The Smoking Gun: Trump, The Least Charitable Billionaire

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. DeathHamster Member

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  3. RavenEyes Member

    Yes, they are.

    "Washington, D.C. – House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) today issued the following statement on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Friday announcement that it has reopened its investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server to send and receive classified information:
    “The FBI’s decision to reopen its investigation into Secretary Clinton reinforces what the House Judiciary Committee has been saying for months: the more we learn about Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email server, the clearer it becomes that she and her associates committed wrongdoing and jeopardized national security.
    “Now that the FBI has reopened the matter, it must conduct the investigation with impartiality and thoroughness. The American people deserve no less and no one should be above the law.”
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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    A newly surfaced video shows Donald Trump grabbing and kissing a former Miss Universe onstage | Vox

    He sexually humiliates her in front of thousands.


    A disturbing video from a 2011 corporate speech shows Donald Trump sexually humiliating a woman in front of thousands of people and going in for what appears to be a nonconsensual kiss, the Huffington Post reports.

    The woman is Jennifer Hawkins, the 2004 Miss Universe winner from Australia. In the video, Trump calls Hawkins onstage to join him after telling the audience his philosophy on using revenge to succeed in business: "Get even with people," he says. "If they screw you, screw them back 10 times as hard. I really believe that."

    Trump, it seems, had spent the previous day being angry with Hawkins because he thought she had slighted him by supposedly declining to introduce him at the event in Sydney. Onstage with Trump, Hawkins laughs apologetically and explains that it was a "miscommunication with my management," and that she "felt really bad."

    Trump seems to accept this: "When she found out, she got in her car and she got her ass over here, and I love her," he says. But that doesn’t stop Trump from humiliating her anyway, in a bizarre, unsettling sequence of events.

    First, he describes how he would have embarrassed Hawkins onstage, if she really had slighted him. "I was actually going to get up and tell you that Jennifer is a beautiful girl on the outside, but she’s not very bright," he says. "That wouldn’t have been true, but I would have said it anyway."

    That part feels like an "I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!" insult strategy that Trump has used before, notably when he called Fox anchor Megyn Kelly a "bimbo" and then claimed he didn’t actually call her that.

    Then Trump makes a sexual pun, and lingers on it until the audience gets it: "And you know what? She came tonight, she came — came, she came, she came." Once the audience finally laughs, Trump adds: "See, so they have the same filthy minds in Australia."

    Finally, Trump abruptly grabs Hawkins around the waist and goes in for a kiss. She turns away and puts her arm between them, and the kiss lands on her cheek.

    Hawkins has refused to comment on the sexual assault allegations against Trump, and she hasn’t said anything about this video yet either.

    But the grab-and-kiss moment looks a lot like the unwanted sexual advances that several women have accused Trump of making, and what Trump himself bragged about doing in a leaked audio tape: "Just kiss. I don’t even wait," he said.

    Trump’s modus operandi, according to his accusers, is to grab them and try to kiss them on the lips. Sometimes he lands the kiss, and sometimes he doesn’t — but he’s allegedly forceful enough that even if the women try to pull away, he’ll usually land a kiss on the cheek.

    Continued here:

    Trump sexually humiliated a Miss Universe onstage with an orgasm joke. | Slate
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  5. DeathHamster Member

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  6. RavenEyes Member

    According to the House Judiciary Committee in Congress, yes, it does.

    Washington, D.C. – House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) today issued the following statement on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Friday announcement that it has reopened its investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server to send and receive classified information:
    “The FBI’s decision to reopen its investigation into Secretary Clinton reinforces what the House Judiciary Committee has been saying for months: the more we learn about Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email server, the clearer it becomes that she and her associates committed wrongdoing and jeopardized national security.
    “Now that the FBI has reopened the matter, it must conduct the investigation with impartiality and thoroughness. The American people deserve no less and no one should be above the law.”
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  7. THANK YOU GOD, I get religious on my old age, seems that Chatolicism runs deep,

  8. DeathHamster Member

    He's not the Department of Justice. He can say what he wants.
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  10. RavenEyes Member

    Oh, I'm sure the House Judiciary Committee just posts official press releases on their official .gov website without speaking to Comey. Have you been paying attention to the recent links between Comey/Obama/Clinton? For Comey to even mention this, let alone hint at reopen this, not to mention the timing, etc., this is huge. For MSM to run with this story, given their financial ties to Clintons - again, huge.

    Wait until wikileaks drops her deleted emails, reportedly on 11/1. The news today is rumored to be a distraction for that. News at 11...
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  11. RavenEyes Member

    The committee is bipartisan. You knew that, though, right? He's the committee chairperson, so his name would be the one signed representing the entire committee...

