The Smoking Gun: Trump, The Least Charitable Billionaire

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. After promoting violence at rallies, and getting away with it, will Trump answer for this or is it just Carson who will go to jail?

    “I didn’t see a path for [John] Kasich, who I like, or for [Marco] Rubio, who I like. As far as [Ted] Cruz is concerned, I don’t think he’s gonna be able to draw independents and Democrats unless has has some kind of miraculous change… Is there another scenario that I would have preferred? Yes. But that scenario isn’t available.” Pressed to clarify, Carson said he meant he’d prefer to have backed one of the other candidates.
    Carson then said that Trump had promised him a role in his administration, “certainly in an advisory capacity.” Asked by NewsMax’s Steve Malzberg whether this meant a cabinet position, Carson declined to “reveal any details about it right now, because all of this is still very liquid.”
    Federal law expressly prohibits candidates from directly or indirectly promising “the appointment of any person to any public or private position or employment, for the purpose of procuring support in his candidacy.” The penalty for violations could include fines or a year in jail — two years if the violation was willful.
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  5. meep meep Member
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    Three Cops Demoted After Letting Trump Supporter Sucker-Punch Protester | Counter Current News

    Five North Carolina deputies have just been disciplined after letting a Donald Trump supporter assault a protester at a rally in Fayetteville on March 9th.

    The Trump supporter sucker-punched a protester in the face, but the victim explains that it was more of an elbow to the face than a punch.

    Of the five deputies, three were demoted in rank for their role in the incident.

    Each was suspended for five days without pay.

    The other two other deputies were suspended for three days without pay “for unsatisfactory performance and the failure to discharge their duties,” according to an official statement by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

    All five deputies have been reprimanded.

    For the next 12 months, they have been placed on a probationary status, the sheriff’s office said.

    “The actions of the deputies and their failures to act in situations such as that which occurred during the Trump rally at the Crown Coliseum have never been and will not ever be tolerated under the policies of this office,” Sheriff Earl Butler commented in the statement.

    Continued here:
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    "The move came in the final minutes of a freewheeling, nearly hourlong speech to the Palm Beach County Republican Party in which Mr. Trump described the man who punched and kicked a protester at his Tucson rally as “wonderful,” denounced Republicans who he said were “plotting against me,” urged people to contribute to races for offices other than president if conservatives recruit a third-party candidate against him, and mocked audience members for donating $25,000 per person for the privilege of having a photo taken with him."
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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

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  12. DeathHamster Member

    When did that happen?
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  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    Police Charge Trump Campaign Manager With Assaulting Reporter, Release Video Evidence

    Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been charged with assaulting then-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

    Jupiter, Florida police also released a video that shows Lewandowski grabbing Fields’ arm.

    Busted! Trump campaign manger Corey Lewandowski officially charged with assaulting ex-Breitbart staffer

    Florida police have issued an arrest report for Trump's top aide and released video of the Michelle Fields incident
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  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Donald Trump Ridicules Reporter's Claim That She Was Assaulted by His Campaign Manager | Cosmopolitan

    Donald Trump and Corey Lewandowski’s Victim-Shaming Playbook | The Daily Beast

    Trump’s disturbing defense: His excuses for Corey Lewandowski sound eerily similar to ones sexists make for rapists | Salon

    Here's why Donald Trump's comments about a female reporter are so disturbing | Vox
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  18. The Internet Member

    Republicans need to look at that one country (Romania?) where abortions were outlawed and what a mess that became. Orphanages full of disturbed kids for one.

    The comment section is stellar

    "30/16 4:33pm
    Since she worked for Breitbart, I’m surprised he didn’t try to imply that she must be a masochist and probably enjoyed the rough handling.
    "3/30/16 4:33pm
    He speaks in a manner in which he tries to confuse the person posing the question, by simply saying a bunch of random nonsense. Like this!:

    “I mean, I could just run and jump off of that building and dive into a sea of kittens, where the constitution is at the very bottom of the pile, at which point I’d burn it with the bottle of Seagram’s Ginger Ale one of the kittens had tucked away in its left ear. This is where things get interesting: walk outside of the spaceship that is floating in place, where the cat-filled container is, and find the nearest car dealership where I’ll buy some of my clothes, that Macy’s doesn’t sell anymore. for me, it’ll be great.”"
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  21. Everyone hates him except his misogynistic followers
    "Controversy over Trump has failed to dent his standing with his core supporters in the Republican primaries, but his image among the rest of the electorate has plunged.

