The Way To Happiness Day

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by ANZO RPF, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. ANZO RPF Member

    The Way To Happiness Day
    Moonee Ponds
    When: Friday 4th March. Available 10am-5pm
    • Cheap Hair Cuts $10
    • Massages $10
    • Beauty Treatments
    • Stylist advice
    • Cheap Personal Training Sessions
    • Walking with Personal Trainer around neighbourhood
    • Nutritional advice
    • Join us to clean up the neighbourhood

    "Take care of Yourself"

    and "Safeguard and Improve Your Environment"
    are principles from "The Way to Happiness" book by L. Ron Hubbard.

    Where: The Church of Scientology Melbourne.
    231-251 Mount Alexander Road, Ascot Vale. Enquiries: Brigitte on 96548655

    This is a community service using qualified professionals. All welcome.
  2. Anonymous Member

    How very odd.
  3. ANZO RPF Member

    I'm so glad I found this scientology forum! I can't believe I spent hours shoving printouts of this in every mailbox for several kilometers around the new Org in Melbourne when I could just be posting it on these electronic communication lines! I'm going to be so fucking upstat when I show them how many people saw this, shit is so theta.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    only 10 bucks for a massage? I'm in!
    errr...... it's prolly just a touch assist.
    how much for a happy ending tho?

    trying to up their "community service" quoto I see?
    out exchange much? nah... not really.....they will still be disseminating their PR crap
    Wonder what companies if any are helping out with this? If any?
  5. CarterUSP Member

    No way this will be anything other than RECRUITMENT. Expect them to be pushing the Purification Rundown, touch assists, and Basics courses.
    Ideal opportunity to get out there with signs and flyers.
    Protect the public!
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  6. thefatman Member

    Hmmmm... someone should totally go in, get the message and then ask for a happy ending.
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  7. cobaltite Member

    Some of us Melbanons were thinking of possibly dropping by on such a happiness-filled day... although more interest is always appreciated ;)
  8. Anonymous Member

    "The Way to Happy Endings" by L Ron Hubbard
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  9. How can you possibly have a Happines Day without CAEK?!?! Anonymous must deliver it seems.
  10. Anonymous Member

    repackaged by DM as the "Golden Dawn Way To Happy Endings"
  11. Anonymous Member

    "The Way to Volcano Eruptions"

    "Double Happiness"

    No shit, there are graffiti for massage parlors here that advertise this stuff. I'll see if I can snag some photos, before cops whitewash the graffiti ads again. Bad part of town that I avoid, but will look next time I pass through. No, I'm not a troll.
  12. BigBeard Member

    What's cheap about that?? The local barber shop does haircuts, including shampoo and shoulder/neck massage, for $11.00. And I can walk around my neighborhood for free!

  13. Anonymous Member

    "The Way to Happiness" cheap haircut

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  14. Anonymous Member

    OMG! you are kidding?
    My haircuts are 70.00
  15. Scatman Member

    That's because you don't have OT Powerz. Get your ethics in.
  16. thefatman Member

    Make this a sign. Shoop it.

    Do it for great justice.
  17. the anti Member

    depending were you go and if your hair is long enough you can get a free hair cut if you donate it
  18. Anonymous Member

    Well, duh!! Looking like Justin Bieber takes work.
  19. Anonymous Member

    another interesting tidbit on a blog by devout COS member John Raddich whos is running for TWTH
    His blog entry posted last week said on Jan 23rd2011 stated:

    "I was receiving more friendly 'honks and waves' that day, realizing we just received some good press in the local Lancaster papers."

    "Michael and I made a special stop at the local Camden police station, where we met with the assistant Captain who took a big interest with our purpose and how The Way to Happiness programs could be implemented into their crime ridden areas."

    He also thanks California: Dr Steven L. Smith, Edgar Zarzaiejo, Todor Trenkov, Ron Douglas, Richard Ross, Judy Maguire, Trisha Jackson, Richie Ettricks, Paul Godfrey, Friends of A Runner's Circle, Norm Lopez and the San Bernardino Pacers, Gabrielle Crittenden, Stan Nakashima, Bill Dickey, Deb Clem. Sgt Charlie Tucker US Army Retired Viet Nam Veteran. John Maguire, Steve Shepard, Brian Miehl, Ellen Formery, John Spencer, Mike Tlyer, Lynn Ward. Leni Mulller, Michael A. Hayward who was my wonderfully loyal crew from Ohio to the Atlantic Ocean, Gail and Janice Lance, Scott and Liz Futuch, Walt Bianchi, Cindy Oleck, Charlie and Fred Kress, Dennis and Pat Delvlin.

    and his sponsor: Natural Vitality and Staff, Ned Parker Construction.

    poons need to be sent to!
    Lancaster Pennsylvania papers and the the assistant Captain of the Camden Police dept in Jersey.

    This blog is scilon owned!
  20. Anonymous Member

    moar PR crap posted at MORAL VALUES. ORG
    Another front group NAME and a scilon site proxy up if going there.

    Notice how some endorsements only have just initials (as always)
    Poon these people (if you can find them) and tell them that they are listed on a Scientology website praising one of theor front groups?= win?

