The Story L. Ron Hubbard Never Told

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Xaarin Rybak, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Xaarin Rybak Member

    Alrighty ladies and gents. For a good few months now I've been working on a book detailing what happened during the whole Incident II crisis from the viewpoint of "Xaarin, son of Xenu", someone completely on the other side of the story from LRH and any of his Revolt in the Stars characters. I was curious as to whether or not I could get any help, advice, or input on this idea from everyone on here. The book itself will of course be fictitious(though not proclaimed as such), but will fit in perfectly with Scientology space opera(which I have studied ardently for a couple years now).

    Let the input begin!
  2. Anonymous Member

    Is this a purely verbal text undertaking or something that will involve pictorial material plus verbal form? I.e., so-called "Graphic Novel" form?

    If you can arrange to post samples of what you have already created, that would open the situation to discussion of the project with the WWP Membership.
  3. Xaarin Rybak Member

    I had the book designed explicitly as a text-only book, but pictures could be added. As for samples, I'll add them tomorrow.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Seems like a good plan! I'll check out your samples after those arrive on the thread.
  5. Hi.

    I remember well the time that Pop Xenu thought it would be a great lark, or as we say a ripper wheeze, to set in train the events that would one day lead to the hilarious existence of L Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige, and Tom Cruise.

    It was with this thought in mind that he . . .
  6. Xaarin Rybak Member

    Here's part of the 1st chapter. book is written from a first-person perspective.

  7. Random guy Member

    Wouldn't people like Xaarin have a different name for the loyal officers? Like "scum", "vermin", "the ragtag band" or somesuch?
  8. Xaarin Rybak Member

    Good question. I'd personally say "no", as per our reference material, Xenu himself still referred to them as the Loyal Officers after exterminating them with his whole 3-Phase Plan.

    Admittedly though, I do have him calling Loyal Officer forces "Neocons" later in the story.
  9. Anonymous Member

    A suggestion. If presenting text online, it is best to avoid presenting a reader with a wall-of-words.

    Below, I've formatted your text into some paragraphs. For many people, this kind of treatment makes it much easier on the eyes when digesting a large amount of text.

    It was approximately a year after Incident II, when my father took a large amount of the Galactic Confederacy population and exterminated them on Teegeeack before scrubbing their minds and brainwashing them utilizing his telejector.

    I was with my father, Galactic Confederacy leader Xenu, his wife and my mother, Lara, and Xena, my best friend and the daughter of Chi, Galactic Minister of Police. It was a rare occasion for us: we were going to watch a theatrical production at the Home Planet’s famous Arremnon Theater.

    Since the Galactic Confederacy’s formation over 79 trillion years ago, the Arremnon Theater had been a staple of the planet’s tradition and classical arts. Watching a theatrical performance in person instead of watching a 3D pre-recorded image always seemed to bring something out in my parents that I never saw in them elsewhere, particularly my father.

    Speaking of which, I believe some more descriptions are in order. My father is quite similar in appearance to your stereotypical Russian General: full dress military uniform, medals on his right-breast pocket, crew-cut, height of over 6 feet, clean-shaven… The only possible indication of anything abnormal was a slight wrinkle around his lower right leg, where a metal brace kept his ankle properly positioned after it had been damaged due to an accident during the Grey Invader incident.

    He was as rigid of a father as anyone could ever have, his militaristic demeanor carrying over to my childhood, but he did love me and mom.

    My mother, Lara, was a stark contrast to him. She was short, perhaps 5 and ¾ feet tall, and had a frail physical frame. Nonetheless, she was attractive and had rather delicate features. Though she did have a strict hand in laying out discipline, education, and other things for me in my younger years, she always cared for my well-being, and never was as strict as my father.

    She, like in most married couples with children even up to the present day, was the one why provided me primary love and emotional support.

    And finally, we come to my best friend, Xena. Named in honor of my father by her own father(due to his close ties as Galactic Minister of Police), she was short, maybe a bit above 5 feet, but always had an athletic frame, cute features, loving eyes, a friendly attitude, and a spark of adventure in her that few others I know have.

