The Universal Medicine Cult - not Scientology but similar business model

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    Universal Medicine is an organization marketing so called complementary medicine. It offers Esoteric healing services including Esoteric Breast Massage and Esoteric Chakra-Puncture (a bastardized form of acupuncture). UM runs a lucrative Esoteric healing training racket, including healing workshops and courses advertised to lead to 'accreditation' as an Esoteric healing practitioner. UM is not a registered training organization.

    Based in Goonellabah (Lismore, Byron Bay area), NSW, Australia, it has major bases/clinics in Brisbane, Australia; London and Frome, Somerset UK.

    Esoteric healing practitioners and meditation groups are also found in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, Australia; Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, USA and New Zealand. A list of names and locations of Esoteric healers and meditation groups is here

    News reports including links to television reports can be found at this link:

    Universal Medicine is headed by 49 year old Serge Benhayon, an ex bankrupt junior tennis coach turned self styled healer. Benhayon claims to have received a divine calling in 1999, in the form of ‘sweet and beautiful voices’ he heard while sitting on the toilet. He has also claimed to be the reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci, Pythagoras, Imhotep, St John and theosophist, Alice Bailey.

    Benhayon has four adult children in their twenties working as Esoteric healing practitioners and trainers. None have formal therapy qualifications. The eldest, Simone, a swimming teacher, runs UM operations in the UK.

    Serge Benhayon met his current wife, Miranda, when she was his 13 year old tennis student. She moved into his family home at that age when he persuaded her parents he could coach her to Wimbledon. She is now 32 and practices Esoteric counselling and performs vocals on the cult’s music label – Glorious Music. Benhayon’s ex wife, Deborah works for the firm in an administrative role. Benhayon regularly has adolescent girls, usually the daughters of cult members, as houseguests for weeks at a time.

    Recruitment Gateways

    Universal Medicine students are introduced via Esoteric healing practitioners who invite them to the workshops. Esoteric Womens Health practices such as Esoteric Breast Massage are marketed to women with gynaecological problems. Esoteric healers also target cancer patients, sexual abuse survivors, people recovering from addictions, and people with weight problems or eating disorders.

    Musician and tone deaf fuckwit, Chris James is also a major recruiter through his international touring of voice and singing workshops. Chris James’ touring circuit matches the locations of Esoteric healing clinics and meditation groups.

    Cult Conversion

    Recruits are attracted by UM’s claims to be able to assist gynaecological disorders, detoxification and the effects of chemotherapy etc. UM markets healthy lifestyle options via diet, gentle breath meditation, gentle exercise and self-loving choices.

    During Esoteric healing sessions and workshops recruits are told that ‘everything is energy’, including magical thinking notions that the energy of certain thoughts, behaviours or emotions, or the energy from negative actions or incidents in past lives causes health problems and negative experiences in this life.

    Illness and misfortune is thought to arise due to prana (Sanskrit - life energy) as opposed to ‘fiery’ energy. Being alive in a carnal body, emotions, intellect/critical thinking and a range of otherwise nutritious foods, such as root vegetables, grains and dairy products are thought to be excessively ‘pranic’. The consumption of pranic foods is said to cause disease as well as natural disasters and global warming. The Esoteric diet has no nutritional basis and is unnecessarily restrictive to the point that it impairs physical and cognitive function – making followers more susceptible to indoctrination.

    UM workshops and lectures are preceded by meditation sessions which increase susceptibility to thought reform. Many followers listen to one hour lectures by Serge Benhayon via podcasts at least once a day, as well as obsessively reading his writings and compulsively attending Esoteric healings and events. The hands on healing techniques during private healing sessions and workshops also help to induce trance states that facilitate thought reform/brainwashing.

