The TrapWire surveillance system

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by The Wrong Guy, Aug 10, 2012.

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    i'll just leave this here...
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    Worst. Sentence. EVER.
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    Wouldn't know, couldn't get to the end of it.
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    This is why Sue will make many jewgolds one day, by keeping his servers safe for great justice even though people offer him lifetime supplies of raman to hand over the sql data tables. Someday that proven track record will matter to someone with real cash.
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    Has he switched from heroin to meth perhaps?
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    Adrian Chen of Gawker Can't Explain Libel Against Barrett Brown, Anonymous, OWS

    Published on Aug 20, 2012 by Barrett Brown

    This conversation occurred between Adrian Chen and I on March 8th, two days after I was raided. It refers to several articles Chen had written about me over the past six months (previously he'd written about me from time to time and more often used me as a source and before that as a guide to understanding Anonymous and specific operations, as had dozens of other journalists in 2011). The call itself was prompted by his new article on my FBI raid entitled "Anonymous fameball Barrett Brown raided by FBI" or some such, although it's entirely about inaccuracies and outright libel on the matter of my involvement in an action (essentially aborted by the largely Mexican contingent of Anons that ran it before abandoning original objective and handing over the "name" of the op to me). Also doesn't mention that Chen has inaccurately characterized an upcoming book deal obtained by Gregg Housh with me as a co-writer/ghostwriter as "a book about [my] adventures" despite having never been focused on me and including less than three or four sentences about things that I did, being about Housh's life as a hacker/pirate, his prison stint, and his key involvement with Anonymous going back before 2008, when he helped get Chanology off the ground and began serving as media go-to guy among other things.

    Likewise, this convo of course does not go into the reason I've decided to post this terrible performance by a writer who has indeed done some important work on stories involving net activism and other topics - that he recently helped to kill the Trapwire story in its cradle due to incompetence, laziness, and likely also simply out of the common human desire to look down on others and/or pretend that they've got the "real" story on something others are worried about it. That's a reasonable tendency to have when one does one's work. As noted here, he didn't, even despite having obsessively written about a guy like myself who does almost nothing other than talk about these very issues (and who has been talking/writing about Trapwire controller Cubic Corporation for a year). This and other info on Trapwire, which we only know about because my friend and "colleague" Jeremy Hammond sacrificed years of his youth to get the Stratfor e-mails. More on Chen's shitty article here:

    What you actually need to know about Trapwire, from people whose knowledge of industry goes beyond writing about whether iPad is cool or gay or what, here:

    Picture uses same color scheme (and bullshit "let's use single frames from videos in order to make subject look ridiculous without having to prove he's actually ridiculous" tactic). Credit goes to my girlfriend, who usually makes memes about my own douchebaggery but did this as a present.
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    Can't stand to read this guy's gibberish. Is there a tl;dr on this? Preferably in English.
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    This a clip from "Housewives of orange county"?
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  13. just a thought but the massive amount of computers doing the ddos ....
    remember "malware monday" and the link being passed around to check if computer was infected?
    not beyond the realm of possibility that it actually downloaded something similar to what anons were using for the computer illiterate to help their ddos
    i know i was stupid enough to click it
    easy enough for stratfor and gov't to fabricate that cover story
    and a cheap easy muliplication of their computing power

    shouldn't be too hard for anons to check either
    or to neutralise many of the infected ones if that is the case
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    Can you kindly provide dox that say the government infected computers with a virus/bot because of that DNS Changer virus?

    Otherwise, I call moonbat.
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    Heard of Stuxnet?
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    That is not Dox.

    That is trying to draw a line between two dissimilar things.

