The Smoking Gun: Trump, The Least Charitable Billionaire

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. PainterofLite Member

    Looks like the Scientology shill, Pam Bondi has a big job defending/promoting Trump:

    Did President Trump Just Earn Himself Another Article of Impeachment?
    Now there’s witness intimidation and clearer evidence he had no interest in cleaning up Ukraine.

    By The New York Times Editorial Board
    The editorial board is a group of opinion journalists whose views are informed by expertise, research, debate and certain longstanding values. It is separate from the newsroom.
    • Nov. 15, 2019
    In a refreshing development, the ensuing criticism of Mr. Trump’s Twitter fit was bipartisan. Representative Liz Cheney, Republican of Wyoming, said the president’s tweeting “was wrong.”

    “Extraordinarily poor judgment,” said Kenneth Starr, the former independent counsel at the center of President Clinton’s impeachment, on Fox News. “Obviously this was quite injurious.” Fox News’ Bret Baier called it “a turning point in this hearing.”
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  2. The Impeachment Song (When a Scandal Stinks Like a Whale on the Beach)

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    “ Kellyanne Conway's husband says she's an 'enabler' of 'criminal' Trump”

    The shit show begins
  4. "Devin Nunez should resign. Mike Pompeo should resign. GOP pushes Russian propaganda."

  5. Nunez-Graham-Perry The 3 PENDEJOs..Monday in one take baby!

  6. He's Just a GURL Who'll QUID PRO QUO! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

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  7. GIULIANI! (Here He Goes Again) - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

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  8. She Was SIXTEEN GOING ON SEVENTEEN (Roy Moore Was 32)

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  9. CHEETO CHRIST STUPID-CZAR - Randy Rainbow Song Parody
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  10. A VERY STABLE GENIUS - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

  11. OH MY GOD , that was so good, I want a part of that
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  12. WTF, YOU GUYS!? - Randy Rainbow Song Parody (NSFW)

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  13. ALL ABOUT HIS BASE - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

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    Candid video appears to show Trudeau, Macron and Johnson joking about Trump

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