The "Still in" Scientology list

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: The "Still in" Scientology list

    Interesting quote Klaatu, thoughtful and inspired me thinks.


    4 Y'all>

  2. tourch27 Member

    Re: The "Still in" Scientology list

    theres sadly to many scientology fags to keep count of >.< trick is to cut em down i guess... speaking of which is anyone here instristed in helping to start a winnipeg raid sometime next month? if there ARE any winnipegers here that is.
  3. RightOn Member

    Re: The "Still in" Scientology list

    This is a nice idea.^^^^^

    And to the OP.....I am not trying to leaderfag at all, just told you what I thought about the project. I had people tell me they didn't like my idea, like Groucho says, don't take it personally.
    And people can do what they want project wise, unless it hurts the fight. IMO.

    Everyone is contributing to the list I am making. It's a communal thang by all anons.
    No worries and always voice your ideas, and please don't go DIAF, it has such a horrible smell, and the clean up sucks.

    Also, everyone knows that Marvin Gaye is our leader and always will be. He is the only one who knows"What's Going On". His office is waiting for him when he comes back!
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: The "Still in" Scientology list

    How can you possibly believe that there are as many ans 200,000 people in Scientology ?

    The most recent stats that I recall show two countries with more than 5,000 people and those are the US and Germany, Germany with about 6k the US with about 40k.

    The UK has 1,700 Oz with NZ has around 2,500. And Canada if I recall is about 3,000 France is about 4,000. Norway has like 40 and there was info released from one of the eastern block countries with like 1,100.

    These seem to make up well more than half of the Scientologists in the world and it is likely that the US alone has more than half how do you get 200k ?
  5. auchraw Member

    Re: The "Still in" Scientology list

    This idea has potential but it is basically unworkable. Why? Herro's list of 200,000 active Scientologists is already grossly out of date since at least 150,000 of them blew years ago. And we couldn't keep it up to date since hundreds or thousands more blow every week. And we don't know much or anything about them unless they speak out. And the vast majority do not.

    Whereas the list of those who have blown and spoken out is accurate. It will grow but slowly. In theory Right-On could end up with a complete list.

    OP or someone else identified one good use for this data: looking for lost relatives. WWP has already done this a couple of times, providing names and recent photographs (one east European, one Israeli). So there is already a huge informal databank of information about Scifags.

    If the new leak would add to this databank then invent an alias and post it somewhere. I don't see what the problem is.
  6. whoever Member

    Re: The "Still in" Scientology list

    How did you arrive at that figure?
  7. timthephoto Member

    Re: The "Still in" Scientology list

    last yr on Glosslip, Marc Headley said that he used to collate the figures for sunday service, which is a head count of how many clams watch DAVID MISCIVAGE's weeky DVD. Back in 2005 that figure was below 50,000.

    then factor in falling recruitment figures, drop-outs, SP Declares, and finally.. Jan 2008 onwards

    if i were to pay my 10 cents and "pin the tail on the donkey", i'd go below 25,000 worldwide
  8. auchraw Member

    Re: The "Still in" Scientology list

    Same way Herro did.
  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: The "Still in" Scientology list

    Instead of an exact list of every clam... what about a general survey of all orgs worldwide? If each city's Anons undertook to find out how many (within an order of magnitude) active Scilons there were at each org, we might have a shot at a global inventory of some significance.

    Failing that level of detail, maybe just an online location to aggregate video of each org, featuring the most telling vids of each one. For example, at Big Blue, the vids often show some indications of how many people are there for an event. Even this might still be beyond feasibility, but I'm just brainstorming.
  10. Sorry to disappoint you, but at least a few people on this list, one a personal acquaintance of my husband who had only taken some basic courses, haven't been involved in Scn. for many years. Maybe their names were kept on to inflate the organisation's rolls, but in any case it's a questionable tactic, unless you want to publish your own names and where they can contact you for info. I would guess that in the past several years, hundreds if not thousands of people have left anyway...

  11. You sound like an experienced scientologist.
  12. thesneakster Member

    Your list is already wrong. David "Darth Midget" Miscavige no longer lives at Gold Base (Hemet) and that was established years ago. He doesn't even visit Gold Base any more, according to multiple former Gold Base crew who have left over the last few years.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    ex-Sea Org member and Declared SP
  13. Where does he live, maybe with his bff Tom Cruise in Clearwater?

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