    Students who don’t reject the outlandish teachings increasingly frequent Esoteric healing sessions and workshops hoping to clear themselves of pranic energy that has accrued due to non Esoteric lifestyle choices or traumas over countless previous lifetimes. There are no reported cases of successful ‘clearing’, but some members of the Benhayon family are said to be Ascended Masters of the Hierarchy. Serge Benhayon declares himself as the only fifth level initiate alive in the Universe. Benhayon teaches that sixth level initiates and higher are discarnate bodies of light. The Dalai Lama is regarded as fourth level initiate.


    As commitment to the ‘Esoteric Livingness’ increases as does indoctrination with world, life and body negative programming. Music is deemed as evil and poisonous, apart from music produced by the cult. Sport is also evil and vigorous physical activity is discouraged. Cult members are taught that emotions are the cause of all disease and are kept in states of dissociation by being taught to distrust thoughts and only to trust feelings, on the condition those feelings are devoid of emotion. Loved ones of cult members report drastic personality changes including trance like states, passive aggression and neurotic behaviour. Dramatic declines in physical health, and particularly disorders associated with malnutrition are commonly reported.

    Destruction of relationships and families

    Serge Benhayon capitalizes on negative gender stereotypes to divide relationships. He teaches male energy causes gynaecological and breast disorders, including cancer, and that maleness is aggressive, animalistic, sex crazed and intellectual, while ‘femaleness’ is soft, passive, gentle and ‘yummy’. Benhayon teaches that men only have sex to relieve themselves and women only have sex to please men. Women have regular sessions of Esoteric Breast Massage in order to clear the offending energy left from male objectification that is said to lead to disease.

    Parents are taught that loving their children emotionally is destructive and that women can pass negative emotional energy to their babies via breastfeeding. Mothers, especially, are told they do too much for their families at the expense of self nurturing.

    Followers are also taught to reject those that don't subscribe to the Livingness as 'loveless' and 'in pain'. They will often issue ultimatums to non cult follower loved ones that the continuation of the relationship is contingent on surrender to the Esoteric way.

    Universal Law solicitors of Mullumbimby represent cult members in divorce, separation and custody proceedings, and handle bequests to Universal Medicine’s charities and building funds. Cult followers are also encouraged to take out Apprehended Violence Orders (restraining orders) against non abusive spouses as a way of discrediting them in future court proceedings. Followers are known to donate large portions of property settlements to the cult. Universal Law has a conflict of interest in that it has represented Benhayon in cease and desist and bogus DMCA takedown notices aimed to shut down blogs critical of UM.The cult has not attempted defamation action against bloggers.

    Glorification of death and reincarnation

    Although UM is marketed as a Complementary Medicine organization, its practices have zero or negative health benefits. Rather, Serge Benhayon regards carnal existence as an aberration and that the Esoteric goal is to ascend into a discarnate existence as a ‘fiery’ body of light and ‘true love’. His writings state that humanity living on the planet is ‘rot’, that anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the Esoteric Livingness death drive is part of the ‘Astral Cult’ and we are wasting our time maintaining a physical body we will not need. He has stated that ‘death is always a healing, not part of the failure’.

    Inappropriate touching

    Serge Benhayon has performed cold readings on clients he calls ‘ovarian readings’ where he fishes for information on their sexual history or incidences of trauma, which he then uses as a basis for marketing more extensive or invasive ‘healing’.

    Photographic images from Esoteric healing workshop manuals show Benhayon with his hand on a woman’s genitals and calling it a ‘healing’ for rape recovery. He has taught hundreds of Esoteric students to perform such techniques of inappropriate touching on each other at workshops and to touch the genitals and breasts and other erogenous areas of sexual abuse survivors as ‘healing’ for sexual abuse. So far Australian regulators have not acted on this evidence.
    Endorsement by medical professionals

    Benhayon’s teachings and practices are endorsed and promoted by six medical doctors. Surgeon, Eunice Minford of Northern Ireland, endorses Benhayon on her blog, including in a post on assisted suicide where she states that death isn’t the end, it’s a reuniting with God.

    The cult also includes psychologists and allied health professionals among it’s hierarchy.

