The UN

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Are the UN going to keep being a bunch of knobgobblers or are they actually going to be useful for once?
  2. The UN is useless and truth be told, so are most of the other governments, if not all. It's up to individuals in Iran and their supporters outside to actually get anything worthwhile accomplished. Ahmadi is betting on gov't's sitting on their hands because they believe only the gov't has any power.
  3. IranPetition Member

    The UN is a pathetic joke. They will sit around and draft doucments that condemn the election fraud, and that's all they'll do. They have no jurisdiction to backbone. And if they did try to do something you can trust on China (on the security council) and Russia to veto any meaningful actions.
  4. And when you consider how long it's taken them to stop the raping of Darfur by an shit gov't... oh wait, that's right, they haven't, after all these years. The UN twiddles their thumbs while real humans are slaughtered.

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