"The Twitter Commandments" for Liberation of Iran

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by FraudElection, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. FraudElection Member

    From IranElection Fraud (FraudElection) on Twitter

    Some have asked that I provide commentary on how to tweet, report, and debate in 140 characters or less from #iran. #iranelection

    I am hereby issuing “The Twitter Commandments” for Liberation of Iran as spoken to me by God herself last night. #iranelection

    Beware of those who seek popularity and are looking for follower count. Look through follower lists to see if they’ve purged commercial followers. #iranelection

    Don’t waste your time to find who is and is not a spy. They are masters of camouflage and you’ll think you are taking to your best friend. #iranelection

    Beware of those who think they are journalists. Trust those who admit they are not, but have a view and have something to say. #iranelection

    Do not accept view-bashers. If you like a democratic forum, be prepared to hear what you would hate to hear. #iranelection

    Let the next @PersianKiwi bloom. Give everyone a chance. Trust but verify. Don’t accuse. Time and facts will clear the chaff (including Ahamghejad).

    If you tweet from Iran, search for wifi spots. This is best when you are on a scooter or motorcycle. #iranelection

    Prepare as much to write in advance, and use your wifi time to transmit and visit blocked sites, such as YouTube. #iranelection

    Use wifi time to respond to direct messages. #iranelection

    Use trusted proxies. Some proxies that do offer a gateway out, but if from sources you don’t trust, they could actually be traps to see who is using them. #iranelection

    Never name yourself. Periodically post items that are misleading as to your whereabouts. #iranelection

    If there is nothing to say, than don’t. #iranelection

    Don’t believe that we are an adequate replacement for open reporting by journalists. #iranelection

    Prepare your goodbye note for the day we will get journalists back in Iran. #iranelection

    I will hijack your revolution & backstab Mousavi, but for now I back anyone who helps topple the Islamic Monarchy. #iranelection

    Fight politics after defeating enemies of freedom. #iranelection

    Some have asked my spelling. Ahmadinejad means “descendant of Mohammad”; AhmaGHinejad means “descendant of idiots”. #iranelection
  2. Nichol Member

    About twitter block: not a security feature

    Some recent experience made me understand better the intricacies of blocking another user on twitter. They are so confusing that I kept explaining to other people. The 'block' feature is best seen as a way to isolate one user from only annoying contact with another:
    • blockee cannot follow the blocker, previous follow is removed
    • blocker unfollows blockee (?) I once observed blocker appear in my follower list. A bug?
    • blocker and blockee can view each other's total timeline
    • blocker and blockee and search in each other's timeline
    • in searching for #hash the blockees & blockers are skipped
    • @-messages from blockee to blocker or vice-versa are seen by neither
    • twitter provides no way to get a list of people blocking you
    • when blockee tries to follow blocker, a message says so
    • when blockee tries to open 1 single message of blocker, that is blocked

    So the blocker and blockee are isolated from possible annoying communications, but can still check up on each other by looking at the timeline. There is no way for the two to communicate via @ messages: they are invisible by the other. Non-blocked people can easily be confused by @-messages sent from blocker to blockee or vice-versa: they are only visible to other people!

    For people from Iran: blocking an annoying 'twitter-basij' will help your annoyance, not their ability to see everything you type.

    Note that the blockee and blocker have no possibility to directly send messages to each other. This makes it practically impossible for the blockee to ask blocker for the reason of the block. So it is not very polite to block somebody else without first explaining why.
  3. Nichol Member

    Rebirthing a nick after closing compromised nickname

    I'm not in Iran, but I just had experience with somebody closing down a twitter account and starting fresh. It was of great help that this person had a few friends with which DM-messages had been exchanged in the past. I imagine that an iranian tweet cannot always plan when to commit 'nickname-suicide', or just stop using that nickname. A few DM-friends can be very helpful to get started again under a new name! This is true when you want people to connect the new with the old, but also if you really want a fresh start.

    So I'd suggest a rule: have a few dm-friends up your sleeve, just in case. There is no trick to pick garanteed reliable people, but you can try. DM-friends will usually still be able to read their last exchanged messages. Those will help prove who you are (assuming your old account was not hacked).
  4. Hechicera Member

    Following a twitterer by web page

    I just go to urls in the format:{person}

    So, for oxfordgirl:

    This lets me see their tweets, and I don't even have to be signed into twitter.

    Good for catching up on what a particular person has said, esp. if you get spam from following others. Since you can do that w/o being signed in, that may help people who are suspended or with accounts partially restored.
  5. Nichol Member

    Twitter name change: easy, don't be fooled by it.

    If you ever think your account is compromised, one possible action is simply to go into your twitter settings and change either your nickname, or your 'real' name, or both. The twitter account will keep working, you will be following the same people, and people following you will still follow you, under the new name. Your followers will be surprised, because they don't expect to see this new name. So anounce to your followers (and others) that you changed the name, if you want them to know. This is going to confuse other people, and I think that twitter doesn't like you changing names too often, or just to fool others.

    Also know that other people can do this in twitter. Twitter certainly has a bunch of funny and unexpected features.
  6. Nichol Member

    #iranelection twittiquette : Anonymity

    In addition to the usual rules and etiquette for twitter, inside the #iranelection environment we need take into account some additional sensitivities due to the fact that some of use can actually be in danger if their identitiy is revealed.

    An often promoted 'commandment' is that if some of us need to stay anonymous, we should all refrain from revealing our real identity, and certainly not ask others who they really are, where they are from, etc. This group behaviour will help those really in need of anonymity to stay anonymous, without having to defend their behaviour. Remember also that many here have relatives and friends in iran who they could compromise by revealing their own information.

    If we all agree that we should really not be asking any personal identifying information about each other, that makes it easier to identify and stay away from any possible iran government operatives, trolls, or just scams, that would be interested in your person and/or your money.

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