The Smoking Gun: Trump, The Least Charitable Billionaire

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    Is 2016 even real? I wanna go back.
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    "If you’re not paying attention, it looks like a smoking gun—a leaked expense report tying Hillary Clinton to media’s most powerful groups.
    The numbers from the supposedly leaked document—printed out and marked up with a highlighter, for good measure—are damning: $75,000 directly from the Clinton Foundation to polling firm Public Policy Polling. Over $333,000 sent, somehow, to the Black Panthers. Then the kicker: $30,000 to the “Sharia Law Center.”
    Of course, the whole thing is totally fake. The header for the page, called “Voter Suppression,” probably should’ve given it right away. But for Trump supporters on Twitter and Facebook, a Fox News contributor, and even radio hosts like Hal Turner, it is still very much real to them."

    "Chris is one of many useful trolls creating intentional, immediately obvious disinformation—that will still dupe a too-large subset of devotees."
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    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 26 minutes ago
    Can't believe these totally phoney stories, 100% made up by women (many already proven false) and pushed big time by press, have impact!

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 7 minutes ago
    Of course there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before election day. Why do Republican leaders deny what is going on? So naive!

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 5 minutes ago
    We have all got to come together and win this election. We can't have four more years of Obama (or worse!).
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  6. No I tell you . I am not going to buy that bridge Donald


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    Melania Trump interviewed by CNN's Anderson Cooper | CNN

    Melania Trump sat with CNN's Anderson Cooper Monday for an interview that will air at 8 p.m. ET .

    It's the first interview in months for the wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, and comes as her husband faces a raft of accusations of sexual misconduct.

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 6 minutes ago
    My wife, Melania, will be interviewed tonight at 8:00pm by Anderson Cooper on @CNN. I have no doubt she will do very well. Enjoy!
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    The New Protesters Defying Donald Trump: His Customers | The New York Times

    Across the country, voters alarmed by the tenor of Mr. Trump’s campaign and the emerging accounts of his personal conduct are engaging in spontaneous, unorganized and inconspicuous acts of protest that take direct aim at perhaps his most prized possession: his brand name.
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    Melania Trump: Donald Trump was 'egged on' into 'boy talk' | CNN Politics


    Melania Trump says her husband was "egged on" in the 2005 tape in which he made lewd comments about his own sexually aggressive behavior toward women -- remarks she says were "boy talk."

    "I said to my husband that, you know, the language was inappropriate. It's not acceptable. And I was surprised, because that is not the man that I know," the wife of the Republican presidential nominee said in an exclusive interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, which is set to air at 8 p.m. ET Monday.

    "And as you can see from the tape, the cameras were not on -- it was only a mic. And I wonder if they even knew that the mic was on," she said, referring to Trump and NBC's "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush.

    She said they were engaged in "boy talk, and he was led on -- like, egged on -- from the host to say dirty and bad stuff."

    Continued here:

    Excuse Melania Trump’s All-Natural Beauty! | Dlisted


    GQ did a profile on gold digging icon and gold-plated Slovenian blossom Melania Trump, and even though she was interviewed for it, she has already spit on it in a Facebook message by saying that it’s covered in lies. The article claims that Melania’s father was once investigated for tax evasion and charged with a tax offense. So maybe that’s what she’s mad about? But beyond talking about what causes she’ll be into as First Lady (“Many, many charities. Many different charities involving children..”), she talked about the thing that makes grown men kill themselves for and makes grown women explode with jealousy: her earth-shattering beauté!

    There’s been rumors that Melania’s chest is full of silicone bags, and anyone who has the ability to see believes that she’s injected her face with fillers. But nope, Melania just naturally looks like a Thundercat figurine that was exquisitely-crafted out of the finest wax. Just like Priyanka Chopra has that natural “hot body” gene, Melania has that natural “hot face” gene. Accordiing to Melania, the only unnatural thing that has been in her body is Donald Trump:

    Again, Melania scoffs when I ask if she had had a breast augmentation. “I didn’t make any changes,” she says. “A lot of people say I am using all the procedures for my face. I didn’t do anything. I live a healthy life, I take care of my skin and my body. I’m against Botox, I’m against injections; I think it’s damaging your face, damaging your nerves. It’s all me. I will age gracefully, as my mom does.”

