The Smoking Gun: Trump, The Least Charitable Billionaire

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    Giant “Trump Baby” Balloon Cleared to Fly Over London Parliament During Trump’s U.K. Visit | Slate


    British protesters are pulling out all the stops in preparation for President Donald Trump’s visit to the U.K. next week, including flying a giant “Trump baby” balloon over London’s Parliament Square.

    The balloon — which stands nearly 20 feet high — resembles a very orange Trump grimacing while wearing only a diaper and holding a smartphone in his disproportionately small inflatable hand. The balloon was OK’d by London Mayor Sadiq Khan after more than 10,000 people signed a petition and crowdfunded more than £18,000 (about $23,000) to get the inflatable off the ground.

    The balloon will fly for two hours on the morning of July 13, which coincides with Trump’s visit and a Stop Trump march in central London.


    Leo Murray, part of an “art activist” group of friends who created the balloon, explained the group’s logic behind the protest in an article in Metro. Murray categorized Trump as “a man who lacks the capacity for moral shame.” Murray and his friends reasoned that, to “really get through to Trump, you have to get down on his level and talk to him in a language he understands: personal insults.”

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    Manafort trial does have Trump link, Mueller team says | CNN


    Prosecutors for special counsel Robert Mueller said in a court filing Friday that they intend to present evidence at the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort that a banking executive allegedly helped Manafort obtain loans of more than $6 million while the banker sought a role in the Trump campaign.

    Manafort faces trial on bank fraud charges in the Eastern District of Virginia beginning July 25. Until now, there had been no indication that his role in the Trump campaign would become part of the trial, and he had asked the judge to keep details about his ties to President Donald Trump out of the trial. Prosecutors say any alleged collusion with the Russian government won't come up at the trial.

    "The government intends to present evidence that although various Lender D employees identified serious issues with the defendant's loan application, the senior executive at Lender D interceded in the process and approved the loan," according to the filing.

    The bank executive "expressed interest in working on the Trump campaign, told (Manafort) about his interest, and eventually secured a position advising the Trump campaign," the filing said. The unnamed man "expressed an interest in serving in the administration of President Trump, but did not secure such a position."

    While the senior executive is unnamed in this filing, in a previous court filing prosecutors identified Lender D as The Federal Savings Bank.

    "Here, it would be difficult for the jury to understand why the loans were approved without understanding that the lender approved the loans, in spite of the identified deficiencies, because the senior executive factored in his own personal ambition," prosecutors wrote in the filing.

    Manafort's team asks to move location of trial

    Manafort's team wants to move his trial on bank fraud charges and other financial crimes to Roanoke, Virginia, they said in a filing Friday.

    The lawyers claim it would be impossible for their client to have a fair trial in a place like Washington, where partisan politics are strong and the public closely follows national media and political news. Roanoke is in the southwestern part of the state about four hours from DC.

    Manafort's trial in Alexandria, Virginia, is set to begin July 25.

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    Trump administration ordered to supply list of young children subjected to separation | POLITICO


    A federal judge on Friday ordered the Trump administration to turn over a list of very young children who may have been separated from parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.

    U.S. District Court Judge Dana Sabraw told a Justice Department attorney to provide by 5 p.m. PDT Saturday a tally of the roughly 100 children under age 5 who were split apart from adults at the border.

    “What I’m expecting is a lot of work over the weekend,” he said during a meeting between parties in a lawsuit over family separations.

    The Trump administration faces a Tuesday deadline – imposed by Sabraw last week – to reunite the young children with their parents. The administration contends it needs more time to determine which children have been separated from parents and to perform adequate security checks to ensure the safety of the child.

    Continued at

    Trump admin lost track of parents of 38 young migrant children | NBC News

    The parents of 19 young children were already deported, and the whereabouts of parents of another 19 are unknown.


    Government lawyers said Friday that they cannot locate the parents of 38 migrant children under the age of 5, as a federal judge indicated he is open to extending the deadline for reuniting nearly 3,000 children separated from their mothers and fathers while crossing the US-Mexico border.

    In a status hearing with U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw of the Southern District of California, who ordered the reunification, government lawyers said the Health and Human Services Department would only be able to reunify about half of approximately 100 children under the age of 5 by the court-ordered deadline of July 10.

    For 19 children, their parents have been released from custody into the U.S. and their whereabouts are unknown. The parents of another 19 children have been deported.

    "The way [a family separation] is put in the system is not in some aggregable form, so we can’t just run it all," said Sarah Fabian, the Justice Department attorney representing the government before Sabraw.

