The Sun Rises in Hollywood

Discussion in 'Media' started by J. Swift, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. J. Swift Member

    The Sun Rises in Hollywood

    We are powering up here in Hollywood at the ungodly early hour of 10:30 AM for the protest. Blue skies greet the day and it is gorgeous weather. The Goddess Caffeine offers us her blessings and sacred libations at The Temple of Starbucks. Rumors are running rampant here in Tinsel Town that SwiftSphinx launches today. The Sphinx himself may even fly into town! If so, I have a limo standing by.

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  2. Heyanonnyno Member

    May the wind be on your backs!
  3. AnneOminous Member

    best of wishes to you all
  4. Big wins in Australia, London, and NY so far.... Waiting on word from clearwater, miami, orlando, DC, and Atlanta....
  5. Anonymous 845 Member

    Just got home from the L.A. raid- unfollowed. It was pretty much epic win. Lots of people honking in support, telling us they support us, saying stuff like "well it's about time someone did this."

  6. LS1750 Member

    LA protest was fabulous...everyone was more than well behaved. I heard numbers of 250+.

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