The Smoking Gun: Trump, The Least Charitable Billionaire

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    Russian internet trolls were being hired to pose as pro-Trump Americans | Business Insider


    Russia's troll factories were, at one point, likely being paid by the Kremlin to spread pro-Trump propaganda on social media.

    That is what freelance journalist Adrian Chen, now a staff writer at The New Yorker, discovered as he was researching Russia's "army of well-paid trolls" for an explosive New York Times Magazine exposé published in June 2015.

    "A very interesting thing happened," Chen told Longform's Max Linsky in a podcast in December.

    "I created this list of Russian trolls when I was researching. And I check on it once in a while, still. And a lot of them have turned into conservative accounts, like fake conservatives. I don't know what's going on, but they're all tweeting about Donald Trump and stuff," he said.

    Linsky then asked Chen who he thought "was paying for that."

    "I don't know," Chen replied. "I feel like it's some kind of really opaque strategy of electing Donald Trump to undermine the US or something. Like false-flag kind of thing. You know, that's how I started thinking about all this stuff after being in Russia."

    In his research from St. Petersburg, Chen discovered that Russian internet trolls — paid by the Kremlin to spread false information on the internet — have been behind a number of "highly coordinated campaigns" to deceive the American public.

    It's a brand of information warfare, known as "dezinformatsiya," that has been used by the Russians since at least the Cold War. The disinformation campaigns are only one "active measure" tool used by Russian intelligence to "sow discord among," and within, allies perceived hostile to Russia.

    "An active measure is a time-honored KGB tactic for waging informational and psychological warfare," Michael Weiss, a senior editor at The Daily Beast and editor-in-chief of The Interpreter — an online magazine that translates and analyzes political, social, and economic events inside the Russian Federation — wrote on Tuesday.

    Continued here:
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    Here Is Everything Trump Just Deleted From Melania's Website (SCREENSHOTS)


    Presidential nominee Donald Trump is doing his best to scrub his wife Melania’s presence from the Internet. Melania’s official website has mysteriously disappeared, and now redirects to Trump’s official business homepage. Apparently nobody told The Donald that once something is published online, it stays there forever even if the original source is removed. We have all of the screenshots for your viewing pleasure below.

    After Melania’s disastrous plagiarized speech at the Republican National Convention it is of little surprise Trump’s campaign is desperately trying to save face by limiting as much information as possible about her. Melania has been a constant embarrassing thorn in Trump’s campaign after the revelations she lied about earning a degree in design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana.

    Continued here:

    With Degree Debunked, Melania Trump Website Is Taken Down | The New York Times


    In a Twitter post, Ms. Trump said the website had been removed “because it does not accurately reflect my current business and professional interests.”
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    North Korea says Trump isn't screwy at all, a wise choice for president | Reuters

    North Korea has backed presumptive U.S. Republican nominee Donald Trump, with a propaganda website praising him as "a prescient presidential candidate" who can liberate Americans living under daily fear of nuclear attack by the North.

    A column carried on Tuesday by DPRK Today, one of the reclusive and dynastic state's mouthpieces, described Trump as a "wise politician" and the right choice for U.S. voters in the Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election.

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    Tyler Durden has some interesting thoughts:
  6. Fashion Highlights of the conventions

    Ivanka's entrepreneurial spirit also came through in her speech introducing her father, during which she advocated for working mothers, saying her father "will focus on making quality child care affordable and accessible for all," a topic she will be writing about in her forthcoming book. Also, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE SUBTLE BREEZE? Wisps of hair blew gently around her as she spoke. Brilliant."

    "Much was said about Bill Clinton's blue "pantsuit" during his headlining night earlier in the week. Here's how Quartz put it: "Bill's stately-but-approachable appearance and middle-of-the-road fashion choices make him a terrific candidate for the supporting role of first spouse of the United States. (He was also the 42nd president of the United States.)"

    Includes pix
  7. One of the best trolls of the conventions. Bravo Joyce.

    "Ohio congresswoman Joyce Beatty spoke at the Democratic National Convention, but it was her outfit that made headlines. You might be thinking, Ugh, can we recognize women for more than what they’re wearing? But in this case, it’s an interesting conversation. You see, Beatty’s dress was identical to the $2,190 Roksanda one Melania Trump sported to deliver her now-infamous speech at the Republican National Convention (which coincidentally was in Beatty’s state of Ohio) last week.

    “DRESS PLAGIARISM,” @NYDailyNews tweeted.
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    Trump: ‘Little’ Bloomberg ‘never had the guts to run for president’ | Politico


    Donald Trump blasted former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Friday, calling his fellow billionaire businessman a “little” man “who never had the guts to run for president.”

    Bloomberg urged independents to back Hillary Clinton — “a sane, competent person” — in his address to the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday. But the Democrat-turned-Republican-turned independent who considered launching a third-party bid this year ripped Trump in his address, calling him a con man whose business acumen is overstated.

    “The richest thing about Donald Trump is his hypocrisy,” he quipped.

