The Smoking Gun: Trump, The Least Charitable Billionaire

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  1. Predictable response from Trump!
  2. Homeland security advisor just quit. He made the rounds of the Sunday talk shows this week supporting retaliation against Syria. This resignation is unexpected. Oh to be a fly on the wall
  3. This is all amusing until you realize he is capable of declaring war just as a diversion. It’s terrifying.
    His choices are Syria, North Korea, Mexico
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  5. The past 24 hours of dangerous Trump-Russia news, explained
    The Mueller investigation just got red-hot.
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    Opinion | The Law Is Coming, Mr. Trump | The New York Times

    By The Editorial Board


    Why don’t we take a step back and contemplate what Americans, and the world, are witnessing?

    Early Monday morning, F.B.I. agents raided the New York office, home and hotel room of the personal lawyer for the president of the United States. They seized evidence of possible federal crimes — including bank fraud, wire fraud and campaign finance violations related to payoffs made to women, including a porn actress, who say they had affairs with the president before he took office and were paid off and intimidated into silence.

    That evening the president surrounded himself with the top American military officials and launched unbidden into a tirade against the top American law enforcement officials — officials of his own government — accusing them of “an attack on our country.”

    Oh, also: The Times reported Monday evening that investigators were examining a $150,000 donation to the president’s personal foundation from a Ukrainian steel magnate, given during the American presidential campaign in exchange for a 20-minute video appearance.

    Meanwhile, the president’s former campaign chairman is under indictment, and his former national security adviser has pleaded guilty to lying to investigators. His son-in-law and other associates are also under investigation.

    This is your president, ladies and gentlemen. This is how Donald Trump does business, and these are the kinds of people he surrounds himself with.

    Mr. Trump has spent his career in the company of developers and celebrities, and also of grifters, cons, sharks, goons and crooks. He cuts corners, he lies, he cheats, he brags about it, and for the most part, he’s gotten away with it, protected by threats of litigation, hush money and his own bravado. Those methods may be proving to have their limits when they are applied from the Oval Office. Though Republican leaders in Congress still keep a cowardly silence, Mr. Trump now has real reason to be afraid. A raid on a lawyer’s office doesn’t happen every day; it means that multiple government officials, and a federal judge, had reason to believe they’d find evidence of a crime there and that they didn’t trust the lawyer not to destroy that evidence.

    On Monday, when he appeared with his national security team, Mr. Trump, whose motto could be, “The buck stops anywhere but here,” angrily blamed everyone he could think of for the “unfairness” of an investigation that has already consumed the first year of his presidency, yet is only now starting to heat up. He said Attorney General Jeff Sessions made “a very terrible mistake” by recusing himself from overseeing the investigation — the implication being that a more loyal attorney general would have obstructed justice and blocked the investigation. He complained about the “horrible things” that Hillary Clinton did “and all of the crimes that were committed.” He called the A-team of investigators from the office of the special counsel, Robert Mueller, “the most biased group of people.” As for Mr. Mueller himself, “we’ll see what happens,” Mr. Trump said. “Many people have said, ‘You should fire him.’”

    In fact, the raids on the premises used by Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, were conducted by the public corruption unit of the federal attorney’s office in Manhattan, and at the request not of the special counsel’s team, but under a search warrant that investigators in New York obtained following a referral by Mr. Mueller, who first consulted with the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein. To sum up, a Republican-appointed former F.B.I. director consulted with a Republican-appointed deputy attorney general, who then authorized a referral to an F.B.I. field office not known for its anti-Trump bias. Deep state, indeed.

    Mr. Trump also railed against the authorities who, he said, “broke into” Mr. Cohen’s office. “Attorney-client privilege is dead!” the president tweeted early Tuesday morning, during what was presumably his executive time. He was wrong. The privilege is one of the most sacrosanct in the American legal system, but it does not protect communications in furtherance of a crime. Anyway, one might ask, if this is all a big witch hunt and Mr. Trump has nothing illegal or untoward to hide, why does he care about the privilege in the first place?

    The answer, of course, is that he has a lot to hide.