    Charity Activity and Front Groups

    Universal Medicine’s UK charity arm is the Sound Foundation, housed at the Lighthouse in Frome. So far the Sound Foundation has spent nothing on charitable works but appears to be a building fund for a conference facility from which the Benhayon’s can run their UK events.

    In Australia the Universal Medicine College, was set up for ‘educational purposes’ in 2011 and is also in the construction phase – converting a large facility on acreage.

    Real Media Real Change is an anti-free speech front group which also promotes Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd. UM cult members participate in internet outrage over sexual abuse and rape statistics and make exhibitionist disclosures of their own experiences of abuse whilst denying UM has victims - in spite of clear photographic evidence to the contrary, and in spite of the fact the abuse deniers participated in workshops where inappropriate touching took place. Critical comments, questions or discussion are prohibited on their propaganda sites.

    Damage and Accountability

    Very few victims have made official complaints about the group, possibly due to fear of Benhayon’s purported supernatural powers or fear of repercussions from zealous followers/bullies. Survivors also experience a high degree of psychological damage that may leave them too burnt out to come forward – with difficulty shaking off fears that minor infringements of the extremely puritanical ‘Livingness’ behaviours, including thinking Esoterically incorrect thoughts or associating with non Esoteric individuals will damn them for countless future incarnations.

    Less than a handful of people are actively attempting to bring the group to account via official complaints to law enforcement and regulatory bodies.

    More detailed information can be found on these 3 blogs:

    Universal Medicine Accountability
    The Facts About Universal Medicine
    Universal Medicine Cult
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    Not Scientology related. Thread moved to the General Discussion area.
  3. Anonymous Member


    Synopsis plox.
  4. Mercutia Member

    Apologies for posting with Scientology. I was looking for a home for it . Apologies also for the length. I don't plan to repeat.

    Anyway a heap of you may appreciate the strong parallels with CoS and its aspirations. Like CoS, UM has a personal development pitch and an initiation scale to work through at great expense, plus the notion of 'clearing' incorrect thoughts, emotions and behaviours that run counter to the cult's aims. Rather than suppressive, though, we are loveless. I believe UM would ultimately like to have high profile celebs among its ranks, but currently, the cult's fuckwit doctors and other professionals are lending it credibility.

    Where it differs from CoS is the overt death drive, and those acting against the group have strong fears that Benhayon is desensitizing followers to death, and talking up rebirth into the Esoteric way. Given the parallels with Aum Shinrikyo's Shoko Asahara and his teachings about karmic cleansing and killing to heal, a suicide pact is a possible scenario. We fear that cancer patients have already been encouraged to discontinue treatment at Benhayon's instigation.

    Left unchecked, Universal Medicine could metastasize to a similar scale of chaos or burn out into another Jonestown. A news report estimated UM has 2000 followers worldwide, but this is hard to gauge.

    I'm also bringing it to the attention of Anonymous because there are far too few of us active against this group and nowhere near enough sites with factual exposure on the net for those seeking information. So I wanted to make sure the info found a safe home, and to ask any Anons local to the group's tentacles to keep an eye out for them and help us OUT them if and where you can. The cult has been hammering the blogs with bogus DMCA takedowns and so far the sites have survived, however Australian censorship laws have meant the cult has been able to remove entries from Google searches and Google closed the blogs' Australian and UK URLs when they were on the Blogger platform, with no avenues for legal redress. Moving them to Wordpress allowed them to continue.

    Also the Rick Ross cult forum just lost two years of forum threads, including 150 pages on UM. Without the blogs, that would have eliminated all expository info on the bastards.

    I will post this info there as well.

    I guess another interesting observation for Anonymii is what can be done by two bloggers (effing busy bloggers at that) against a multi million dollar conglomerate of arseholes. A bunch of official complaints have also been made, but so far, last year's media coverage and the blogs have done more to curtail the cult's recruitment than the regulators.
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  5. genoramix Member

    NYPA ...but

    Personally i feel interested in fucking this cult up, because it has so many notions that i'm familiar and agree with(in another context of course) and thus i think i see the appealing potential this bs has.