    The share of Americans with an unfavorable view of Trump is extraordinary: 68% in the most recent Bloomberg poll, 67% in the CNN/ORC survey, 67% in the ABC/Washington Post poll, 65% from Gallup. The 57% unfavorable rating he received in the most recent CBS/New York Times survey looks mild by comparison."
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    Wait for the inevitable triple backflip, and his retarded followers will just go along as usual. :confused:
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  25. Donald Trump Is the L. Ron Hubbard of Politics. [L. Ron Hubbard is the Founder of Scientology.]

    Daily Beast: Donald Trump Is the L. Ron Hubbard of Politics

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    James Kirchick

    CANDIDATE OR CULT LEADER? 04.02.16 10:00 PM ET

    Donald Trump Is the L. Ron Hubbard of Politics

    The madmen’s mutual mantra: “Don't ever defend. Always attack.”

    Is Donald J. Trump the new George Wallace? Silvio Berlusconi? Adolf Hitler?

    Could be. But at least as much as a southern segregationist, rich pervert turned politico or genocidalitler?Could genocidal fascist, Trump fits the profile of a cult leader, and one cult leader in particular: L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the pyramid-scheme-masquerading-as-religion known as Scientology.

    Consider: both men are (or, in Hubbard’s case, were) narcissistic, autocratic, money-obsessed, pathological liars and would-be sexual conquerors who built business empires for the primary purpose of self-enrichment under glitz-drenched brands maintained by fraud and advanced by uncompromising litigiousness and occasional physical aggression against critics.

    Hubbard died in 1986, though perhaps only corporeally. He claimed he was Cecil Rhodes in a previous life and today may be inhabiting the soul of Donald Trump for all we know; at the least the two men bear some resemblance.

    Both are defined by compulsive acquisitiveness. “MAKE MONEY. MAKE MONEY. MAKE MORE MONEY,” Hubbard wrote to underlings in an early Scientology “Governing Policy” document. “MAKE OTHER PEOPLE PRODUCE SO AS TO MAKE MONEY.”

    Trump’s complaints of being unfairly audited by the IRS echo Scientology’s decades-long battle with the taxman; Hubbard was himself named an unindicted co-conspirator to a covert, 1973 Scientology operation dubbed “Snow White” aimed at infiltrating the agency.

    Hubbard was also one of the great frauds of the 20th century. A man who lied about nearly every aspect of his biography and repeatedly bragged about imaginary feats of daring and physical bravery, his breathless, downright Trumpian testaments to his own genius and courage were mere preparation for the greatest lie of them all: that he had unlocked the secrets of the human mind in the form of “Dianetics,” the pseudoscience at the heart of Scientology. Hubbard used to claim that “auditing,” a process in which one holds onto electrically charged metal cans and talks about past life experiences, could raise people’s I.Q. by one point per hour.

    In one of the many legal cases brought against the Church, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge deemed Hubbard “a pathological liar” driven by “egotism, greed, avarice, lust for power and vindictiveness and aggressiveness against persons perceived by him to be disloyal or hostile.” Sound familiar?

    Much as Trump surrounds himself with sycophants and media supplicants, Scientologists venerate Hubbard as a sort of man-god; his portrait, which followers salute while shouting “hip hip hooray,” is ubiquitous in Church establishments.

    One distinction: Whereas Trump’s a talker, Hubbard was a writer, one who started out as a pulp fiction novelist and churned out hundreds of works of science fiction, crime potboilers, and sham sociology and religious texts over the course of his long career. For both men, the overflow of words is a function of an insatiable appetite for money, power and acclaim.

    When not making up stories about themselves, both men lied about the world around them. Trump persists with his false claim of witnessing “thousands” of Muslims celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers, one of countless fibs he has repeated effortlessly on the campaign trail. Hubbard, bitter at the psychiatric profession’s designation of Dianetics as crankery, declared psychiatry a devious plot to destroy humanity.

    Trump also resembles Hubbard as a self-help guru who mostly helps himself. Like all religions, Scientology promises its followers spiritual illumination, the apex of which is the revelation that, 75 million years ago, a galactic warlord named Xenu planted the bodies of billions of aliens around the Earth’s volcanoes and detonated them with hydrogen bombs. The immortal spirits of these beings now adhere to humans in the form of “Thetans” that one can only release with the help of Scientology teachings.