    There is no doubt the US Government does some shitty things. However something that sophisticated is beyond their limited intelligence.
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    No, but they know where to go to hire experts at industrial control programming: An old school computer/engineering company (Honeywell, for example). Hire a team of their best, who have been bumming PLC code for decades, for an ultra-classified project. Threaten them with dire consequences if they leak, and pay them a lot of money.
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    nope can't produce dox - like i said was just a thought and i am puter and car illiterate - know enough to turn them on and do such as i mostly want them to - thought i made that perfectly clear
    but i do know that it isn't a total moonbattery
    nor is it total moonbattery to wonder how they/someone suddenly have the excess capacity to facilitate such a sustained in depth ddos - and why now - or that anonfags with know how are surprised at their ability to produce and sustain such an attack

    as for it being beyond their limited intelligence - YOU dox or gtfo

    not like they came up with the idea is it?
    all they would have to do is take what anons did and announced how to
    and take it from voluntary participation to an involuntary one

    that part aint rocket science is it?
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    If your pipes are fat enough, there's no need for any massive botnets to get your point across. Assumedly, these folks have some very fat pipes.
  20. anonysamvines Member

    well i think i get the gist of what you mean by pipes (like i do when peeps talk about what happens under a car bonnet :confused: )

    presumably not the kind of capacity you keep idle just on the offchance you may fancy doing , ooh i dunno ... a massive sustained and prolonged ddos attack say?

    and if it didn't just happen to be sitting there idle, waiting hopefully to maybe be used like herro in a porn film, then what about the work it was supposed to be doing?
    how long and how deeply have these attacks been going for?
    on how many sites/mirrors?

    and if you are the same anon that cried moonbattery - what happened to your dox? do i cry naiivety?
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    Not the same Anon. We're talking about agencies that could simply turn the Internetz off at the flip of a switch anytime it suits them. Bandwidth is not their problem.
  22. anonysamvines Member

    yeah but that would be like dropping the nuclear (do we still call it that - bit out of touch here) bomb on Afghanistan wouldn't it?
    touch of overkill
    how could they have plausible deniability then?
    and everyone would be wanting to know what exactly is in those dox
    and a whole lot more

    losing facebook etc would get the whole of usa and europe etc (assuming it is just the uk and europe they switch off) all screaming blue murder - rather than just the anons and anyone who has an interest in freedom of information etc
    can't tell me that whoever it is wants that happening!

    just cos ya has da big guns don't mean ya can always use em

    just cos it may have moons and bats and no dox don't make it not so - but like i said don't make it so either
    was just a passing thought - i aint a geek so i couldn't investigate the possibility - but it maybe worth a geek's while just to check a presumably clear puter or two to see if there is evidence
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    I've always believed that SDI was an elaborate bluff designed to goad the USSR into bankrupting itself trying to keep up.
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    Forty fucking thousand dollars per year for a newsletter? That is obviously a con. Holy fuck, why does anyone take these people seriously.
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  28. A.O.T.F Member

    Fuuuuuk!! Rolling it out across Australian domestic CCTV operations .. CCTV Cameras should be targeted for destruction - A realistic future mission critical priority to fuck them up.
  29. Dumbass. Illegal activity: We do not promote it here. If you want to engage in those activities, enjoy getting v&.
  30. A.O.T.F Member

    One would never "Physically" damage anything- or hurt anyone. There's always a work around Greta ;)
  31. Hacking=illegal, and vandalism, like painting or obscuring the cam=illegal. If you do that and get caught, I will laugh. Btw: I still think Pubeit was both disgusting and hilarious.
  32. A.O.T.F Member

    Here's a HUGE (HUG) and a kiss on the forehead ... there .. does that feel better baby. :D
  33. HOC Member

    We don't advocate illegal activity here. Please keep discussions legal and on topic. Thanks.
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    Sure .. not a prob. ... Trapwire to be initiated to monitor children in crèches .. now that's Orwellian and way beyond fucked up! .. Facial Mapping of children huh! .. Fuck That!
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    Another gift from Stratfor.
  37. AgentsOfTheFree, thank you for being the very first entry on my Ignore list. I don't know if it's the arrogance of your name or the stunning brainlessness of your comments, but you annoy me in a way no one has. I'm sure you've made many of us miss Herro.
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