    Trump, of course, responded in kind — borrowing the humiliating epithet he pegged onto his now-vanquished Republican rival Marco Rubio.

    “’Little’ Michael Bloomberg, who never had the guts to run for president, knows nothing about me. His last term as Mayor was a disaster,” Trump tweeted Friday morning, directly contradicting his praise for Bloomberg during his final term just four years ago.

    “Mike Bloomberg is doing a great job as Mayor of New York City,” Trump tweeted April 16, 2012. (Bloomberg left office after three terms at the end of 2013.)

    On Friday, though, Trump suggested that Bloomberg would get run out of town if he ever ran for mayor again.

    “If Michael Bloomberg ran again for Mayor of New York, he wouldn't get 10% of the vote - they would run him out of town!” he added moments later — with the hashtag “#NeverHillary.”

    Continued here:

    Also this: crybaby

    Then there's this: cartoons
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    Bloomberg appears to have normal-sized hands.

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    Trump tells father of dead soldier that he's has made sacrifices. Not sure what those were.
    "Saturday afternoon Trump's comparison of his own sacrifices to Khan's had blown up to blew on Twitter into a hashtag, #TrumpSacrifices. Users wrote satirically that the candidate had, among other things, been subjected to such hardships as flying commercial, playing golf on a public course and staying at a three-star hotel."
    Trending on Twitter is #Trumpsacrifice
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  11. Trump attacks the scheduling of the Trump Clinton debates on football nights seems he's afraid his supporters will watch football instead of him or else he's trying to duck out of the debates entirely.
    “Well, I’ll tell you what I don’t like,” Trump said. “It’s against two NFL games. I got a letter from the NFL saying, ‘This is ridiculous. Why are the debates against’ — ’cause the NFL doesn’t wanna go against the debates. ‘Cause the debates are gonna be pretty massive, from what I understand, OK?”

    The NFL says no such letter was sent.

    “While we’d obviously wish the Debate Commission could find another night, we did not send a letter to Mr Trump,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said on Twitter"
    Liar liar pants on fire
  12. The Wrong Guy Member is currently the most popular hashtag in the US.
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  14. Thanks to a manic, psychopath being he only viable opponent.

  15. I think that Trump is going to win the election.
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  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    Trump Complains About Debates Conflicting With NFL Games | ABC News

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said he is unhappy that some of the debates planned between him and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are scheduled against NFL games.

    He also said that the NFL wrote him a letter complaining about the scheduling of debates at the same time as football games -- a point that the league disputes. The commission that has scheduled the debates has also responded to Trump that “It is impossible to avoid all sporting events.”

    Trump told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos: "I got a letter from the NFL saying, 'This is ridiculous. Why are the debates against --,' because the NFL doesn't want to go against the debates."

    An NFL spokesman said in a statement, however, "We did not write a letter, but we obviously prefer the debates on a different night than scheduled games."

    Continued here:

    The TrumpDebateExcuses hashtag has been trending today:
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  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Trump spoke in Harrisburg and n the next town said Harrisburg looked like a war zone.
    "Get That Baby Out Of Here"
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    Trump University Lawsuit Will Go to Trial, Rules Judge Gonzalo Curiel

    By Tom McKay, Mic


    California federal district Judge Gonzalo Curiel denied a motion for summary judgment in the lawsuit against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's defunct (and dubious) institution of higher education "Trump University," reported Law Newz on Tuesday.

    Curiel, the same judge Trump criticized in June as having an "inherent conflict of interest" due to his Mexican heritage and the candidate's position on a U.S.-Mexican border wall, wrote in his decision "the Court agrees with Plaintiff that the evidence in the record raises a genuine issue of material fact as to whether Defendant (Trump) participated in the operation or management of the enterprise."

    He added there was sufficient evidence to dispute whether Trump deliberately engaged in a "scheme to defraud" the university's clientele, as well as whether Trump University made "false and misleading" statements about the school's program to potential students.


    Though asking for summary judgment is a routine legal maneuver usually dismissed by the judiciary, today's ruling denying that judgment more or less ensures the case will go to trial.

    However, Curiel also denied a request to release Trump's videotaped deposition in the case to the media, saying it might prejudice potential jurors against the candidate when the plaintiffs have their day in court in November. Unfortunately for voters hoping the case might provide some insights into the Republican nominee for the presidency, the trial will not proceed until after the presidential elections on November 8.
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    If Not Elected, Donald Trump Not Welcome to Return to ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Says NBC Exec


    NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt spoke with reporters after the network’s Television Critics Association Summer Press Day 2016 where he made clear that Donald Trump will not be welcome back on The Celebrity Apprentice should his presidential bid not be successful.

    I have no idea if he has a future in television, but he would never be back on The Celebrity Apprentice, if that’s the question,” he said, via E! News. “As long as I’m here.”