    Jabba the Trump is a moldy piss bag full of deception, but Melania, however, would never let a lie pass between her gorgeous lips. I believe her. There’s an easy explanation for how Melania got that perma-squint and that frozen face look. Melania has seen Jabba the Trump’s naked body so many times that her face and eyes are permanently frozen in an expression that says, “What have I done? Just think of the money, Melania. Just think of the money!

    And here’s a few pictures of Melania’s organic beauty throughout the years:

    Continued here:

    Melania Trump SLAMS Plastic Surgery Rumors: "I Didn’t Do Anything" |

    Melania Trump is Famous For Her Plastic Surgeries

    Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos
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    Melania Trump Threw Billy Bush Under The Gold-Plated Bus | Dlisted

    I swear, Donald Trump better have instructed his lawyers to shred his prenup with Melania Trump, because she once again had to take time out from her busy day of shopping for diamonds and injecting panther sperm into her face (Botox is for poor peasants) to repeat a bunch of pre-written words while defending him in an interview. It’s truly hard out there for a Slovenian trophy wife.

    Melania was gracious enough to invite Anderson Cooper into her gold palace of tastefulness to defend her deep fried warthog nutsack of a husband against that “pussy grabbing” tape.

    Melania Trump Stands by Her Man, Dismisses Donald Trump's Behavior As "Boy's Talk" | Jezebel

    In an interview with my best friend Anderson Cooper on CNN, Melania Trump calmly addressed the insane amount of shit that has been flying around her husband, pilonidal cyst Donald Trump, and his treatment of women.

    Nicki Minaj slams ‘brainless bitch’ Melania Trump | Page Six
  13. Bots made 1/3 of tweets during the last presidential debate
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    Better send that boy into therapy then, or he might grow up to be some kind of sexual predator.
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    Donald Trump's Email Servers are Horribly Insecure — Researcher Reveals


    Security researcher Kevin Beaumont, who had a look at the mail servers operated by the Trump organization, discovered that a number of email servers for Trump's hotels, golf courses, and other businesses are running badly configured, outdated versions of software that receive no security updates, and are lacking other security practices.

    Several mail servers for the Trump Organization's domain,, are using outdated software, including the operating system Windows Server 2003, with Internet Information Server 6 that comes shipped with it.

    Microsoft ended support for Windows Server 2003 in July 2015. Microsoft's official website reads: "Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for any version of Windows Server 2003. If you are still running Windows Server 2003 in your datacenter, you need to take steps now to plan and execute a migration strategy to protect your infrastructure."

    This security disaster makes the Trump organization's e-mails vulnerable for attackers who might want to gain access to them.


    If this wasn't enough, Beaumont said the Trump Organization's email service only uses single-factor authentication, which means no Two-factor authentication that makes a user link a device to receive an extra login code, which keeps their account more secure.

    More here:
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    Six people back People magazine account of Trump sexual assault | PBS NewsHour
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    Hustler's Larry Flynt puts $1M bounty on 'scandalous' Trump tapes | USA Today


    Prominent pornographer Larry Flynt is outraged by Republican nominee Donald Trump's alleged treatment of women.

    In fact, the Hustler magazine publisher is so disgusted that he is putting up a $1 million reward for any "scandalous" recordings of Trump. The reward will be paid for "verifiable video footage or audio recordings for use prior to the November 8 election clearly showing Donald Trump engaging in illegal activity or acting in a sexually demeaning or derogatory manner," according to a statement from the magazine.

    The full statement can be seen at, a website created to "streamline the submission process," according to Hustler spokeswoman Minda Gowen.

