The Unauthorized Autobiography of Julian Assange

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by The Wrong Guy, Sep 21, 2011.

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    The Unauthorized Autobiography of Julian Assange

    Perpetual shit-show Julian Assange has notched another screw-up in his long list of self-undermining failures: The much-vaunted memoir, for which he received a $1.5 million advance, and wherein he was to lay out for once and for all a defense against the malicious attacks leveled at him from all sides, is going to be published tomorrow against his will because he is an impossible human being.

    This was predictable. Virtually everyone Assange has worked with—the New York Times, the Guardian, Icelandic politician Birgitta Jonsdottir, former spokesman Daniel Domscheit-Berg, the unnamed "architect" of Wikileaks' digital infrastructure—has ended up disillusioned, disgusted, and emotionally exhausted after trying to partner with the squirrely man-child. And that's exactly what happened with Canongate, the Scottish publishing house that purchased the book last December, according to the Independent:

    Canongate had already paid out roughly $790,000 to Assange by the time he tried to pull out, and since he wasn't offering to pay it back, it maintains that it still has the right to publish. Portions will be serialized in the Independent beginning tomorrow.

    The book reportedly contains a chapter explaining, for the first time, Assange's side of the rape allegations pending against him in Sweden. It turns out that the girls were just mad because he wasn't returning his phone calls, and at the same time were intelligence agents plotting to bring him down in a honeytrap.

    This will be an insufferable book.
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    It's not the first time a guy couldn't keep it in his pants.
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    Sounds about as stable as a scilon.
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  6. I used to like that guy.

    Turns out he really is a bit of an arsehole.
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