The Smoking Gun: Trump, The Least Charitable Billionaire

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  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Québec City mosque shooting: man charged with six counts of murder | The Guardian

    Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, also charged with five counts of attempted murder in attack prime minister Justin Trudeau called act of terrorism


    Others who knew Bissonnette described him a timid introvert who was a staunch supporter of US president Donald Trump. “He loved Trump a lot and seemed to be permanently set against the left, Éric Debroise told the Journal de Québec. He said had reached out to police in the wake of the shooting to inform them that Bissonnette is “far right and an ultra nationalist white supremacist”.

    Another classmate, Jean-Michel Allard Prus, described Bissonnette as someone with “right-wing political ideas, pro-Israel, anti-immigration. I had many debates with him about Trump,” he said. “He was obviously pro-Trump.” But Bissonnette had never broached the idea of violence as a political tool, he added.

    The charges came hours after the attack at the Québec City Islamic cultural center, also known as the Grande Mosquée de Québec, during evening prayers. Six people were killed and another 19 injured. Five people remain in critical condition in hospital.
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    Secret Docs Reveal: President Trump Has Inherited an FBI With Vast Hidden Powers

    By Glenn Greenwald and Betsy Reed, The Intercept


    In the wake of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the FBI assumes an importance and influence it has not wielded since J. Edgar Hoover’s death in 1972. That is what makes today’s batch of stories from The Intercept, The FBI’s Secret Rules, based on a trove of long-sought confidential FBI documents, so critical: It shines a bright light on the vast powers of this law enforcement agency, particularly when it comes to its ability to monitor dissent and carry out a domestic war on terror, at the beginning of an era highly likely to be marked by vociferous protest and reactionary state repression.

    In order to understand how the FBI makes decisions about matters such as infiltrating religious or political organizations, civil liberties advocates have sued the government for access to crucial FBI manuals — but thanks to a federal judiciary highly subservient to government interests, those attempts have been largely unsuccessful. Because their disclosure is squarely in the public interest, The Intercept is publishing this series of reports along with annotated versions of the documents we obtained.

    Trump values loyalty to himself above all other traits, so it is surely not lost on him that few entities were as devoted to his victory, or played as critical a role in helping to achieve it, as the FBI. One of the more unusual aspects of the 2016 election, perhaps the one that will prove to be most consequential, was the covert political war waged between the CIA and FBI. While the top echelon of the CIA community was vehemently pro-Clinton, certain factions within the FBI were aggressively supportive of Trump. Hillary Clinton herself blames James Comey and his election-week letter for her defeat. Elements within the powerful New York field office were furious that Comey refused to indict Clinton, and embittered agents reportedly shoveled anti-Clinton leaks to Rudy Giuliani. The FBI’s 35,000 employees across the country are therefore likely to be protected and empowered. Trump’s decision to retain Comey — while jettisoning all other top government officials — suggests that this has already begun to happen.

    When married to Trump’s clear disdain for domestic dissent — he venerates strongman authoritarians, called for a crackdown on free press protections, and suggested citizenship-stripping for flag-burning — the authorities vested in the FBI with regard to domestic political activism are among the most menacing threats Americans face. Trump is also poised to expand the powers of law enforcement to surveil populations deemed suspicious and deny their rights in the name of fighting terrorism, as he has already done with his odious restrictions on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. Understanding how the federal government’s law enforcement agency interprets the legal limits on its own powers is, in this context, more essential than ever. Until now, however, the rules governing the FBI have largely been kept secret.

    Today’s publication is the result of months of investigation by our staff, and we planned to publish these articles and documents regardless of the outcome of the 2016 election. The public has an interest in understanding the FBI’s practices no matter who occupies the White House. But in the wake of Trump’s victory, and the unique circumstances that follow from it, these revelations take on even more urgency.

    After Congress’s 1976 Church Committee investigated the excesses of Hoover’s FBI, in particular the infamous COINTELPRO program — in which agents targeted and subverted any political groups the government deemed threatening, including anti-war protesters, black nationalists, and civil rights activists — a series of reforms were enacted to rein in the FBI’s domestic powers. As The Intercept and other news outlets have amply documented, in the guise of the war on terror the FBI has engaged in a variety of tactics that are redolent of the COINTELPRO abuses — including, for example, repeatedly enticing innocent Muslims into fake terror schemes concocted by the bureau’s own informants. What The Intercept’s reporting on this new trove of documents shows is how the FBI has quietly transformed the system of rules and restraints put in place after the scandals of the ’70s, opening the door for a new wave of civil liberties violations. When asked to respond to this critique, the FBI provided the following statement:

    All FBI policies are written to ensure that the FBI consistently and appropriately applies the lawful tools we use to assess and investigate criminal and national security threats to our nation. All of our authorities and techniques are founded in the Constitution, U.S. law, and Attorney General Guidelines. FBI policies and rules are audited and enforced through a rigorous internal compliance mechanism, as well as robust oversight from the Inspector General and Congress. FBI assessments and investigations are subject to responsible review and are designed to protect the rights of all Americans and the safety of our agents and sources, acting within the bounds of the Constitution.