    Anonymous is about freedom of speech : that's how chanology started, CoS wanted to fuck with OUR internet, tha't why Anonymous picked on them. Moreover they are such lulzcows that it's difficult to resist.
    In this case, i don't think freedom of speech is involved. so that's not Anonymous's job. But some people might be interested(as I) so what would be your plan?
  6. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    First and foremost: Don't worry about it. I'm League Champ of the Wall O' Words Games. Just remember that a lot of Anons have serious Terminal ADHD and reading more than a sentence causes them to have epileptic fits or pass out from exhaustion half way though.

    Secondly: From the sounds of it, it is rather small and really not as prevalent as Scientology. I am not sure about the numbers but Scientology has more than 2,000 members. It also seems more concentrated in the Australia, New Zealand zone. As a US Faggot, I can only say that it remains kind of quiet here. I can only guess why though.

    Basically, and keep in mind I only speak for myself here, this is very dissimilar to Scientology and more similar to other Cult/Pyramid Schemes. (ie: UM seems like that est Training) One dissimilarity is that there is no mention that UM has a paramilitary wing. Scientology does.

    I can only speak for myself so I'll wait and see if this grows legs.
  7. Mercutia Member

    Our plan is to maximise exposure and increase public awareness of the group. The cult got at least 3 blogs shut down. There might be more we weren't aware of. The first blogger didn't have the know how to come back at them. The cult has hit us, another victim with serious health problems, a disabled person, a journalist and a volunteer cult recovery group with legal threats. I'd call that censorious.

    I get the NYPA. The thing is two people have been the personal army for hundreds of families smashed by these bastards. Before two people it was one - his family imploded before he realized his ex was cult struck. He travelled his local area documenting similar experience among 40 families - cult member undergoes unexplained personality change, money is rapidly disappearing, husbands hit with baseless accusations of abuse, children developing anxiety and separation disorders. He then lost count. In most cases and among many affected, they don't know what a cult is, how they work and WTF hit them. The one man then started digging on the cult's workings and found all kinds of dirt. The media circus came in briefly, then the second in the personal army saw the stories and came forward with her own, and then there were two - writing regulators and public representatives, blogging every bit of info we find, constantly pitching stories to news outlets, who show interest and then drop off because we can't bring them fresh victims willing to go on the record or because of legal threats. The victims in the meantime are too scared or damaged to come forward.

    We are a personal army. We just need as much exposure as we can get, even if it's just checking on our blogs from time to time to see what's up or putting the word out locally. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Mercutia Member

    [quote="Secondly: From the sounds of it, it is rather small and really not as prevalent as Scientology. I am not sure about the numbers but Scientology has more than 2,000 members. It also seems more concentrated in the Australia, New Zealand zone. I can only speak for myself so I'll wait and see if this grows legs.[/quote]

    Fair enough. UM is much smaller scale, and less sophisticated. However, it managed to fly under the radar for 12 years unflagged.

    I often wonder what might have happened if Scientology started up more recently and tried to take root in the internet age and teh trollz could get to it before it got out of hand.

    This is the reason why we're going hard now - get them before they get too big. Can you imagine two people trying to take down Scientology, even thirty years ago? We'd be dead.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Well, since the USG is fucking with freedom of speech and 'OUR' internet, perhaps we could switch our focus to the more important target. COS is a pimple on the ass of society, whereas the USG is the ass.
  10. genoramix Member

    Agreed. Although not only the USG. All of them.
  11. Anonymous Member

    It actually sounds very similar to two cults in CA, especially the weird sexual attitudes: The Berkeley Psychic Institute and The Academy for Psychic Studies. Both are ultimately bastard offshoots of scientology wrapped up in theosophy and new age. Their beliefs about male and female 'energy' are creepy and exploitive. I wonder if this guy has any connection to either of them.