    The goals, and the patterns, and the methods of The Way to Happiness seem to me to be about as dramatic a response to the prayers of the forefathers as could possibly be contrived.... Methodic faceted ways to improve the moral, the physical, the intellectual aspects of the culture in which we live."
    Alex Haley
    Author of Roots

    After reading The Way to Happiness I have to say that the observation of proposed conduct and attitude to life and the world around us coincides with the laws of the Islamic religion and way of life to a large extent. Following these principles the world we find ourselves in should change for the better."
    — S.S.
    Islamic Centre and Mosque
    London, England

    After all that we have been through, I see The Way to Happiness as a way of hope for a better future for everyone. This book is valuable for cities in difficulty and especially for those areas which are destroyed totally, and where people are suffering the losses of war. If all of us had had a chance to read this book before, maybe this would not have happened. I also do not know if we would have been allowed to read this book under the former government. I do not even know if I would have been allowed to apply some of the precepts. Now, with our newly won freedom, we have the chance to read this book and create a new country.”
    Dr. Valton Beqiri
    Dean of Faculty of Music Sciences
    Prishtine, Kosovo

    As a pastoral counsellor I am in contact with lots of people. My main interest is improving their 'life quality' ... that [requires] a humanistic ethic which is greatly described in this booklet.”
    — W.L.
    Pastoral Assistant
    Catholic Rectory
    Zurich, Switzerland

    The Way to Happiness is a useful and valuable guide to better living. I sincerely hope that it will contribute to increasing tolerance, trust and understanding in society.”
    — R.U.
    former Minister of Foreign Trade

    God bless you and The Way to Happiness Foundation. In the environment that I and my fellow Macedonians are surrounded with — war in our next-door neighbourhood — a gift like this luxurious book is a feeling indeed like getting a gift from the heavens. Because in this book there is so much humanity, love, compassion, and above all wisdom accumulated for centuries back, that one can revive from loneliness, sadness, hatred and worst of all, death. I read your book for one night, literally in one breath and I felt a richer and happier person.”
    — Martin Trenevski,
    former Minister of Information
    Republic of Macedonia

    I have received the wonderful book The Way to Happiness. While reading it I found it [to be] one of the most moving and touching ways to speak about life and the horrible senselessness of war. My suggestion would be to print as many copies of the book as possible in all languages and distribute it to groups of people all over the world.”
    — Eduard Kukan
    former United Nations Ambassador

    in a letter to The Way to Happiness Foundation
    A booklet to straighten out our society. I am enthusiastic about this booklet and would like to give each member of the board of our association two copies.”
    — W.G.
    Samaritan Association
    Brienz, Switzerland

    This little book is a moral and ethical miracle that we will drop in the middle of our society hoping that its message is transmitted to all social layers and every corner of our homeland. It is not a religious or political message but it is a universal message. In all parts of our country we find passions, selfishness and ambitions tending to take us away from The Way to Happiness. If Colombia applies the teachings of this book, it will become another peaceful, honest and respectful country.”
    Hector Olivia
    former Minister of Interior Republic of Colombia

    Due to The Way to Happiness Foundation Russia, we had a chance to find and read this book. We consider that distribution of this work is not only a charitable action, but it can also be an applicable campaign that will serve the principles of goodness, truth, moral and social stability. The words, the sense of the book, is in a very simple and convenient form for the reader so children or adults can read it. We are glad to support The Way to Happiness Foundation Russia and help in your actions wherever it is possible.”
    — L.V.N.
    House of Friendship

    Some time ago I happened to read The Way to Happiness, published by your Foundation. This booklet pleased me very much for different reasons. I was really impressed to learn that the way to better living may be stated as a practical guide to man's everyday activity. Moreover, it is stated in such a brilliant simple way that it is almost impossible not to be convinced by many statements and not to [recognise such] great advice from its author. I am not a young man and know for sure it is a very difficult thing to speak in a simple and uncomplicated way about the truths that had been discussed many times and by many wise people. I think this thin yellow-blue booklet is worth many large philosophical books.”
    V. C.
    Professor of Philology
    University of Vilnius, Lithuania

    We appreciate your initiative in sharing with us The Way to Happiness booklets during your visit to our programme. Precepts of the booklet were [used] in making our learning curriculum on values. We find the common-sense values are just what these children need to learn ....”
    — Edgar Mejia
    Philippine National
    Red Cross

    Inspired by the precepts of The Way to Happiness, you have taken the initiative to clean up the litter left along the Reuss River. It is very uplifting that some adults and children have taken the initiative to keep our environment clean, and I want to thank you very much for this activity.”
    — K.L. Community Administrator
    Buchrain, Switzerland

  21. Budd Member

    Man the harpoons, Melbourne!
  22. Sponge Member

    Massages, haircuts, and scientology?
    Posted by: 3AW Radio | 2 March, 2011 - 11:27 AM
    Scroll down in the article and play the interview of Neil Mitchell with Pauline Priest - Spokesperson for Church of Scientology

    Radio jock gives her a hard time.

    Amazed that she just fucking lost it completely and said things like.... "we don't have to tell you...." and "we can charge whatever we like".
  23. Moneyman736 Member

    Notice they say Cheap Personal Training classes but, unlike the massages and haircuts, they don't put a price tag?
  24. Anonymous Member

    Oh, that's a typo. It's supposed to be Cheap Personal Draining classes.
  25. I'll try to remember to do it when I get home from work in a while but in the meantime for your enjoyment:

  26. Anonymous Member

    And you can use the book as toliet paper!
  27. How about this! TWTHEndngs_v1a.jpg
  28. Anonymous Member

    "Give me everything you have"
  29. BAAL Member

    ooooh shit how hell we suppose to compete with $10 massages damn .
    ANON-0 scientology-1
  30. fify
  31. Linxis° Member

    Touch Assists/Torture = Scientology Massage.

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