  12. There will be links because they all have to work toghether
  13. RavenEyes Member

    See, these new emails were found when investigating Weiner for his latest sexting fuckup. The feds got their hands on Weiner's and his wife Huma's electronic devices as part of that case. Nothing to do with Trump, Russia, or the election.
  14. RavenEyes Member

    Links found in the lying, cover-up, non-prosecution of HRC and others in the first investigation of HRC's email server.

  15. *bows his head down* Yes you are right, but the other guy is so much worse

    Trump has the elegancy of Erdogan and the sexxiness of Vladimir Putin.
  16. DeathHamster Member

    That's not a statement by the committee as a whole, just from Bob Goodlatte.

    Also, he references the FBI letter that I posted above that doesn't say that they're reopening the investigation.

    Bob Goodlatte will probably keep his seat in November, but if the Republicans do poorly in the House, it might cost him that chairman post.
  17. I understand RavenEyes
  18. The emails do not matter, if you are close to elect a pshyco:
  19. I will say it:

    I am disgusted by Donald J. Trump

    I am myself not perfect.

    But: I am disgusted by Donald J. Trump

    Please sue me Donald J. Trump

    Go ahead
  20. RavenEyes Member

    Her campaign and the election as a whole took a big hit today, with promises from Assange and others of more problems to come. Whether the investigation officially reopens or not is almost moot due to the timing and the press this story is getting. We shall see.

    There are people on both sides who seem to be itching for good, old-fashioned bloody civil war. That terrifies me. I'm not talking about the rich elite or those who discuss such things in cyberspace, although the puppet-masters may be part of those 2 groups...

    Dinner time. Have a good evening.
  21. RavenEyes Member

    They both disgust me.
  22. RavenEyes Member

  23. Now you have lost me, if you base your politics on a real live show, wiich isn't real why do you direct me to it anyway.

  24. Do you want a pussy grabbing president ? It seemed nice when I was posting on 4chan.
  25. DeathHamster Member

    Well, right now he's desperately grabbing Weiner.
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  26. Please vote

  27. The Wrong Guy Member

  28. The Wrong Guy Member


    Someone Was Actually Arrested For In-Person Voter Fraud. She's A Trump Supporter. | Huffington Post

    Oh, sweet irony.


    Donald Trump regularly claims that the presidential election is “rigged” against him, thanks in part to “all too common” instances of voter fraud. “Watch Philadelphia. Watch St. Louis. Watch Chicago, watch Chicago. Watch so many other places,” the GOP nominee urged his supporters at a recent rally.

    Election experts typically respond by pointing out that instances of fraud by voters at the polls are actually remarkably rare.

    But they do happen. Case in point: Police in Des Moines, Iowa, said Friday that they had arrested Terri Lynn Rote, 55, on suspicion of voting twice in the general election.

    Rote, a registered Republican, allegedly submitted ballots at two different early-voting locations in Polk County, Iowa, according to local media reports. She has been charged with first-degree election misconduct, a felony.

    “I wasn’t planning on doing it twice. It was a spur of the moment,” Rote told Iowa Public Radio. “The polls are rigged.” She said she feared her first vote for Trump would be changed to a vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

    Continued here:

    Voter fraud suspect arrested in Des Moines | Des Moines Register


    A Des Moines woman has been arrested on suspicion of voting twice this month in the general election, police and court records show.

    Terri Lynn Rote, 55, was booked into the Polk County Jail about 3:40 p.m. Thursday on a first-degree election misconduct charge, which is a Class D felony.

    Rote, a registered Republican, reportedly cast an early voting ballot at the Polk County Election Office, 120 Second Ave., and another ballot at a county satellite voting location in Des Moines, according to a Des Moines police report.

    Rote was one of three voter fraud suspects reported to police Wednesday by the Polk County Auditor's Office.


    Rote was held in jail on a $5,000 bond, but she had been released as of Friday afternoon. Her next court appearance was scheduled for Nov. 7, court records show.

    A Trump supporter was just arrested for engaging in voter fraud | U.S. Uncut
  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    Trump goes off on Alec Baldwin’s take of him: ‘He’s portraying someone who’s very mean and nasty’


    When Donald Trump first saw Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him he went off the rails on Twitter, insisting that it was a “hit-job” and declared it was time for Saturday Night Live to end its years of television. “Media rigging election!” he closed. Trump isn’t letting the beef go either.

    In an interview with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway, Trump seemed more subdued about his hatred for the Baldwin imitation.

    “Well, I think I’m a much nicer guy than he’s portraying,” Trump said. “He’s portraying someone who’s very mean and nasty, and I’m not mean and nasty. I think I’m a much nicer person than he’s portraying, so I think it’s an inaccurate portrayal of me.”

    While Trump might not seem as seething as he was that night on Twitter, he has no intention of having anything to do with SNL ever again.

    “They want me to go back. No, I’m not interested in going back… They’re making me out to be a very mean, bad kind of a guy and that’s not me,” he insisted.