    An ex of the APS (which has not fared well against the internet and was dealt a near-fatal blow by a ground breaking-lawsuit-in 2008!- allowing it's former members to post anonymously about it on the internet) has a site here:

    There probably are some ways of getting around their censorship, like hosting anti sites in other countries, etc.

    It is a fucking shame about the Ross board. Have you tried looking the pages up at any of the web archive sites for possible retrieval? Thanks for raising awareness of this group here.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Dunno about Australia, but here in the states this guy's name has come up a couple of times defending ex-cult members from litigation based on 'copyright' etc, keeping their names private even in court cases:
  13. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ugh, posted too soon.
    In the US there seems to be a growing number of precedents protecting exes from litigation for speaking out against cults. However this also seems to be a patchwork- a case here against one group, a case here against another. Might be a good project for a legal mind to compile them all for organized use against these cults. It's amazing how quickly the bastards tend to back down when their sekrit doctrines are about to be entered into court record and there is no face to 'fair game'.

    I wonder if there are similar, yet scattered precedents in Aus/NZ?
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  14. Mercutia Member

    Benhayon's happy to lift other people's ideas - theosophy, buddhism, but writes off all other groups as evil cults, lol.

    One reason I ended up here was because they hit me with the DMCA and trademark shit, and they are cashed up. I thought it possible they could have me shut down by serving me and then delaying legal proceedings indefinitely - the way they've done in family court cases -which would have had me shut down on wordpress. However, they backed down. I was looking for some alternative sites to post info if I was shut down and to get some tips on setting up on servers that wouldn't suspend our stuff based on bogus notices.

    We haven't already gone ahead and done that simply due to lack of time and resources. We never stop.

    We're looking at getting some stuff out of the google cache - I think most is still there - to restore to the Rick Ross forum. It all takes time and know how.

    They may threaten legal action, and they know who we are, but I'm pretty sure they won't bring a defamation writ because we stick to facts that we can back with evidence, and I think we could get a good defamation lawyer to help if it came to that.

    Thanks for replying, and I hate to say it but there are thousands of these groups of various sizes. What keeps us going against this one is the level of danger, the aggressive recruitment, the targeting of the vulnerable and danger to kids. That's no different to any cult, but the overt death and molestation drive - marketed as 'healing' is most alarming.
  15. Mercutia Member

    Not sure about Australia and NZ because we tend to do similar to the US, but at a about one tenth the scale. Lucky we have Senator Xenophon working to increase regulation of harmful groups. Another advantage is that defamation cases are relatively rare and become quite high profile. So if groups are wanting to avoid adverse publicity they tend to avoid them.

    Rick Ross is a good resource for that kind of info, but google searches are a mess at the moment. This from the cache about his own success at fending of legal action:

    A site search of his new site brings up lots of articles about lawsuits.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Well thanks back!
  17. Universal Medicine cult is harassing three critics Scientology attack the attacker style - portraying them in a website as domestic abusers, cyber-bullies, cyber-stalkers, trolls and psychopaths. Also harassing critics in their workplaces. Critics have had their families destroyed or near destroyed.

    Government does nothing.

    Attack site is named to divert views from anti-propaganda blog

    This is what cults do.
  18. Josh Koltun also won an anti-SLAPP motion against the Academy for Psychic Studies, mentioned above. The academy was ordered to pay the defendants' legal bills as well as leave the defendants alone.
  19. fishypants Moderator

    LOL "Esoteric Breast Massage". :)
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  20. Having had a brush with these folk, I am always interested for news about them.

    Was that at the same time (2008 or so?) they gained acknowledgment of the legal right for people who commented on their critic's sites to remain anonymous?

    I think it's lulzy that the ability to be anon on the internet is so confounding to cult-based control.