    Sabraw said he would agree to delay the deadline for reunifying the youngest children if the government could provide a master list of all children and the status of their parents by 10 a.m. Pacific time on Monday. A government lawyer said she could not attend a status conference over the weekend because she had out-of-town dog-sitting responsibilities.

    Continued at
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    Michael Cohen hires Clinton scandal veteran Lanny Davis | POLITICO


    President Donald Trump's embattled former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who has dropped hints that he may cooperate with federal prosecutors investigating his former boss, has hired an attorney and PR man who led former President Bill Clinton's public defense against multiple scandals in the 1990s.

    Lanny Davis, who spent countless hours defending Clinton more than two decades ago, said on Thursday that he’s now representing Cohen in the tightening federal probe.

    “Like most of America, I have been following the matter regarding Michael Cohen with great interest,” Davis said in a statement. “As an attorney, I have talked to Michael many times in the last two weeks. Then I read his words published on July 2, I recognized their sincerity. Michael Cohen deserves to tell his side of the story — subject, of course, to the advice of counsel.”

    Davis was referring to Cohen’s interview published Monday by ABC News in which the president’s longtime personal attorney said he’d “put family and country” ahead of Trump. Many legal and political observers interpreted that as a signal that Cohen is preparing to cooperate with federal prosecutors investigating Trump.

    Davis will be working alongside Guy Petrillo, a New York-based lawyer hired last month to replace Stephen Ryan and Todd Harrison. Both men have been representing Cohen as he deals with the fallout from the FBI raid in early April of his office and residences.

    Cohen is under investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan on a referral in part from special counsel Robert Mueller that includes potential fraud charges tied to his role in arranging a $130,000 payment before the 2016 election to adult-film actress Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence about an alleged sexual affair a decade earlier with Trump.

    Davis served as an official Clinton White House legal adviser as it fended cascading investigations from independent counsel Kenneth Starr. After leaving the White House, Davis maintained his role as prominent on-air surrogate for the Democratic president as he faced impeachment proceedings related to an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

    More recently, Davis penned a 2018 book criticizing former FBI Director James Comey for his handling of the federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state, saying the probe cost Clinton the 2016 presidential election. Davis is particularly close to Hillary Clinton, Trump's 2016 campaign nemesis.

    Davis has said he consulted with senior Trump aides, including Steve Bannon and several other associates and lawyers, as they sought advice on responding to Mueller's probe.

    Joseph diGenova, an informal legal adviser to Trump, said Cohen made a smart move by hiring Davis.

    “Very professional, very skilled and articulate public spokesman,” said diGenova. “It sounds like Michael Cohen should use a spokesman and shut up and get off television. That might be the best use of his time.”

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    “Playboy model Shera Bechard on Friday filed a sealed lawsuit against Elliott Broidy, the former GOP fundraiser she claims impregnated her, and against the current and former lawyers for porn star Stormy Daniels, days after Broidy's lawyer said he would cease making installment payments on a $1.6 million hush-money settlement with Bechard.”
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    From July 20, 2017:
    From July 6, 2018:

    Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort files request to hire 61 foreign temporary workers | CNN


    President Donald Trump's resort, Mar-a-Lago, filed a request to the Department of Labor for 61 additional visas for foreign servers and cooks, according to a Job Order Records filed on Thursday and Friday.

    The Florida resort requested 61 H-2B visas, which are visas for temporary non-agricultural workers. In order to obtain H-2Bs, employers must prove that there are not enough US workers who are "able, willing, qualified, and available" to do the temporary work. 40 of the visas were for servers, while 21 were for cooks.

    In January, the resort requested 70 H-2B visas for cooks, housekeepers, and servers.

    The latest request sets the wages at $12.68 per hour for the servers and $13.31 for the cooks. Due to terms set by the visa, employees can only work for the company that sponsors the visa itself. The servers and cooks would work October through May.

    The President has said before in a 2015 interview with MSNBC that "getting help in Palm Beach during the season is almost impossible." However, the New York Times reported in 2016 that since 2010, only 17 of 300 American applicants were hired at the club. And since October of 2015, Mar-a-Lago has filed 10 separate requests for H-2B visas.

    Though Mar-a-Lago requested 61 visas, information has not been made public on how many visas it will receive. Congress sets a cap of 66,000 new H-2B visas a year.

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    Trump blasts NATO allies, calls Germany 'a captive of Russia'

    Irony is dead
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    This, on the other hand, is delight
    “Ms. Palin said she was invited to appear on a “legit Showtime historical documentary.”