    Continued at

    Raids on Trump’s Lawyer Sought Records of Payments to Women | The New York Times

    The F.B.I. agents who raided the office of President Trump’s personal lawyer on Monday were looking for records about payments to two women who claim they had affairs with Mr. Trump as well as information related to the role of the publisher of The National Enquirer in silencing one of the women, according to several people briefed on the investigation.

    Trump Sought to Fire Mueller in December | The New York Times

    In early December, President Trump, furious over news reports about a new round of subpoenas from the office of the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, told advisers in no uncertain terms that Mr. Mueller’s investigation had to be shut down.
  7. It looks like he will fire Rosenstein instead of Mueller then get someone over Mueller to control him. This is a series of unintended consequences. Trump insists on interviewing the AG for New York, then the AG recuses himself from Trump-related subpoenas.
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    Bannon pitches White House on plan to cripple Mueller probe and protect Trump | The Washington Post


    Stephen K. Bannon, who was ousted as White House chief strategist last summer but has remained in touch with some members of President Trump’s circle, is pitching a plan to West Wing aides and congressional allies to cripple the federal probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election, according to four people familiar with the discussions.

    The first step, these people say, would be for Trump to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, who oversees the work of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and in recent days signed off on a search warrant of Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

    Bannon is also recommending the White House cease its cooperation with Mueller, reversing the policy of Trump’s legal team to provide information to the special counsel’s team and to allow staff members to sit for interviews.

    And he is telling associates inside and outside the administration that the president should create a new legal battleground to protect himself from the investigation by asserting executive privilege — and arguing that Mueller’s interviews with White House officials over the past year should now be null and void.

    “The president wasn’t fully briefed by his lawyers on the implications” of not invoking executive privilege, Bannon told The Washington Post in an interview Wednesday. “It was a strategic mistake to turn over everything without due process, and executive privilege should be exerted immediately and retroactively.”

    There is no indication that Trump, who forced out Bannon and later said his former adviser had “lost his mind” after leaving the West Wing, would be willing to take Bannon’s advice or is aware of the plan. Several Trump aides also remain skeptical of the former strategist’s attempt to insert himself into the president’s decision-making process.

    “If you say his name in front of the president, it’s not a pretty sight,” said a senior administration official. “The president really goes off about him.”

    Nonetheless, Bannon’s efforts signify the growing pressure from an influential wing of Trump’s political base to thwart Mueller, who, many Trump allies believe, presents an existential legal and political threat to his presidency.

    Trump boosters in Congress are preparing to take legislative action against Rosenstein and other Justice officials over the disclosure of documents related to the Russia investigation. That push is seen by Bannon and others in the White House as a cause that could prompt Trump to act and shift much of the Russia investigation to Capitol Hill, where Republicans control both chambers.

    Trump remains furious with the Mueller probe, which on Wednesday he blasted on Twitter as “never ending and corrupt.”

    Continued at
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    Michael Avenatti‏ @MichaelAvenatti 11 hours ago
    Always nice when other attorneys that generally know what they are talking about back you up on what you have been saying for over five weeks. For the record, I DID NOT write the headline - it's all theirs.

    Clown Lawyer Michael Cohen Gonna Learn Today | Above the Law

    The problem isn't that the FBI raided his place, it's that they'll probably find what they're looking for.
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  10. “ search warrant federal prosecutors in New York served to Mr. Cohen this week requests, among other things, all communications between him, Mr. Pecker and Dylan Howard, the business’s chief content officer. The company was in touch with Mr. Cohen, The New York Times previously reported, as it pursued its deal to acquire the rights to a former Playboy model’s story about an affair with Mr. Trump.”
    Trump is a crime syndicate
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    The National Enquirer, a Trump Rumor, and Another Secret Payment to Buy Silence | The New Yorker

    How the media organization protected the Presidential candidate early in his campaign.