    Flynt, 73, appears to have been motivated by Trump's comments about groping women on a 2005 recording and the recent allegations of sexual misconduct by Trump that have surfaced.

    “I have always celebrated women," Flynt said in a statement. "Women in all shapes and sizes. To treat a woman like Mr. Trump himself has is both disappointing and unbelievable, especially coming from someone who wants to be our President.”

    Flynt is also "appalled at the hypocrisy of our elected officials," according to the statement. In particular, he sees hypocrisy in Trump's claims that "'nobody has more respect for women than me"' despite tremendous amounts of evidence to the contrary."

    Flynt has openly opposed Trump for president. He has endorsed Hillary Clinton, created a Trump porn parody and said he may move to Canada if Trump wins.

    Continued here:
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    'Wall' of Taco Trucks to Line Up at Trump's Las Vegas Hotel in Protest | NBC News


    The threat of taco Trucks taking on every corner is coming close to being true in Las Vegas before the third presidential debate — where opponents of GOP nominee Donald Trump plan to create a "wall" of them in front of the Trump International Las Vegas hotel Wednesday.

    "We did not come up with the idea for the wall, Donald Trump came up with building the wall," said Yvanna Cancela, the political director of the Culinary Workers Union 226 in Las Vegas. "We want to show him that walls don't divide us, and rather what he has done is uniting us. And when I say 'us,' I mean it as in every group that Trump has vilified: Muslims, women, immigrants and workers. We are all coming together to make sure that Donald Trump never becomes president."

    Trump has pledged to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border and to force Mexico to pay for it if elected president, one of his proposals that has riled many Latino Americans.

    Taco trucks became part of the 2016 election after a Trump supporter warned in an interview with MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid that the expansion of the Latino culture in the U.S. would lead to "taco trucks on every corner." The comment drew backlash but also was mocked by Trump opponents and taco lovers who said they'd welcome taco trucks on every corner.

    Nevada's influential Culinary Workers Union, which has worked throughout the election cycle to register voters, partnered with a coalition of local, state-level and national organizations to coordinate voter registration efforts throughout Las Vegas Tuesday — the state's voter registration deadline.

    Over 50 volunteers and 35 taco trucks are parked throughout Las Vegas drawing in potential eligible voters, according to Kevin McAlister, spokesperson for American Bridge. The bilingual effort aims to register as many Latino voters in the state before the deadline passes.

    The union also is staging the line of taco trucks to draw attention to labor disputes it has with Trump.

    "While we will have taco trucks, the reason we are out there is for the last year now Trump has illegally refused to bargain with workers who won a union election at his hotel," Cancela said. "The biggest message we have sent to him is he needs to come to the negotiation table."

    Pili Tobar, the communications director of Latino Victory Project, said volunteers and patrons of the taco trucks are energized for the election.

    "Having these taco trucks around, having music playing and at the same time registering people to vote — and obviously people here want to vote against Donald Trump — there is a celebration of culture happening," Tobar said. "It is a really interesting mix of emotions, and people are excited and having fun with it."

    "Latino Victory works with partners throughout the country to empower the Latino community, and Nevada is one of our top targets," Tobar continued.

    Over a dozen groups coordinated efforts Tuesday and Wednesday to register voters and build the wall: American Bridge, America's Voice, Battle Born Progress, Center for Community Change Action, Forward, For Our Future, iAmerica Action, Latino Victory Project, Next Gen Climate Nevada, the Nevada State AFL-CIO, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada Action Fund, Planned Parenthood Votes, Mi Familia Vota, Move On, and She Wins We Win.

    Continued here:
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    'Forget the Press, Read the Internet': Trump Advises Supporters To Not Read Newspapers | Mediaite


    During his rally in Colorado earlier today, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that the press cannot be believed, so it is best not to read anything from them. Instead, it is best to just “read the internet.”

    “Forget the press, read the internet, study other things” Trump told the crowd. “Don’t go for the mainstream media. Most of them, good news, most of them fortunately won’t be around much longer.”