    She was interviewed by what appeared to be a disabled veteran in a wheelchair, who she assumes was Mr. Cohen in disguise. He peppered her with questions, she added, that were “full of Hollywoodism’s disrespect” she goes on to whine about
  11. This is true
    Trumps nominee for the Supreme Court has 100,000$ credit card debt, mostly for Nationals games. Shows bad judgement twice
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    How German News Covered Trump's NATO Visit | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    After Trump accused Germany of being 'captive to Russia,' German news networks attempted to report the story with a straight face.

    Man Controlled By Russia Says Germany Is Controlled By Russia | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    Germany is controlled by Russia, according to the U.S. President controlled by Russia.

    White House Welcomes A Disgraced Fox News Boss And His Racist Wife | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    Trump's White House seems like an appropriate fit for Bill Shine, a man who resigned from Fox News amid the Roger Ailes sexual harassment scandal, and his wife who just can't stop talking about the N-word.
  13. Boy would I love to suck Melancholia Trumps tits and fuck her every which way.
    Trumps wife
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  14. Ivankas nipples are soooooo tempting I'd suck them dry if she was lactating and fuck her seven ways to Sunday.
    Ivankas nipples
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    Paul Manafort’s lawyers complained that it was hard to work with their client because he was essentially in solitary, in his own unit, with his laptop, with his private phone and his own bathroom.
    He boasted about it, said he was treated as a VIP.
    The judge was not amused and transferred him to a regular prison where he will have to wear a prison uniform and be treated like anyone else.
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    Trump protests: tens of thousands take to streets across UK | The Guardian

    Baby blimp flies high as Jeremy Corbyn and Nick Clegg join those opposing president’s trip

    London’s ‘Trump Baby’ Balloon Flies as Protests Take Off Across U.K. | The New York Times

    Tens of thousands of demonstrators turned out in London alone. A “Trump Baby” balloon was launched into the sky above Parliament Square. Many people banged pots and pans and chanted slogans. Those were some of the ways people on Friday mounted protests at every stage of President Trump’s working visit to Britain.
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    ‘It's a big FU from Mueller’ | POLITICO

    “The timing is no accident,” said John Dean, the former Richard Nixon White House counsel whose public testimony about the Watergate cover-up helped bring down the Republican president. “It forces Trump to confront Putin. If he fails to do so he is admitting guilt. This story will now consume U.S.A. news, and blows up Trump’s claim it is all a witch hunt and hoax.”

    Russians Targeted Clinton’s “Personal Office” On Same Day Trump Called on Russia to Find Her Personal Emails, Indictment Says | Slate

    Mueller’s New Indictment of the Russian Hackers Is Full of Clues About Connections to Trump World | Slate
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    Stormy Daniels Arrested For Strip Club Act, Michael Avenatti Says, Calling Ohio Bust ‘Politically Motivated’

    Adult film star Stormy Daniels was arrested in Ohio for performing her usual strip club act, her lawyer Michael Avenatti says, adding that bust of Daniels was 'a set-up.'

    By Jonathan Vankin, Inquisitr, July 12, 2018


    Stormy Daniels, the 39-year-old adult film star and member of the Adult Video News Hall of Fame, was arrested in Columbus, Ohio, Wednesday night, according to her lawyer who announced the arrest of Daniels in a Twitter post.

    “Just rcvd word that my client @StormyDaniels was arrested in Columbus Ohio whole performing the same act she has performed across the nation at nearly a hundred strip clubs. This was a setup & politically motivated. It reeks of desperation. We will fight all bogus charges,” Avenatti wrote.

    Continued at

    Donald Trump And Stormy Daniels Arrest: Cop Who Busted Daniels Is Trump Fan, Posted Trump Memes, Avenatti Says

    According to social media posts, an account reportedly linked to a Columbus, Ohio, undercover police officer has posted numerous memes supporting Donald Trump.

    By Jonathan Vankin, Inquisitr, July 13, 2018


    When adult film star Stormy Daniels was arrested on Wednesday, as Inquisitr reported, her lawyer Michael Avenatti claimed that the arrest was “politically motivated” and a “setup.” Daniels has filed two widely-publicized lawsuits against Donald Trump since March of this year. Now Avenatti says he has evidence that one of the undercover officers who busted the 39-year-old Daniels at the Sirens strip club was a supporter of Trump, based on social media posts uncovered by online sleuths.