    $30,000 rumor? Tabloid paid for, spiked, salacious Trump tip | The Associated Press

    Eight months before the company that owns the National Enquirer paid $150,000 to a former Playboy Playmate who claimed she’d had an affair with Donald Trump, the tabloid’s parent made a $30,000 payment to a less famous individual: a former doorman at one of the real estate mogul’s New York City buildings.
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  13. Trump’s tweet
    “I have agreed with the historically cooperative, disciplined approach that we have engaged in with Robert Mueller (Unlike the Clintons!). I have full confidence in Ty Cobb, my Special Counsel, and have been fully advised throughout each phase of this process.”
    Big change after meeting with Rod Rosenstein. Trump has been pondering firing Mueller and/or Rosenstein and I wonder what it means.
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    In new book, Comey says Trump 'untethered to truth' | The Associated Press


    Former FBI Director James Comey blasts President Donald Trump as unethical and “untethered to truth” and calls his leadership of the country “ego driven and about personal loyalty” in a forthcoming book.

    Comey reveals new details about his interactions with Trump and his own decision-making in handling the Hillary Clinton email investigation before the 2016 election. He casts Trump as a mafia boss-like figure who sought to blur the line between law enforcement and politics and tried to pressure him regarding his investigation into Russian election interference.

    The book adheres closely to Comey’s public testimony and written statements about his contacts with the president during the early days of the administration and his growing concern about the president’s integrity. It also includes strikingly personal jabs at Trump that appear likely to irritate the president.

    The 6-foot-8 Comey describes Trump as shorter than he expected with a “too long” tie and “bright white half-moons” under his eyes that he suggests came from tanning goggles. He also says he made a conscious effort to check the president’s hand size, saying it was “smaller than mine, but did not seem unusually so.”

    The book, “A Higher Loyalty,” is to be released next week. The Associated Press purchased a copy this week.

    Trump fired Comey in May 2017, setting off a scramble at the Justice Department that led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation. Mueller’s probe has expanded to include whether Trump obstructed justice by firing Comey, an idea the president denies. Trump has assailed Comey as a “showboat” and a “liar.”

    Comey’s account lands at a particularly sensitive moment for Trump and the White House. Officials there describe Trump as enraged over a recent FBI raid of his personal lawyer’s home and office, raising the prospect that he could fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller, or try to shut down the probe on his own. The Republican National Committee is poised to lead the pushback effort against Comey, who is set to do a series of interviews to promote the book, by launching a website and supplying surrogates with talking points that question the former director’s credibility.

    Trump has said he fired Comey because of his handling of the FBI’s investigation into his Clinton’s email practices. Trump used the investigation as a cudgel in the campaign and repeatedly said Clinton should be jailed for using a personal email system while serving as secretary of state. Democrats, on the other hand, have accused Comey of politicizing the investigation, and Clinton herself has said it hurt her election prospects.

    Comey writes that he regrets his approach and some of the wording he used in his July 2016 press conference in which he announced the decision not to prosecute Clinton. But he says he believes he did the right thing by going before the cameras and making his statement, noting that the Justice Department had done so in other high profile cases.

    Every person on the investigative team, Comey writes, found that there was no prosecutable case against Clinton and that the FBI didn’t find that she lied under its questioning.

    He also reveals for the first time that the U.S. government had unverified classified information that he believes could have been used to cast doubt on Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s independence in the Clinton probe. While Comey does not outline the details of the information — and says he didn’t see indications of Lynch inappropriately influencing the investigation — he says it worried him that the material could be used to attack the integrity of the probe and the FBI’s independence.

    Comey’s book will be heavily scrutinized by the president’s legal team looking for any inconsistencies between it and his public testimony, under oath, before Congress. They will be looking to impeach Comey’s credibility as a key witness in Mueller’s obstruction investigation, which the president has cast as a political motivated witch hunt.

    He provides new details of his firing. He writes that then-Homeland Security secretary John Kelly — now Trump’s chief of staff — offered to quit out of a sense of disgust as to how Comey was dismissed, as well as his first encounter with Trump, a January 2017 briefing at Trump Tower in New York City. Kelly has been increasingly marginalized in the White House and the president has mused to confidantes about firing the chief of staff.

    Comey also writes extensively about his first meeting with Trump after his election. Others in the meeting included Vice President Mike Pence, Trump’s first chief of staff, Reince Priebus, Michael Flynn, who would become national security adviser, and incoming press secretary, Sean Spicer. Comey was also joined by NSA Director Mike Rogers, CIA Director John Brennan and DNI Director James Clapper.

    After Clapper briefed the team on the intelligence community’s findings of Russian election interference, Comey said he was taken aback by what the Trump team didn’t ask.

