The Smoking Gun: Trump, The Least Charitable Billionaire

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Apr 12, 2011.

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    One of his best!
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    But in the term's headline cases, he cast the deciding votes by joining liberal justices in 5-4 decisions that overturned a state law restricting access to abortion and that blocked the Trump administration from shutting down DACA, which allows young people known as Dreamers to remain in the U.S.“

    For example, Roberts voted with the liberals to strike down a Louisiana law that could have left the state with a single abortion clinic. But his opinion set out a legal test that could make it easier for future state abortion restrictions to withstand legal attacks.
    The DACA ruling — which caused the president to lash out at the court — nonetheless left the door open for the Trump administration to try again to shut the program down. And the rulings on the subpoenas for Trump's taxes and other financial documents sent the cases back to the lower courts, likely delaying any resolutions until after the November election.

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    The top writer for Fox News host Tucker Carlson has for years been using a pseudonym to post bigoted remarks on an online forum that is a hotbed for racist, sexist, and other offensive content, CNN Business learned this week.
    Just this week, the writer, Blake Neff, responded to a thread started by another user in 2018 with the subject line, "Would u let a JET BLACK congo n****er do lasik eye surgery on u for 50% off?"
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    COVID pandemic worsens as Trump tries to save his ass
    WhilePresident Donald Trumpobsesses about his reelection hopes in his White House bubble,state and local leaders are frantically reversingstate reopenings that he demanded, which turned America into the world's biggestcoronavirus hotspot.
    As emergency rooms filled and the virus quickened its relentless march across southern and Western states, Trump stuck to the fiction that the worst is already over: "We had to close it down; now we're opening it up," the President said of the economy at the White House, patting himself on the back for saving "millions of lives."
    As new cases of the disease reach 60,000 a day nationwide, many leaders, including those who supported Trump's aggressive approach, now have little choice but to prioritize science over politics, leaving the President looking out of touch with reality.’
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    Trump Pivots to Self-Pity With Polls Sinking, Pandemic Worsening

    Trump is struggling to respond to a resurgent pandemic, an economic downturn and nationwide protests for racial justice. The coronavirus has weakened the central plank of his campaign -- the economy -- while mostly scuttling the rallies that he thrives on.

    While all those crises raged, Trump has tweeted “POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!” and repeatedly complained about “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!” several times and said courts have given broad deference to presidents, “BUT NOT ME!” He said the Obama administration spied on his campaign. He defended his time golfing and said it was his only exercise.”
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    QANON -the new conspiracy political party.
    The QAnon Candidates Are Here. Trump Has Paved Their Way.
    The conspiracy theorists accuse Democrats and even fellow Republicans of being beholden to a cabal of bureaucrats, pedophiles and Satanists. President Trump has cheered them on.”

    Michael Flynn posts video featuring QAnon slogans

    Followers of QAnon believe there is a "deep state" within the US government that is controlled by a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles. According to the conspiracy, the cabal is largely run by Democratic politicians and liberal celebrities -- and Trump is trying to take them down.

  7. whosit Member

    Haven’t logged on in years. Came on the site after hearing about Travolta’s wife Kelly passing away from cancer. Got completely side tracked by this thread. Thanks for the giggles. Looking forward to Trump’s re-election in November and reading through the disastrously wrong predictions and pearl clutching in a another 4 years.

    Hi to old friends that might still be around.
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    ahah 026.jpg wow ,disneyland what a change !
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  9. Duckworth to Trump: I won't be lectured by draft dodger

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    I hope you are around for the next 4 years, unfortunately lots of American are dying of COVID so they won’t be here to clutch pearls.
  11. Gnome Chomsky Member

    Ain't that the sorry truth. It's radically changed my perspective on life and given me an even greater appreciation for every day I'm alive.
    Stay safe and stay healthy folks.
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  12. Love is a verb
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  13. I don't know you or don't remember you but welcome back, you get a song:

    Diamonds And Rust :
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  14. We dutch do not minch words , Yes we owned and trafficed slaves
  15. WTF
  16. 'Not made of steel': Navy vet recounts beating by fed officers

  17. Duckworth: "Twisting your ankle in prep school is not defending" America

  18. Portland Mayor tear gassed alongside protesters

  19. Mary Trump Is Pretty Sure Donald Trump Failed His Cognitive Test

  20. Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.' Trump Brags About Cognitive Test | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  21. GEE, ANTHONY FAUCI! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

  22. ‘Wall Of Moms’ Organizer In Portland Speaks Out After Teargassing By Federal Agents | All In | MSNBC

  23. Fauci: I was not invited to Trump's coronavirus briefing

  24. Back In The Saddle Again! (Navy Veteran John)
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    Thanks. The nice part is that you can get a permalink that will open it to a particular page or pages, when you want to drop it on a thread about a particular topic. Navarro

    Now, any suggestions on how to weaponize it? I could get a Twitter account and start sniping at political threads, but that seems like a lot of time that I could be spending on improving it.
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    And now I added a Disqus comment thread to every single non-news article page.

    The fun part is that even if github was pressured to take the hosting down, any copies posted elsewhere, or on a local drive, or on that USB thumb drive that you hide behind your light switch plate, it'll still connect to the Discus comment space. (Odds are, anyone who has the mission of wiping darklantern away, probably won't think of having Disqus take down the comments.)
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    Twitter is very effective right now and TikTok but I don’t do TikTok
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  34. Registered Republican: Disappointed With Donald Trump and Disheartened By His Republican Enablers

    I like this man, he reminds me of one of my grandpa's
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  35. Gnome Chomsky Member

    Would that more voters had the integrity that's so vital a part of this man's character, he has the good sense to see the Trump horror show for what it actually is.
    If this guy were running he'd get my vote for sure.

    KKS you got a lovely Grandpa.
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  36. Jamie Foxx on How to Vote in Texas NowThis

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  37. He onley was wrong on abortion
  38. Sen. Whitehouse Delivers Remarks on the Final Day of Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Hearing

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  39. Democrat's EPIC Supreme Court Exposé

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