    Daniels was arrested on charges that she allegedly violated a state law that bars nude or partially nude performers from touching anyone who is not a family member while inside an adult entertainment establishment. But on Thursday, police in Columbus, Ohio, issued a statement claiming that the arrest of Daniels, whose legal name in Stephanie Clifford, came as part of an ongoing investigation into “human trafficking,” CNBC reported.

    The three misdemeanor charges against Daniels were dropped on Thursday, but Avenatti said that he would pursue legal action if he found evidence that officers were motivated by the fact that Daniels has filed lawsuits against Trump.

    “We demand a full and OPEN investigation into the conduct of the officers, including an examination of their social media accounts (some of which were mysteriously taken down earlier today),” Avenatti said Thursday on his Twitter feed. “Certain of these accounts appear to have been very pro-Trump. In the event it is discovered that my client was targeted and arrested because of our opposition to Mr. Trump, the resulting lawsuit and action will be swift and devastating. That is not a threat. It is a promise.”

    Avenatti told CNBC that he had “serious doubts about the truthfulness” of the police claim that Daniels’ arrest stemmed from a “human trafficking” investigation. And then, later on Thursday, he posted a message to his Twitter feed saying that with the help of Twitter users, he had found several posts from an account believed to belong to Detective Steve Rosser, the Columbus police officer who, according to Avenatti, “was at the center of the arrest of my client.”

    The lawyer noted that he had not confirmed that the account, credited to “Stevo Shaboykins,” belonged to Rosser.

    The memes included a “Cops for Trump/Pence” logo and other images and text supporting Trump. Avenatti’s Twitter message including the memes can be seen on this page, below. But another Twitter user pointed out, in a reply to Avenatti, that a Twitter feed that also may belong to Rosser contained pro-Trump posts.

    The Twitter account “follows” only nine other accounts — three of them belonging to prominent Trump supporters — Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, as well as former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke.

    Three of the other accounts followed by the @SSaboykins Twitter account belong to women who are performers in the adult video industry. At least two of the women, Lucy Tyler and Ava Kelly, appeared in the 2015 film Hot Girls Wanted, a documentary critical of the pornography industry.

    We are told that these images are from the alias Facebook account of Columbus Det. Steve Rosser (before he deleted it), who was at the center of the arrest of my client. Anyone with information confirming this, pls contact me. #Basta
    — Michael Avenatti (@MichaelAvenatti) July 12, 2018

    A statement on Thursday by Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs called the arrest of Daniels “a mistake,” as the Inquisitr reported.

    Avenatti has also accused the police officers who busted Daniels of “entrapment,” according to NBC News, saying that it was the officers, not Daniels, who initiated the physical contact. According to the Columbus Dispatch, Rosser was involved in a 2015 case when a judge said that he had entrapped employees in a local bar into serving alcohol to underage customers.

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    Trump keeps a 92 year-old woman standing and waiting for him for 12 minutes.

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  25. FFS that's not a good look on anyone and goes to show how warped Trumps view of himself actually is.
    Poor wifey waking up to that orangutan every day of her miserable life.
    And poor QE2 she will be seeing that in her nightmares for some time.
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    The two most powerful men in the world meet face to face: Putin and Trump sit down at Finnish Presidential Palace ahead of 90-minute private talks aimed at rebuilding ties between US and Russia

    Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have sat side-by-side at the Finnish Presidential Palace ahead of 90-minute private talks aimed at rebuilding ties between US and Russia.

    The summit in Helsinki consists of a one-on-one meeting and a larger working lunch, and will conclude with a joint news conference.

    Trump said he hoped for an 'extraordinary relationship' and shook hands with the Russian leader, who told the US President: 'The time has to come to talk in a substantive way.'

    Trump said getting along with Russia would be a 'good thing, not a bad thing', in opening remarks in front of media.

    'Most importantly we have a lot of good things to talk about,' Trump said after opening his remarks with praise for Russia's hosting of the World Cup.


    Monday's meeting is being closely watched on both sides of the Atlantic, coming days after the U.S. Justice Department indicted 12 Russian military intelligence officers for their role in hacking Democratic entities during the 2016 presidential campaign.

    It comes hours after Trump blamed the United States, and not Russian election meddling or its annexation of Crimea, for a low-point in U.S.-Russia relations

    The two will talk about 'everything from trade to military to missiles to China. We'll be talking a little bit about China. Our mutual friend president Xi,' Trump said.

  28. [IMG]


    He look maaaaaadddd.
  29. This won't end well for Trump.
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