    Trump’s Art of the Deal is to Trumpism what Hubbard’s Dianetics is to Scientology: a load of bullshit pretending to teach you how to fix yourself, just replacing the new-age homilies with odes to avarice.

    What distinguishes Scientology from most other organized religions is—still more shades of Donald—its unambiguously transactional relationship with adherents. In exchange for moving up its ladder of enlightenment known as “The Bridge to Total Freedom,” Scientologists pony up ever-increasing amounts of money to the Church, which often pressures them into maxing out credit cards, taking on loans they cannot afford, or driving themselves into bankruptcy.

    The most succinct and accurate description of Scientology remains that offered by investigative journalist Richard Behar in his 1991 Time magazine investigation, “The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power.” Scientology, Behar wrote, is a “hugely profitable global racket that survives by intimidating members and critics in a Mafia-like manner.”

    For Trump and Hubbard respectively, politics and religion are extensions of business empires. Trump University, the now-defunct branch of the many-tentacled Trump Organization that most clearly resembles the Scientology swindle, preyed upon unsuspecting consumers by guaranteeing them future riches in return for the money they handed over now. Today, Trump University, (which, despite its name, was never an accredited educational institution), is the subject of a class action lawsuit in three states; the New York State Attorney General has condemned it as a “bait-and-switch scheme.” A recent New York Times story revealed how instructors pressured students to turn in positive evaluations, much like how Scientology brainwashes and intimidates its own followers. “The surveys themselves were a central component of a business model that, according to lawsuits and investigators, deceived consumers into handing over thousands of dollars with tantalizing promises of riches,” the Times reports.

    Hubbard and Trump—camp figures to the core—also share a chintzy aesthetic. Scientology videos, promotional materials and edifices all share a grotesquely ersatz style that’s been described as a pastiche of an Ikea catalog with a “romanticized nineteenth-century English countryside.” This is eerily similar, in tastelessness if not actual design, to Trump’s gaudy and soulless properties. Visiting Trump’s New York Penthouse apartment a decade ago, Daily Beast founding editor Tina Brown memorably noted its “Ba’ath Party décor.”

    Most ominous is the connection between the two men’s misogyny, racism, authoritarianism and the physical violence encouraged by their organizations.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    Speaking of Trump and the cult:

    Greta Hosting Town Hall with Donald Trump This Sunday at 8 pm ET

    Tune in to Fox News this Sunday, April 3, at 8 pm ET when 'On the Record' host Greta Van Susteren will host a one-hour town hall with 2016 GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

    The event will take place in Milwaukee, two days before a key primary in Wisconsin, where 42 delegates will be up for grabs for Trump and rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich. Greta, a Appleton, Wis. native, will interview Trump on the key issues of the presidential race and will give members of the audience an opportunity to question the GOP front-runner.

    Viewers will also have a chance to submit questions on Facebook and on Twitter, using #TrumpTownhall.
  27. The Internet Member

    I think you underestimate Trump.

    At this point do those 50 delegates matter? Nobody on the Republican side has enough delegates to become the nominee. Shit will soon get interesting as deals get made.

    I think Trump is letting people know he's willing to jump ship and run as an Independent. If he does then the Democrats will win the election. So the Republicans have been put on notice: be more "fair" or else.
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    On the eve of the Wisconsin primaries, top Republicans are becoming increasingly vocal about their long-held belief that Speaker Paul Ryan will wind up as the nominee, perhaps on the fourth ballot at a chaotic Cleveland convention. …
    Ryan, who's more calculating and ambitious than he lets on, is running the same playbook he did to become speaker: saying he doesn't want it, that it won't happen. In both cases, the maximum leverage is to not want it — and to be begged to do it. He and his staff are trying to be as Shermanesque as it gets. … Of course in this environment, saying you don't want the job is the only way to get it. If he was seen to be angling for it, he'd be stained and disqualified by the current mess.
  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    How the Trump Campaign Spread a Dirty Meme About Protesters Paid by Clinton, Sanders, and Soros

    Latino Man Working On Trump Tower Hangs Mexican Flag Off Top Floor (VIDEO)

    Donald Trump Would Have Classiest, Most Elegant Abortions, Just Terrific
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  32. DeathHamster Member

    Anonymous could help with that.
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