    She always wanted to join the Galactic Fleet and captain a fighter squadron, a perfect complement to my dreams of becoming an Admiral and commanding entire Battle Squadrons of warships.

    The 4 of us were going to see a play entitled “Sepulchre”, a story of the graveyards of warships that lie through space. While I was moderately interested, it had peaked my parents’ interest and, as a result, we were going to see it.

    As our transport landed at the nearby landing pad, I noticed a large group of riot police surrounding the exit/entrance. Once we walked towards the theater, I saw why: a large group of people were peacefully protesting my father’s regime. The riot police were simply clearing a way through the crowd with their scatterguns, batons, and riot shields.

    As we walked to the entrance of the theater, I heard my father mutter “the Loyal Officers must be up to this…” When we finally reached the theater’s entrance, my father gave a hand signal to the senior policeman, and he ordered his men to fire on the protestors. I cringed, and Xena struggled to hold a tear or two back… This was no way to treat protestors!

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Reformatting - part 2.
    I never agreed with all that my father said or did, especially not Incident II, and in particular, not this. Entering the theater, we took our private seats and waited for the production to begin.

    As the first act of the rather dull and uninteresting play concluded, Xena turned to me. I turned back, expecting her to say something, when I noticed a look of great worry and fear on her face. It was quite unusual considering the fact that I was here, her dad was here, and security was plentiful. Leaning over, she whispered to me in a quiet yet timid tone.

    “I have a bad feeling about this… something’s going to happen to us, something terrible. We need to get out of here before it does.” Her saying this would be quite unusual if she didn’t have a track record of being right every time she said this to me, my parents, or her parents.

    It frankly startled me, but I nodded and turned to my dad.

    “Dad?” He turned back to look at me. “I was wondering if maybe we could leave the boring theatrical production and head over to Tyderium Base. I heard the new Dianus-class fighters are in, and I wanted to show Xena.”

    Looking at me with a cold and emotionless glare, one that never seemed to break, he nodded and pulled a couple of clips off of his uniform, placing them in my hands.

    “You and Xena go along, son. Your mother and I are going to stay here and enjoy the production. These are a little something R&D at Tyderium’s been working on: holographic uniforms. Each of you clip one of these on and activate them. I want my son and his best friend to look their best when they arrive at the base.”

    I was still worried… He and my mom were going to stay. A couple rows down were Chi and Cira, Xena’s parents, who also chose to attend this production. Unfortunately, it seemed that all I would be able to do was save myself and Xena from whatever was about to happen.

    Getting up and out of our seats, we walked to the back of the theater and exited. I clipped one of the micro-sized holoprojectors to my shirt’s pocket, and she clipped hers to a shorts pocket. After about 2 seconds, both of us stood there in full Galactic Confederacy uniforms, though without rank pauldrons or insignias on them.

    The symbol above the jacket’s left breast pocket, a downward-pointing triangle with a circle inside it and a capital X inside the circle, signified that the holouniforms belonged to Xenu, enough verification for any military base that the person wearing the device was legitimate, as the holouniform could not be hacked without damaging the projection.

    We had just gotten to the exterior of the building, the bodies of the protestors still being stripped of any clothing or other items and being burned, when it happened: Xena and I were thrown to the ground by a large blast of something behind us. Half-staggering and half-crawling over to her, I helped her up as both of us turned back to the theater.

    Something had indeed happened… Smoke began to pour from the interior of the building through the now shattered glass exterior. A squad of riot police raised their shields and soldered on into the building.

    Obviously, the Loyal Officers had participated in a despicable guerrilla-style terrorist attack on the Galactic Confederacy’s uppermost echelon of leaders. Surrounded in a circle by the remaining riot police that had not gone into the building to determine fatalities and the like, we began to hurry towards the transport.

    Suddenly, a large white ball appeared from seemingly out of nowhere. The ball headed straight towards the transport – and when it hit, all that remained of the craft and its crew were ash and the shards of metal that made up the wingtips.