    Absent these documents and the facts of how the bureau actually operates, this may sound reassuring. But to judge how well the bureau is living up to these abstract commitments, it is necessary to read the fine print of its byzantine rules and regulations — which the FBI’s secrecy has heretofore made it impossible for outsiders to do. Now, thanks to our access to these documents — which include the FBI’s governing rulebook, known as the DIOG, and classified policy guides for counterterrorism cases and handling confidential informants — The Intercept is able to share a vital glimpse of how the FBI understands and wields its enormous power.

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  4. DeathHamster Member
    I can't wait to see what Rudy Giuliani Trump has come up with to stop that 400 lbs hacker.
  5. It's Tuesday, my friend.
    Come up to Present Time.



  6. You've got a point in that Hitler did have a plan for the Muslimification of Europe. Right now he'd be in 7th heaven if he saw the current situation in Germany alone.
    Austria too. The little bastard would be creaming his lederhosen if he was alive.
    Thank fuck he's not.
  7. Hitler has been reincarnated into a orange fat old guy. At least Hitler kept his figure svelt.
  8. DeathHamster Member

    Historically ignorant.

    That picture is of the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian):
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  9. The 'Muslims' that supported Hitler were the French protectorates, they were part of Vichy France, Vichy France supported the Nazis until ....they didm't.
    So not Muslims. French.
    You need to watch Casablanca again or just open a history book sometime.
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    San Francisco sues Trump over executive order targeting 'sanctuary cities' | Los Angeles Times


    San Francisco on Tuesday sued President Trump, claiming that an executive order aimed at cracking down on so-called sanctuary cities was unconstitutional.

    The move comes less than a week after Trump issued orders putting cities and counties on notice that they would lose federal funding if they didn’t start cooperating with immigration agents. The move has broad implications for California, a state that aggressively protects its undocumented population from deportation.

    At a press conference Tuesday live-streamed by the city, San Francisco City Atty. Dennis Herrera said Trump’s order was unconstitutional and “un-American.”

    "Strong cities like San Francisco must continue to push the nation forward and remind America that we are a city that fights for what is right," Mayor Ed Lee added.

    The cities Trump is targeting have many tools to strike back. Among the most potent are high court decisions that have interpreted financial threats like the one Trump is now making as an unlawful intrusion on states’ rights.

    Elected officials in California are skeptical about how aggressively Trump’s vague executive order can be enforced.

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  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We have a temporary reprieve from "The Cyber"
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  13. [IMG]
    Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says the rollout of President Donald Trump's executive order restricting travel from seven majority-Muslim countries was "terrible."
  14. Trump state visit plan 'very difficult' for Queen
  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    Trump administration circulates more draft immigration restrictions, focusing on protecting U.S. jobs | The Washington Post


    The Trump administration is considering a plan to weed out would-be immigrants who are likely to require public assistance, as well as to deport — when possible — immigrants already living in the United States who depend on taxpayer help, according to a draft executive order obtained by The Washington Post.

    A second draft order under consideration calls for a substantial shake-up in the system through which the United States administers immigrant and nonimmigrant visas, with the aim of tightly controlling who enters the country and who can enter the workforce, and reducing the social services burden on U.S. taxpayers.

    The drafts are circulating among administration officials, and it is unclear whether President Trump has decided to move forward with them or when he might sign them if he does decide to put them in place. The White House would not confirm or deny the authenticity of the orders, and White House officials did not respond to requests for comment about the drafts Monday and Tuesday.

    Continued at
  16. Zak McKracken Member

    Gee, I hope they don't interfere with bona-fide religions bringing their bona-fide religious workers over to assist their brethren with religious services in the US.
    (Fake religions like Islam are totally different.)
  17. The Wrong Guy Member

  18. [IMG]
    A pro Trump Catholic priest posted this on his Facebook and thought it was funny, he's apologized after attempts to explain it away.
  19. The Internet Member

  20. "However, Trump also promised that if any federal agency gets hacked, the blame would fall squarely on that agency's top official."
  21. The Internet Member

    That is awful.

    The Social Justice Warrior is a clever strawman that Bannonites can whip out to fend off people raising ethical questions as one might whip out a cross to fend off vampires.

