, all without fear of retribution and/or legal liability for damages.”

    The letter also seeks an agreement that neither Mr. Trump nor the shell company that Mr. Cohen used to pay Ms. Clifford, which he represents as a party to their October 2016 deal, would move to block the broadcast of an interview that Ms. Clifford taped with “60 Minutes” last week. The letter was also addressed to a lawyer working on the case with Mr. Cohen, Lawrence S. Rosen.

    Mr. Cohen and Mr. Rosen did not immediately respond to calls seeking comment.

    “As we have always said, this is about a search for the truth and the ability of Ms. Clifford to tell the American people what really happened so they can make their own determination,” Mr. Avenatti said in a statement. “Our offer proves this out.”

    The offer puts the president and Mr. Cohen — who deny that Mr. Trump had an affair with Ms. Clifford — in a challenging position.

    If they agree to Mr. Avenatti’s terms, Ms. Clifford can speak openly about not only the sexual relationship she claims to have had with Mr. Trump shortly after his wife, Melania, gave birth to the couple’s son, Barron, but also about what she describes as an effort to silence her with “hush money.”

    The money, which Mr. Cohen has said came from his own personal funds, is the subject of complaints lodged by the group Common Cause with the Federal Election Commission and the Justice Department. Common Cause argues that the payment violated campaign finance laws.

    New York State’s professional standards for lawyers require that they take settlement offers directly to their clients. That means Mr. Cohen is under a legal obligation to share the proposed deal with Mr. Trump, who has kept his distance from the matter since news of the contract broke in January.

    If they reject the offer, they could be seen as effectively acknowledging the existence of a continuing effort to keep Ms. Clifford silent about an affair that Mr. Cohen and the president say did not happen.

    Continued at

    EXCLUSIVE: Stormy Daniels’ Pal on Trump: ‘He Would Call All the Time’ | Daily Beast

    “That man can talk about nothing for hours.”
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    Rex Tillerson is out: Live updates | CNN

    Trump asked Tillerson to step aside on Friday

    A senior administration official told CNN that President Trump asked Tillerson to step aside on Friday.

    “POTUS thought it was the right time for the transition with the upcoming North Korea talks and various trade negotiations. POTUS asked Tillerson to step aside on Friday,” the source said.

    More at
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  16. The list of vacancies in the White House at this point must be pretty lengthy since there's been more staff pushed out than replaced.

    Before long it'll be Trump and the cleaning staff running the country.

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    Sadly true. The only thing worse is Trump and people who were too extreme to be chosen before although forget that. Bannon was extreme. Bolton is extremely extreme. I feel for the generals they were his stability but are wishing they could quit . They are sworn to protect the US and obey the Commander in Chief. If they leave then there have been serious discussions about impeachment or emergency removal by our military. The night before Nixon quit the military went on highest alert.

  18. Another sad truth is that anyone with strength of character is seen by Trump as a threat to him personally and are treated as such then removed by him.
    It's indicative of how insecure he really is.
    He cannot bear to be seen as wrong irrespective of how far he is from what's right.

    Things cannot go on in this way for much longer.

    One more interesting point I've observed in recent days is Trump has taken his time in speaking out against the poisoning of the former Russian spy and his daughter in the UK.
    He should have made a very public stand on that before now.
    If the shoe were on the other foot he'd be all up on his back legs demanding a show of unity from Europe and the UK.

    Day after day Trumps leadership skills are called into question, his lies and denials are out there in public as are his murky dealings, and still he's president of this country.

    It makes me sad.
  19. “e he is currently under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for financial crimes,”
  20. Lamb vrs Saccone is too close to call. Recount is coming. Boo ya

    Trump hints at militarizing space as he proposes new 'Space Force,' then tells Marines 'You wouldn't be going to Mars' if Hillary won
    President Donald Trump spoke to troops at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
    He was positioned in front of a Marine fighter jet
    He called space a 'war-fighting domain'
    Predicted we were going to Mars 'very soon'
    Tells them: 'You wouldn't be going to Mars if my opponent won'
    The House Armed Services Committee holds a hearing Wednesday on 'Space Warfighting Readiness: Policies, Authorities, and Capabilities'

    Clinton has told the story of writing NASA at age 13 about becoming an astronaut

    I can't read or print the rest he's making me wet myself.

    The harsh reality: Donald Trump does mean Europe harm

    Rex Tillerson’s sacking has brought the transatlantic relationship into sharp focus. We may yet think fondly of the days when the worst the US president did was tweet

    The emerging crisis between the United States and Europe is multifaceted; its contours fast evolving; its outcome hard to predict. And if that were true on Monday, it is more so now, following the firing by Donald Trump of Rex Tillerson, his secretary of state, who had unequivocally expressed his horror about the nerve agent poisoning in the UK – and openly pledged the solidarity of his office with a European ally.