    No one in the transport survived. A crew that had served my family loyally for years all killed in an instant. I paused for a second, coming to the realization of what the remaining Loyal Officers were willing to do to eliminate my father and his family, as well as anyone else who they felt was a threat. It was that moment that would lead me to the path I chose to follow.

    I motioned to the officer in charge of the riot police surrounding us and grabbed his communicator. Switching the frequency to the high-terahertz band, I began to send a request to Tyderium Base.

    “Tyderium Base, this is Xaarin… Somebody set this up as a bombing. Transport’s been destroyed, Xenu and Lara may be injured as well as other governmental officials. We need an evac transport and some fighter cover now, preferably the new Dianii.”

    After a couple of moments, a response came in. “Xaarin, this is Tyderium Base. We’re scrambling the Dianii along with a STOL transport. A medevac team will be there in less the 5 minutes, so just hang in there!”

    I rolled my eyes… Sure, we can hang in here while someone with an antimatter-like weapon tries to kill us too. That makes perfect sense. Still, though, it was better then being stuck here for a few hours. Staying put in a crouched position, surrounded by riot police, we patiently waited for rescue. As we did so, some riot police came out with the officials.

    My father was limping and barely able to walk, also covered with black soot from the explosion, but he was alive.

    My mother, however, was in far worse shape, unconscious and with shrapnel wounds to her torso.

    The worst news, however, had to have been for Xena: Chi and Cira were both dead, impaled in the head by large pieces of glass.

    I wrapped my arm tightly around her as she looked at the bodies of her parents, watching as the riot police covered their corpses with an opaque plastic tarp.

    Tears ran down her eyes as she pressed herself tightly against me, the emotion pouring from deep within her like a fountain.

    And who could blame her? Her parents were dead, and she herself had barely escaped death at the hands of the Loyal Officers, who were willing to kill the children for the crimes of the parents.
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  11. Xaarin Rybak Member

    Thank you for that.
  12. CarterUSP Member

    Interesting idea.
    What's the intended audience? Is this pitched as a sort of fan-fic for anons or you aiming for something wider?
  13. Xaarin Rybak Member

    The audience I had in mind was twofold. Firstly, there would be anons to purchase copies and send them around the world, and secondly, there would be Scientologists who would acquire this believing it to be the other half of their knowledge from OT-III and up.
  14. Random guy Member

    The tone is kind of Golde Age SF, I kind of imagine Hubbard using a similar style. Is it by intention?
  15. Xaarin Rybak Member

    Ironically, it wasn't. Aside from material obviously "borrowed" from Scientology space opera, the rest of it was entirely my design.
  16. Random guy Member

    Could work though.
  17. Xaarin Rybak Member

    True, and there are probably more Hubbard/golden-age SF references in what I have so far.
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Xaarin Rybak Member

    Nope. Xaarin.

    Also worth mentioning that gratuitous references will be made later in the book to the Marcab Confederacy, Maw Confederation, Espinol, and 4th Invader Force.
  20. CarterUSP Member

    Have you read the uber-batcrap stuff by Captain Bill on Xenu? He gives physical descriptions of Xenu and his henchmen. Not Hubbard sourced material, but interesting in a crazy sort of way.
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  21. Xaarin Rybak Member

    I haven't, actually. The description for Xenu and his henchmen that I gave were based partly off of my own imagination, and partly on descriptions from the leaked "Revolt in the Stars" script.
  22. CarterUSP Member

    If you're interested - description of Xenu and his pals (Chi, Chu, Sty and Zel) a little over half way down
    **Link is Ron's Org - Freezone, not official CoS **
    **Link is Ron's Org - Freezone, not official CoS**

    These are, of course, the ramblings of a guy considered too moonbat by Hubbard, so I present them as an intellectual curiosity rather than a recommendation.