    The New Celebrity Apprentice, hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, will premiere in January 2017.
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  23. The Internet Member

    I thought you liked Putin. But anyway if Putin had dirt on Hillary we would hear about it. The Russians are spending a lot of money trolling for Trump.
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  24. The Internet Member

    Well the Republican line up boiled down to Trump and Cruz, a theocratic who thinks gays aren't equal to others and who thinks he knows more climate science than scientists. The other candidates were less impressive.

    The most broken part of our government is the Republican Party. We need them to be functional so this is a bad situation. They pandered to a bunch of loons years ago to get more votes and now they can't reign in the crazy talk.

    If everyone in the country voted for Clinton, the adults within the Republican Party would then have a mandate to craft a more rational, pro-liberty platform. Yes, I know, Clinton is kind of a bitch who is too woo friendly for most of us. But she hasn't done anything really nuts as Senator or Secretary of State. Odds are we could survive four years of her while the Republicans regroup.

    I cannot recommend voting for a third party candidate as that will split the democrats more than the republicans this time. And we really can't have Trump as president. He is actually crazy.
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  25. Watch this:
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    Twenty-Plus Errors, Fabrications, And Distortions In Peter Schweizer's Clinton Cash

    'Clinton Cash' publisher corrects '7 or 8' inaccurate passages

    In 'Clinton Cash,' Author Cites Known Hoax As Source

    Fox News Destroys 'Clinton Cash' Author Over Lack Of Evidence Of Clinton Crimes

    PolitiFact Calls Out "False" Attack From Clinton Cash Author Peter Schweizer

    Clinton Cash: errors dog Bill and Hillary exposé – but is there any 'there' there?

    Fact-checking 'Clinton Cash' author on claim about Bill Clinton's speaking fees

    Spokesman Disputes Book: Bill Clinton Not Paid For Series Of Speeches
  27. Mann Ace Member

    It's really hard to tell if you're an idiot, or trolling, or simply can not read well for comprehension.
    So now you know how Putin will act, because mindreader, or something.

    I'm beginning to get a notion...

    When Clinton gets elected every country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe will have blackmail material on Clinton. Only an idiot would deny this, and only a fool would think it's not a yuge problem.

    BTW, welcome back. I missed you. I need my chew toy.
  28. Mann Ace Member

    And the Democrats gave us a serial liar and a socialist. What a choice.
    This is simply your prejudices made manifest. Both sides in this have some incredibly stupid behavior, and not acknowledging it just tells me about your prejudices, not about the Republican Party. Think DNC emails for a sample of Dem behavior. The Democratic PArty is intensely non democratic. Love the irony, hate the fact.
    If everyone voted fro Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, we wouldn't have to worry about HRC or Trump. Wouldn't that be loverly?

    And it's not that Clinton is a bitch, That I can handle. It's that she lies every time she opens her mouth. That, I don't want any part of.

    As for Clinton not having done anything nuts as SecState, I'd say she did multiple evil things, (which are worse than nutty thing) such as blaming a terrorist attack on a video, and getting the video maker jailed. Now that is worthy of Putin or any tin pot dictator.

    Trump might do that. Clinton has done that. That gives us a big clue as to her character.

    Crazy versus evil. What a choice. Where's my fishing pole...
    We can't have Clinton as president either, as mentioned my previous post., Every country in the world has blackmail material on Clinton. And yet, one of those two people will become our next president.

    Isn't politics just loverly?
  29. The Internet Member

    Yes I am biased against theocrats because the God of the theocrats hates my freedom. I am also biased against science denialists because once in power they can set back scientific work in various areas by decades.

    I do not like the fact that the DNC leadership was chatting with the Clinton campaign about ways to denigrate Sanders. I accept that the leadership will favor one candidate but I expect them to play fair. Yet such shenanigans seem human and expectable. We can fix this sort of bad behavior when it comes to light. On the flip side, science deniers and theocrats in power are serious threats to our nation's future.

    Clinton is anti-science in her support for "functional medicine" and I will oppose her for that any way I can. But she does use facts and reason most of the time as any well educated attorney should.

    On the flip side, Trump is fucking nuts. I had not realized how off he was until I saw the video of him begging Putin to hack into Clinton's deleted emails.

    We had her as Senator and as Secretary of State. So far she hasn't said anything about eliminating the EPA or handing over Federal land or Alaska to Gazprom or Russian mining interests. She likely will appoint competent cabinet members. Thus with a Clinton term it is unlikely that we will be taken to the cleaners, as happened to Ukraine under a Putin friendly president.

    Dox or GTFO.

    "And then, of course, we’ve got the other controversy. Somebody’s got a screaming baby—probably a plant—right up in the front, howling like it’s the end of the world. And Trump’s just real. He says, “Hey, get that screaming baby out of here.” Just like when they say we’re not doing the star-spangled banner, he says, “We’re doing it.” Or when somebody starts a fight, to distract everybody, he says, “Take ‘em out of here, stop being so easy on ‘em when somebody’s punching people.” That’s why they’re scared of Trump: he’s real. They’ve been tapping his phones for years. They’ve got dossiers on him."

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