    Continued here:

    Okay, let's take a few moments to read the internet:
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    Michael Moore quietly made a Donald Trump movie. "TrumpLand" opens this week. | Boing Boing

    "See the film Ohio Republicans tried to shut down. Oscar-winner Michael Moore dives right into hostile territory with his daring and hilarious one-man show, deep in the heart of TrumpLand in the weeks before the 2016 election."

    Michael Moore made surprise Donald Trump film | Fox News
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    Mark Cuban Reveals That He Knows Two Women Who Trump Was Sexually Inappropriate With | Mediaite


    During a phone interview on CNN tonight, billionaire Mark Cuban told host Don Lemon that he personally knows of a couple of instances of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump being inappropriate towards women.

    Following a discussion about the upcoming debate, which Cuban will be in attendance as a guest of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Lemon asked Cuban that since he’s known Trump for a while, if he’s ever heard of any stories that were similar to those of the multiple women accusing Trump of sexual assault.

    “I know one, and it just didn’t happen recently,” Cuban told Lemon. “My friend reminded me and it was from 2000 and she — you know, I don’t expect her to come forward. I wouldn’t recommend she come forward.”

    The Dallas Mavericks owner added that there was another woman who had something happen to her with Trump in 2014.

    “I know somebody else from two years ago that won’t come forward,” Cuban stated. “So, you know, it’s not anything that caught me by surprise.”

    Lemon pointed out that this wasn’t CNN’s reporting but Cuban’s information and then pressed the Shark Tank star for more details. Cuban said that he didn’t want to get into anymore about the stories because they were from second- and third-hand sources, but he didn’t “have any doubts they were true.”

    Continued here with a video clip:
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    Condoleezza Rice's Response To Donald Trump Calling Her a 'Bitch' Is Just About Perfect

    By Megan Reynolds, Jezebel


    In 2006 Donald Trump, a sentient pile of dirty sheets covered in poop, called former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice a “bitch” in a speech at the Learning Annex in New York City. Today, Condoleezza Rice learned about these comments and responded perfectly.

    First, here is Donald Trump’s reasoning on why Condoleezza Rice is a “bitch,” from CNN:

    “Condoleezza Rice, she’s a lovely woman, but I think she’s a bitch. She goes around to other countries and other nations, negotiates with their leaders, comes back and nothing ever happens.”

    Standard Trump. Tame Trump, even. This is clearly the same Trump that hates women with a fiery passion; it’s the same Trump that grabs pussies and brags about it to Billy Bush. CNN’s Kfiles learned of these recently re-surfaced comments today and when they emailed Condi for a statement, she replied “Exactly. Can’t wait until November 9!”

    Trump’s issue with Rice is that she can’t “make a deal.” What I know about the intricacies of the role of secretary of state could fit inside a box of cigarettes, but I’m pretty sure that there’s a lot more to it than “making a deal” in the way Trump seems to be obsessed with. In a 2007 interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, he clarified his unasked-for position on Condi’s deal-making skills.

    “And Condoleezza Rice, who’s a lovely woman, but she never makes a deal,” Trump said. She doesn’t make deals. She waves. She gets off the plane. She waves. She sits down with some dictator, 45-degree angle. They do the camera shot. She waves again. Gets back on the plane. She waves. No deal ever happens.”

    Wow, yes, thanks. Very clear now. A man with such a nuanced and complex understanding of this position should certainly be in charge.

    “Can’t wait until November 9!” Condoleezza. Ma’am. You and me both.

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    Melania Trump Blames Everyone But Donald For His Locker Room Talk

    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    America's potential next First Lady stops by the Late Show to blame the left-wing media and Billy Bush for recent revelations about her husband's treatment of women.
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  27. "Trump is not a wild animal, because if he was, his sons would have killed him by now."

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  29. HE IS WHIING AGAIN ! watching this in real time


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