    Have you considered any copyright issues? Even though the CoS deny Xenu is a part of scientology it won't stop them from claiming copyright violation in a court of alw, like in the Fishman case.
  23. Anonymous Member

    VaD? Wut up nutski?
  24. Xaarin Rybak Member

    They can't call something considered a religious text copyrighted material, and that's exactly what it is.
  25. CarterUSP Member

    They do, in the Fishman case, a scilon legal representative admitted that the OT documents were part of scientology copyrighted materials.
  26. Xaarin Rybak Member

    However, this neither physically nor intellectually is part of the Scientology copyrighted materials. The claim could simply be stated that it is another point of view in regards to Incident II and the aftermath. An additional layer of protection could then be added by stating it is an Anon "religious book", as the analog between the Galactic Confederacy and Loyal Officers in the story directly aligns itself with Anonymous and the Co$, respectively.
  27. Random guy Member

    I would nevertheless keep my anonymity if I where you.
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  28. Xaarin Rybak Member

    the book will technically be ghostwritten. The writer is the title character: "Xaarin, son of Xenu".
  29. Xaarin Rybak Member

    As an addition to what I have so far, I may as well state that this book is planned to span approximately 24 chapters. Currently, I have worked up to part of chapter 5. The following is a synopsis of everything I have so far(since, after all, I do want to keep my intellectual property safe).

    Chapter 1 introduces us to Xaarin, son of the galactic dictator Xenu, and his best friend Xena, daughter of Chi, Galactic Minister of Police. On their way to see a play at a theater, Xena has a vision of a sort indicating a terrorist attack will occur. Xaarin takes her word seriously, and leaves just in time before a Loyal Officer(read: $cilon)-planted bomb explodes, seriously injuring Xenu and his wife Lara, while killing Xena's parents. Their transport is destroyed by a torpedo launcher and they have to wait for transport to Tyderium Base. Once there, Xaarin and Xena get into a couple of battle-worn fighters and head into orbit.

    Chapter 2 details their meeting up with the Galactic Fleet's 1st Battle Squadron, and the subsequent defection of the frigate Illumination from the fleet. Xaarin and Xena manage to, with the other pilots' help, stop an attempt by Rebels to capture the carrier Rex and disable all hostile fighters. A message comes in from Tyderium Base, indicating that the Loyal Officers have entered the base and are moving towards the surface artillery guns. The fleet prepares to move to the Mecon Shipyards in Regulus, but the carrier Corytus gets hit by a hypervelocity warhead and is destroyed.

    Chapter 3 is where the war begins. After unknowingly sleeping in the same room as Xena, Xaarin meets with Galactic Fleet Admiral Dakara Aschwader, who details the revolt's situation. Over 2/3rds of the Galactic Confederacy's systems and outposts were taken over by the Neo-Confederate Loyal Officer forces(called Neocons by the loyalists), and loyalist forces have taken major beatings throughout the system, including the destruction of an entire Battle Squadron by an unknown warship. Having to make a decision, Xaarin decides to start a campaign in Sol to destroy the Iceni, a battleship leading the Neocon forces in that system. As well, tension builds between the two friends as they pass by Teegeeack, site of Incident II. Accidentally hurting Xena with his words, Xaarin ends up hugging and making up with her before he begins to plan the campaign.

    Chapter 4 details the opening stages of Operation Thresher, the plan to destroy Neocon ships surrounding the gas giants in the system. The planets have enough hydrogen isotopes for a fleet to last for millions of years off of, and thus are a vital resource. Tapping into a system of mining beacons located in Jupiter's atmosphere, the loyalists listen in and try to find an opportunity to attack the Iceni alone. Xena becomes Xaarin's wingmate after winning an arm wrestling contest with a bit of rule-twisting by distracting him with a kiss. The two head to the hangar of Xaarin's command ship, the battlecruiser Smyrna, where they look through the craft's compliment, finding 2 prototype fighters that they personalize as their own. After painting their names below the cockpit, they are summoned to the bridge.