    Mike Kawahara's SRF Critic Site:

    On edit- an article about SRF from Nanette Asimov:
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  21. This was not only at the same time, the lawsuit Josh Koltun won preserves the right to post anonymous comments about the Academy for Psychic Studies.

    This cult faded quickly after they lost the lawsuit. Apparently it shrank from about 40 members to only six today.
  22. DeathHamster Member

  23. I knew at least one of those 6 remaining from a long time ago about the time they got involved with it. I knew maybe a half-dozen newly-minted psychics from their organization at the time. Most of those seem to have gotten out in the last 10 years or so.

    It's a fucking shame what that cult did to those people. But for the grace of god, and a bit of good sense there go I and all that. I suppose it is one of the reasons I am here now. I hope the same collapse can happen to UM and Sci and all the other cults who turn once lovely people into lying, duplicitous bags of shit.
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  24. DeathHamster Member

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  25. Mercutia Member

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  28. Mercutia Member

    You are a legend. (That's an Australian compliment, some times shortened to *legend!*)
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  29. DeathHamster Member

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  30. Universal Medicine's leader is suing me for damages for exposing his predatory and grooming behaviour with women and children.

    I'd appreciate your help in circulating my campaign to crowdfund my defence.

    And no, I don't have the luxury of being Anonymous. I began blogging under a pseudonym, but to get meaningful exposure of this toxic scam, I had to put my name to official complaints and notifications when no one else in twelve years had the guts. I reported to police, child safety and health regulatory authorities among others. I lobbied politicians and gained media attention. Those harmed by these people are too frightened to speak out. Australian laws did not provide me any whistleblower protection, and have done nothing to curtail the abuses. I researched and submitted a truckload of evidence and nothing was done.

    In spite of harassment I continued the online exposure, and UM went from marketing itself as 'the new world religion' to being a pretty mediocre alt medicine front for an occult brainwashing death cult. Now the cult leader has resorted to legal action with a ludicrously weak complaint knowing I have no funds to defend it.

    I believe he thought I'd roll over and let his ghouls remove three years of research from the internet, but not a chance. This case will put Serge Benhayon on trial, and it's an opportunity me and the anti-cult community can't afford to miss.

    It will be a case worth following as it may break new ground in online activism. Please support and promote if you can. If you have questions, more info is available on my blog.

    Donate at my crowdfunding page:

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  31. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    IMHO this post should stay in this thread but there's a problem with leaving the crowdfunding link here as we don't do that for others. I'll delete the link here and repost in the Begging Megathread when I can. Fone Modding is Phail
  32. furball Member

    FYI: same post repeated in Australian Megathread.
  33. Okay, if I'd known I wouldn't have posted the crowdfunding link. I don't know your rules.
  34. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    No prob, it's good to know you're no bot.
  35. furball Member

    Some stuff is in the cache but there is much missing also. Not much can be done about that.

    To save the data from sites still up and running, maybe look at a quick wget command:

    wget --wait=20 --limit-rate=20K -r -p -U Mozilla
    If you don't run Linux, you can get a Windoze version of wget here:

    wget can retrieve the whole site, including images, css and whatever else.

    Once you have the data safely saved, you can think about better places to store it.
  36. So let's see.
    Male objectification leads to cancer in females.
    If this is true then wouldn't say a stripper be at a much higher risk of developing cancer?
    Let's do a study serge.
    Strippers being objectified more so than say ordinary business women like say lawyers.
    Do a study on professions of 10000 people with cancer. There should be a correlation between profession and cancer rates, with strippers being higher?
    I'll bet you 20000 dollars no such correlation exists.
    This supports the notion that male objectification has no link to cancer rates amongst women.
    By extension it makes your notion incorrect.
    By further extension what other nonsensical things you say for which you have no scientific proof, apart from them being impulsed to you, are also bullshit?
    Ponder on that.
  37. Intresting. Sounds like Rudolph Steiner crap.
  38. DeathHamster Member
  39. DeathHamster Member

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