    Continued here:
  30. The Internet Member


    This letter from Comey is annoyingly vague and ambiguous. When he says, "In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation."

    Does he mean, pertinent to the Weiner investigation? Or pertinent to the Clinton investigation?

    It does appear that Comey is concerned that Weiner and his wife might have classified info in their email stores. But he doesn't say if this has anything to do with Clinton. Just that he's having the spooks review the emails in the same way they reviewed Clinton's emails.

    Why bother to send such a vague letter before Comey knows anything about anything? He really should wait until he can say something meaningful. Because people do jump to conclusions sometimes.
  31. This actually HELPS clinton in the long run, Because it shifts the focus back to Donalds Sexual assaults again.

  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    'You've Been Trumped Too:' New Doc Says Trump Ran Roughshod Over Scots | Fortune


    With less than two weeks to go before the election, a British documentary director wants to show America the real Donald Trump.

    On Friday, director Anthony Baxter released his latest film, You’ve Been Trumped Too, a sequel to an earlier film that aired on the BBC in 2012. Both films deal with the GOP nominee’s controversial development of a luxury golf course on the east coast of Scotland, in Aberdeen, and what has become a years-long battle between the real estate mogul and a group of local residents.

    Baxter’s first film (You’ve Been Trumped) introduced the world to Michael Forbes, a part-time fisherman, and his 92-year-old mother, Molly, who are neighbors of the Trump International golf course in Scotland. The Forbes family (no relation to Steve Forbes, the American publishing scion) refused to sell their property to Trump and vehemently opposed the construction of the course. Trump retaliated by calling their home a “pigsty.”

    Now, Baxter claims in his latest doc that the Forbes have been without working water for several years after the Trump Organization accidentally shut it off during the construction of Trump’s golf course.

    Continued here:
  33. The Wrong Guy Member

  34. DeathHamster Member

  35. The Wrong Guy Member

    Donald Trump Reportedly Didn't Know What A Gold Star Family Was

    By Sam Levine, Huffington Post


    After he attacked the parents of a Muslim American soldier killed in Iraq, Donald Trump reportedly had to ask what a Gold Star family was.

    Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of Capt. Humayun Khan, a soldier who died while protecting his unit in 2004, appeared at the Democratic National Convention in July, after the GOP presidential nominee had attacked Muslims. Trump responded to the stirring speech Khizr Khan gave by suggesting that the soldier’s mother had not been allowed to speak on stage because she’s a Muslim. Ghazala Khan said she did not speak because she was too upset.

    New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reported on Saturday that when one adviser warned Trump he had just attacked a Gold Star family, the GOP nominee responded “what’s that?” The term is commonly used to refer to any family that has lost a loved one in war. The United States has officially recognized these families since 1936.

    Trump has pledged to support veterans throughout his campaign. Earlier this year, he promised to donate millions to veterans groups, but only appeared to do so months later after The Washington Post noted that he had not fulfilled his promise.

    Sherman also reported that Paul Manafort, who was then Trump’s campaign chairman, had to explain what ‘Gold Star family’ meant.

    “The election is about the American people, it’s not about you,” Manafort reportedly said, adding that Khizr Khan wasn’t running for president.

    Khan held up a pocket copy of the constitution at the Democrats’ convention and asked Trump if he had even read it and what sacrifices he had made for the country. The Gold Star father has pleaded with GOP leaders to repudiate Trump and appeared in a moving ad for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton this month.


    Captain Khan | Hillary Clinton

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  36. DeathHamster Member

  37. So we have a choice between 4 years of attempts to impeach Clinton (redux) and perhaps success. We've had impeachments before and the union lived through it. The VP become president.
    The other option is a needy idiot who knows nothing and says he will follow his advisors suggestions except he has already countermanded his advisors and reversed positions. He is a fucking clown and dangerous.
    To me there is no choice except Clinton. At least she or her VP won't let Putin fuck us in the ass, stuff the Supreme Court with reactionaries, and sell America to international corporations and bomb someone because it sounds good, and demand the military do shit it will refuse to do. When the military refuses to obey orders from the elected commander in chief it will be a constitutional crisis.
    This is fucked on so many levels but I have no doubt about who to vote for.
  38. DeathHamster Member

    A question to ask Trump: "What are your plans for enabling legislation to carry out some programs you have outlined?"

    Odds are his face will show clearly that he has no idea what enabling legislation is, and thinks the President just has to wave his arms to make it so.

    Civics 101 dropout. Very dangerous.
  39. The Internet Member

    I think it would be informative to ask him, "How does a bill become a law?"

    Seriously, give him a week to prepare. Let him watch Schoolhouse Rock a few times. He's never going to be able to give a coherent answer. He is that dumb when it comes to knowing things.

    He still thinks Hillary used bleach and/or acid on her emails. You know people tried to clue him in. Just did not work.
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