    Chapter 5(what I've got so far, anyways) essentially details the end of L. Ron Hubbard's "Revolt in the Stars" from the loyalist point of view. Xenu, his wife, and the others in his government conspiracy are tried for various charges, with Loyal Officer Mish as judge and arbitrator. Mish and the jury find them guilty on all counts, and they are ordered to be placed in a "crysto-electron stasis trap for all of eternity", deep inside a mountain prison complex on Tawn in the Beta Centauri system. Mish then states that Xaarin is wanted, and a reward will be given to whoever captures him. Infuriated by this, Xaarin punches the viewscreen and orders that the attack on the Iceni begin, tracking it to Interceptor Base 42 in the rings of Saturn. Disguising themselves as the Loyal Officer battlecruiser Vengeance, they attempt to sneak through, but "accidentally" vaporise the fighters that come to scan them in order to confirm their identity.

    And that's where I stopped. Any advice from there onwards?
  30. Ωmega Member

    I see where your going with this and once I had the same idea but on the other hand your keeping the "Delusion" alive. The pure fact is we all know that crap would never of happen. IE: Advanced races getting in a fight then both of them dieing out with out a trace, but their souls are still around or some "Delusion" of sorts.

    We all can call their cults belief a pure delusion and be 100% correct and if their cult wants to fight me on this I will gladly give up my contact information if asked so they can dispute my claims.
  31. Xaarin Rybak Member

    We know that, yes, but every $cilon deluded into thinking that this book, clearly written as a work of fiction, is real can them be weeded out from those few intelligent ones who call this BS.
  32. Ωmega Member

    Agreed!!! It can work for some people.
    But you still would want to get that message to those that are behind locked doors, wouldn't you?
    So a total disband of the cult campaign would be more effective by using the courts to endorse the fact that they are a delusional cult and not a religion.
  33. Anonymous Member

    My sense of the work to date is, it is quite picturesque in style. It may benefit considerably from working with a graphic artist to create either illustrations, or move it directly into the so-called "graphic novel" format.

    Just my opinion, and it may not work for you, and I am biased because I do enjoy many graphic novelists working today - Charles Burns, Kim Deitch, and Chris Ware do awesome work, imho.

    Take a look at what WWP Member Trev6 is doing, here:
  34. Xaarin Rybak Member

    Yes, but then the Scientologists would never truly get to enjoy this masterful work of science fiction and be deceived by the fact that it is just that: fiction. As for the ones who believe it... They'll never get an opportunity to hear the other side of the story that LRH never told them.

    Besides, it's far too easy for a money-grabbing cult like $cientology to defend itself in court with legal loopholes, "Fair Game", etc.

    EDIT: I didn't see your post, Anon, but I'll definitely check him out. Illustrations would definitely assist with the book, perhaps one or two a chapter.
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  35. Internetzin Member

    Dude if you start a religion with this, I for one shall never forgive you!
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  36. Ωmega Member

    I don't want to stop your creativity flow on this book, because if it does become the book of the year it could be part of the turning point in co$'s demise.

    Maybe add in that both where once the same race then the scilon started to use stem cells to advanced them self but failed. Where the xenu crew started using physiology to understand why the silons could not accept their own races form. Kinda molding in some of their own ignorance since they don't like physiology.
    Use things that we know today so people can relate like rontard did.
  37. Ωmega Member

    Thats kinda my point, insead of one group of dumbys now we could have two. :confused:
  38. Xaarin Rybak Member

    Don't worry, Netz. The only religion this book'll be a holy work for is that of Anonism. ALL ANONS WORSHIP XENU! :p

    As for your idea, Omega... It's an interesting one. I never thought about that. Might just include it in the book.
  39. Ωmega Member

    you can.
    my idea is to show that the original race was trying to help the scilon to get back to their true form instead of using other races or volcano as a purgatory just to survive. the xenu race was more into true science that works and they found that since knowledge is always evolving the science they discover to be true today can be wrong tomorrow.
    hence the scilon failure in their advancement attempt.

    But Im not good with the co$ lingo so do what you can with it.
  40. Internetzin Member

    Love that idea cause the evolving nature of science is true for all

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