    Granted there are annoying people out there who play the victim and use fake outrage to manipulate others. But not every justice concern is about that.
  22. DeathHamster Member

  23. Zak McKracken Member

    Crosses are okay, but a good stake is hard to beat.

  24. "The Post also reported that churchgoer Carlos Coburn, who had previously reached out for counselling from the priest over suicidal thoughts, is planning to worship at a different location.

    "It's disturbing for someone in my situation, " he said. "I know this man, he baptized me, and I don't want to go back to his church."
  25. If Trump could see them......
  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    Public figures call for biggest ever UK protest to oppose Trump visit | The Guardian

    Famous names from arts and politics sign letter to Guardian from newly formed Stop Trump Coalition in bid to mobilise support


    Musicians, MPs, activists and comedians have pledged to stage the biggest demonstration in British history in protest of Donald Trump’s visit to the UK.

    A letter sent to the Guardian by the newly formed Stop Trump Coalition, and signed by 90 figures from across arts and politics, damningly referred to the US president’s actions as “dangerous and divisive” and said he “directly threatens steps towards tackling climate change, fighting discrimination, inequality, peace and disarmament”.

    Signatories include singers Lily Allen and Paloma Faith, comedians Frankie Boyle and Omid Djalili, model Bianca Jagger, former Labour leader Ed Miliband, Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat leader, journalist Owen Jones, Green party co-leader Caroline Lucas, Leanne Wood, the Plaid Cymru leader, and Labour MP Clive Lewis.

    They hope their combined backgrounds and spheres of influence will help mobilise 1 million people on to London’s streets to make their opposition to Trump heard.

    The letter also targeted Theresa May and her government, who they accused of normalising Trump’s agenda, which has included stopping all refugees from entering the US as well as anyone who holds a passport from seven Muslim-majority countries.

    “Those who are often already marginalised and discriminated against – especially Muslims and migrants – have been particular targets for Trump,” the letter said.

    “People in Britain never voted for this. It is our duty as citizens to speak out. We oppose this state visit to the UK and commit ourselves to one of the biggest demonstrations in British history, to make very clear to our government, and to the world, this is not in our name.”

    The date of the protest has not been decided, though the organisers hope to build on the momentum that saw 30,000 people gather outside Downing Street on Monday night, along with thousands of similar demonstrations across the UK, to protest Trump’s immigration policies and May’s refusal to openly condemn his travel ban.


    The Stop Trump Coalition will stage an initial day of protest on 20 February, the same day the petition to prevent Trump being given an official state visit to the UK will be debated in parliament. It currently has more than 1.8m signatures.
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    Trump golf course must pay $5.7 million to former members | CNN


    A federal judge ordered President Trump's golf course in Jupiter, Florida, to pay former members $5.7 million. The ruling is the result of a class action lawsuit that was brought against Trump National Golf Club and its partners in 2013.

    About 65 members claimed that when Trump took over the course, the terms of their membership changed and they lost access to the club. The suit alleged that Trump refused to refund over $5 million in dues and was in breach of contract. The members said they were entitled to refunds of their membership deposits which ranged from $35,000 to $210,000. They also wanted back their annual dues.

    The judge awarded the former members their deposits plus interest. Neither lawyers nor spokespersons for President Trump or the Trump organization could be reached for comment. U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth Marra issued his decision on Wednesday after hearing the case in August during a two-day non-jury trial.

    Continued with video report at
  28. The Internet Member

    Shit I had not realized that Jeff Sessions had crawled up Trump's butt and was writing some of those retarded executive orders. For God's sake Sessions cannot become attorney general.

    Watch this video then email your Senators a brief "no wants!" letter before the seemingly sweet old guy gets the job. Because he is not actually sweet.

    To get fascism up and running you need to create a "fair game" class of people --some group that doesn't deserve compassion or civil rights. Then you make cruelty toward that class socially normal. This is done not because the higher ups give a shit about those people one way or the other, no. It's done to send a message to supporters, "this is what happens to anyone who gives us trouble."

    To protect our own rights we have to insist that those rights are extended to motherfuckers we do not like.

    Do you know why you have been feeling exhausted since Trump was sworn in? Jeff Sessions. The "shock and awe" of rapid fire executive orders was his idea, according to Feinstein.
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  29. The Internet Member

    Jeff Sessions talked tough about Russia for 20 years. He did a 180 after joining the Trump team in early 2016. I am guessing Putin crawled up his butt somehow.
    To recap: Putin > Sessions > Trump > Executive Hurrdurrs

    I don't understand how an elderly US Senator gets tempted to back the interests of an unfriendly foreign power. US Senators get fat paychecks from the government and free healthcare for the rest of their lives. Dunno how old Sessions is but he is old. What does he need money for? Isn't his honor worth more than any amount of cash?
  30. Trump the international statesman
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