    The American president, by contrast, long stayed silent, even after Theresa May announced that Russia was “highly likely” to be responsible for the attack. This merits sustained reflection. While several European governments were closing ranks with the UK, united in the face of an unprecedented assault involving the use of a military grade substance in a western country, the scenario many dreaded was becoming reality. Not only could Trump not care less about the serious concerns of a supposed ally or about Russian behaviour, he actually seemed content to punish a senior member of his team who had the temerity to show that he did care. If there was ever a more dramatic way of demonstrating Trump’s indifference to the other side of the pond – not to mention what Brexiters like to believe is an iron-clad special relationship – this sequence of sorry events was surely it.

    Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov found dead at his London home
    Read more
    But then the fact of a transatlantic divergence has become progressively more apparent. On climate, on Iran, on multilateralism, on Jerusalem: the scene has been set for months. Tillerson spent the past year as one of a handful of people within the US administration keen to reassure the worried Europeans that for all Trump’s maverick tendencies, the fundamentals of the transatlantic relationship were as sound as they had ever been. Tillerson’s firing will cause dismay, if not complete surprise. But it will have its effect, not least because it adds further instability to a landscape already churned by Trump-inspired shocks.

    Last week, the US administration launched what can be seen as the first concrete American assault on European interests – including British interests – since Trump came to office: the proposed imposition of US tariffs on aluminium and steel. There were exemptions mooted for Canada and even Mexico, so often the target of Trump’s ire. But no mention of a special deal for Europe. That the decision was framed as a question of US “national security” set off a frenzy of perplexed and angered European reactions, with EU officials such as the Brussels trade commissioner, Cecilia Malmström, rightly asking: are Europeans not US allies, rather than threats to American national security?

    There is no doubt that Trump’s stance on tariffs represents a turning point for Europe. It is not words and tweets
    Conversations last weekend at a gathering organised by the German Marshall Fund thinktank in Brussels revealed much about the distress and confusion caused by Trump’s stance on trade. The EU, to be sure, made clear it was ready to retaliate (or to “rebalance”) if a trade war was unleashed. But more apparent was the hope that somehow, somewhere, sane minds would prevail in Washington, to avert disaster. With Tillerson out of the picture, what are the odds of that now?

    There is no doubt that Trump’s stance on tariffs represents a turning point for Europe. It is not speeches and tweets. It is concrete action that seems bound by design to harm Europe. It goes beyond his description of Nato as “obsolete” (especially as all the while he was also honouring the alliance’s troop deployments in the east, facing Russia). It goes beyond his notorious description of the EU as “a vehicle for Germany”. To date, he hasn’t bothered to name a US ambassador to the EU. But he hadn’t, until now, translated his hostility for the European construct into consequence-filled acts.

    So what is going on? At the Brussels gathering, Robert Zoellick, a former head of the World Bank, noted Trump’s need to pander to his domestic base – a fair explanation. Less publicly, however, several European officials wondered about the ideological dimension and ambition of Trump’s offensive against Europe: he’s not just lashing out at European steel, he’s creating the conditions for a beleaguered EU to split.

    He will watch with glee as Brexiters kneel before him again, begging for special treatment on trade. He will want Poland’s nationalist regime – the only one in Europe that he has ever lauded – to break ranks with Angela Merkel’s Germany on car exports and other deals. Perhaps, the speculation goes, Poland will even seek to use its solidarity with the rest of Europe on trade as leverage to secure extra EU funds. Trump may, it’s true, be wary of openly granting Poland any favours after the scandal triggered by its recent law on the Holocaust, which denies Polish complicity in Nazi atrocities. But the temptation to bolster a nativist mindset surely still lingers at the back of his mind. Meanwhile, Steve Bannon, Trump’s former mentor and adviser, has been touring Europe preaching precisely that message.

    The biggest Trump resignations and firings – so far
    Read more
    Trump’s mixture of hostility and indifference to the European project, its trading power and its liberal, democratic values, is hardly news – just as his hatred for Merkel is no secret. But with the early signs of a trade war, and the growing evidence of the president’s disdain for Britain’s predicament just when transatlantic empathy was expected, we see his estrangement from historical norms in sharp focus.

    Whether Europe can stay unified in the face of this perilous environment will be a pivotal question. Add it up: the risks for Europe if the Iran deal unravels; the costs of a trade confrontation; Trump’s indifference to Russia’s apparent use of a chemical weapon in Europe; and now the firing of Tillerson, and you end up with a gathering crisis of sobering magnitude – worse than the US-Europe rift of 2003 over Iraq. We may yet think fondly of the days when the worst he did was tweet.

    • Natalie Nougayrede is a Guardian columnist
  23. Why can't this fucker have a heart attack?
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    The good news valves, if the changes to the Presidents diet are true, is that with cardiovascular disease there is such a thing as too little too late. if reports of his historic diet and lifestyle are true, you may well consider watching this space.
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