    “They were about to lead a country that had been attacked by a foreign adversary, yet they had no questions about what the future Russian threat might be,” Comey writes. Instead, he writes, they launched into a strategy session about how to “spin what we’d just told them” for the public.


    Comey: Trump asked me to investigate ‘pee tape’ to reassure Melania | New York Post


    President Trump wanted James Comey to investigate the infamous “pee tape” allegations — to reassure Melania that he hadn’t actually paid Russian hookers to urinate on a hotel bed, the former FBI chief claims in his upcoming book.

    “He brought up what he called the ‘golden showers thing’ … adding that it bothered him if there was ‘even a one percent chance’ his wife, Melania, thought it was true,” Comey writes in “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” a copy of which was obtained by The Post.

    “He just rolled on, unprompted, explaining why it couldn’t possibly be true, ending by saying he was thinking of asking me to investigate the allegation to prove it was a lie. I said it was up to him.”

    The conversation took place during the same private dinner on Jan. 27, 2017, where Comey as claims the president demanded “loyalty” — and just days after the publication of an intelligence dossier alleging that the Kremlin had a tape of Trump paying prostitutes to perform the dirty deed on a bed once occupied by President Obama.

    Comey says he warned Trump an investigation might “create a narrative that we were investigating him personally,” the former top G-man writes.

    The president replied that he “might be right” — but kept asking him to consider the idea, and said he would as well, according to Comey.

    Comey said he privately wondered why Melania might think there was even a 1 percent chance the allegations were true, claiming there is “zero chance” his own wife would believe such a claim.

    “In what kind of marriage, to what kind of man, does a spouse conclude there is only a 99 percent chance her husband didn’t do that?” he writes in the book, which hits shelves April 17.

  15. President Trump wanted James Comey to investigate the infamous “pee tape” allegations — to reassure Melania that he hadn’t actually paid Russian hookers to urinate on a hotel bed, the former FBI chief claims in his upcoming book.
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    Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump 18 minutes ago
    James Comey is a proven LEAKER & LIAR. Virtually everyone in Washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did-until he was, in fact, fired. He leaked CLASSIFIED information, for which he should be prosecuted. He lied to Congress under OATH. He is a weak and.....

    Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump 2 minutes ago
    ....untruthful slime ball who was, as time has proven, a terrible Director of the FBI. His handling of the Crooked Hillary Clinton case, and the events surrounding it, will go down as one of the worst “botch jobs” of history. It was my great honor to fire James Comey!
  17. I've got diarrhoea do you think Trump would like to see me do it in his face?
    It'd suit him down to the ground it's bright orange and smelly as his wife's cunt.
  18. The number of hush payments that Cohen has arranged is now 4
    Here’s the first 3

    Here’s the 4th
    [ quote]President Donald Trump's longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, facilitated a payment plan totaling $1.6 million last year to a former Playboy model who says she became pregnant by Elliott Broidy, a leading GOP fundraiser, a source tells CNN.

    Cohen may have recorded conversations with some people.
    This is sleezier than Watergate.
  19. This is his latest Tweet
    Trump sounds unhinged, he’s put a call to Cohen - bad when he’s under investigation- and is more worried about Cohen than Mueller
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  20. We are bombing Syria
  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    Evan McMullin‏ @Evan_McMullin 3 hours ago
    Big news: Mueller reportedly has evidence that Michael Cohen did travel to Prague in 2016, lending credence to Chris Steele’s reporting that Cohen secretly met a Kremlin figure there to strategize about Moscow’s election assistance to President Trump.

    Sources: Mueller has evidence Cohen was in Prague in 2016, confirming part of dossier | McClatchy Washington Bureau


    The Justice Department special counsel has evidence that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and confidant, Michael Cohen, secretly made a late-summer trip to Prague during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

    Confirmation of the trip would lend credence to a retired British spy’s report that Cohen strategized there with a powerful Kremlin figure about Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

    It would also be one of the most significant developments thus far in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of whether the Trump campaign and the Kremlin worked together to help Trump win the White House. Undercutting Trump’s repeated pronouncements that “there is no evidence of collusion,” it also could ratchet up the stakes if the president tries, as he has intimated he might for months, to order Mueller’s firing.

