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  1. we need FN, EU or US to go in a once and for all kick the corrupt presiden and other officials make a free and really "democratic" Iran. to all of thoes that think that US and the rest of the vest are just assholes - we just want to help and in the end it benifits us to have a Iran free of corruption and religious brain wash...
  2. Ravenmore Member

    No one would go for it here in the US. We are still in Iraq and Afganistan, and the question seems not to be if anyone would oppose, but which party would be quicker to turn it into Obama's version of the Iraq war.
  3. Mousavi must go away, Ahmadinejad must go away too
  4. I Ran Hubbard Member

    wow, if wishes were ponies and rainbows, wouldn't you be happy.

    What is the point of this THIS IS HOW I'D DO IT story.

    Have fun arguing back and forth about which fictional ideas are better.
  5. black13 Member

    The US has got the Iraq war to still clean up after. And not to mention in the middle of this recession, US has its own problems.

    Best thing is to hope the protests don't stop till Iranians themselves burn down the government and build a new free one.
  6. use affect

    The ideal situation would be for Ahmadinejad (and, likely, Ayatollah Khameini as well) to end up like Nicolae Ceau┼čescu in Romania: overthrown and executed by his own people, and replaced by a freer and more democratic government.

    Quite frankly, the free nations of the world don't have the spare military capacity to overthrow the Iranian government by force - the US has its arms full with Iraq, Afghanistan, and the potential threat of North Korea, and its the only democracy, except possibly India, with the capacity to send the necessary number of troops (and India wouldn't anyway, they're not particularly fond of "nation-building" and Pakistan would freak out) to actually overthrow the Iranian regime. The very suggestion would provide good propaganda for Ahmadinejad to use - "foreign invaders" are a very convenient scapegoat, particularly since many of the protesters aren't especially fond of the US either (considering that some of them are 'establishment' like Mousavi, Rafsanjani or Khatami, and anyway, we did screw them over back in the 1950s), if not crazy about it like Ahmadinejad. Even an international force - probably something like the current forces in Afghanistan, led by NATO - wouldn't work under most circumstances; if nothing else, such a large invasion force (it took 130,000 to topple Saddam Hussein, more to keep the peace, and the Iranian military, even assuming some dissent in the ranks, is MUCH more powerful/competant than Iraq's as of 2003) would require too much time to assemble; the cost in lives - both of the 'invaders/occupiers/liberators' and Iranians of all persuasions - and money (no small concern given the current state of the global economy) would also be great.

    I wouldn't suggest an invasion unless the Iranian government responds by going ballistic (cracking down on any and all dissidence or scapegoating foreign nations - i.e. killing Mousavi/etc., massacring protesters by the thousands, attempting to pick a fight with Israel or the US, etc). That would send Ahmadinejad's popularity even further down among Iranians, and also prove to the world that he is truly a mad dog, rather than "merely" a tyrant. It would also make the staggering cost of any invasion seem a lesser evil.
  7. kldickson Member

    I would not recommend they follow Romania. At least not in terms of the country they've become.

    One of my best friends lives in Romania. He wants to get out of the country.
  8. I would say that if enough nations united then the cost could be kept down by being dispersed.
  9. Only the oppressed can lead a revolution to overthrow revolution. Other countries and peoples can offer support, both moral and tangible, but for a revolution of the people and for the people to occur it has to be by the people. The world supports the actions of the proud Iranians. World leaders support the cause, even if they do not overtly say so.

    The people of Iran are smart and strong. This fight is theirs and it is one they are certainly justified in. We can only hope, pray, and support that these brave people will shed the oppressors and find themselves in a country free from any kind of oppression.
  10. I'm fairly sure iran can deal by itself.

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