    Continued at
  22. Alex Jones breaks down on the air over Trump bombing Syria
    First he got mag
  23. Cohens lawyer came to court yesterday but not Cohen so he couldn’t answer the question- how many documents are there. Cohens lawyer said there were “thousands and thousands” and asked for a delay. When the judge asked how many there REALLY were, cohens lawyer said he wasn’t sure. He couldn’t answer the question “how many clients does Cohen have” he said he wasn’t sure. The judge asked for a definitive list of clients by the afternoon and an estimate of how many documents. At 4 pm the lawyer said he didn’t have them. Meanwhile Cohen was photographed outside his hotel smoking cigars with friends.
  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump 8 hours ago
    Unbelievably, James Comey states that Polls, where Crooked Hillary was leading, were a factor in the handling (stupidly) of the Clinton Email probe. In other words, he was making decisions based on the fact that he thought she was going to win, and he wanted a job. Slimeball!

    Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump 8 hours ago
    The big questions in Comey’s badly reviewed book aren’t answered like, how come he gave up Classified Information (jail), why did he lie to Congress (jail), why did the DNC refuse to give Server to the FBI (why didn’t they TAKE it), why the phony memos, McCabe’s $700,000 & more?

    Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump 7 hours ago
    Comey throws AG Lynch “under the bus!” Why can’t we all find out what happened on the tarmac in the back of the plane with Wild Bill and Lynch? Was she promised a Supreme Court seat, or AG, in order to lay off Hillary. No golf and grandkids talk (give us all a break)!

    Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump 7 hours ago
    The Syrian raid was so perfectly carried out, with such precision, that the only way the Fake News Media could demean was by my use of the term “Mission Accomplished.” I knew they would seize on this but felt it is such a great Military term, it should be brought back. Use often!

    Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump 7 hours ago
    I never asked Comey for Personal Loyalty. I hardly even knew this guy. Just another of his many lies. His “memos” are self serving and FAKE!

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump 7 hours ago
    Attorney Client privilege is now a thing of the past. I have many (too many!) lawyers and they are probably wondering when their offices, and even homes, are going to be raided with everything, including their phones and computers, taken. All lawyers are deflated and concerned!

    Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump 6 hours ago
    Slippery James Comey, a man who always ends up badly and out of whack (he is not smart!), will go down as the WORST FBI Director in history, by far!

    Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump 5 hours ago
    Just hit 50% in the Rasmussen Poll, much higher than President Obama at same point. With all of the phony stories and Fake News, it’s hard to believe! Thank you America, we are doing Great Things.
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    TIME Cover: The Story Behind the 'Stormy' Donald Trump Art | TIME


    The April 23 TIME cover, depicting the growing chaos within the Trump White House, may look familiar to some readers: We asked longtime TIME collaborator Tim O’Brien to reimagine a cover he did for us just over a year ago.
 With his inventive style and fine hairline brush, Tim’s updated piece shows the rising water from the storms swirling inside the Oval Office.

    Stormy Daniels will be in court for hearing on Trump's lawyer Cohen | CNBC


    Cohen is expected to make his first appearance at the hearing in U.S. District Court in New York, where his presence has been ordered by a judge considering his request on how to handle materials seized in the FBI raid.

    During an appearance on CNN's "State of the Union," Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti, revealed she would be there to watch Cohen.

    "I think Monday afternoon could prove to be very interesting," Avenatti said.
  26. For the love of God stop Trump and his fucking tweets.
  27. Amazon Apologizes for Shipping Ten Thousand Copies of Comey’s Book to White House
  28. He had too much coffee ice cream and couldn’t put his iPhone down
  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    Transcript: James Comey's interview with ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos | ABC News

    Five things we learned from the James Comey interview | The Guardian

    James Comey’s ABC Interview: Five Highlights | The New York Times
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    Broidy is the GOP big donor and campaign official who paid over 1 million to a playboy bunny he go pregnant and perhaps for an abortion. He resigned.

    And a third person
    That will be interesting. Any bets? Pence? Putin?
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    Stormy’s lawyer,Michael Avenatti, is really smart and a real scrapper, and I hope he has body guards.
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